Monday, January 28, 2013

About me, Squirrel!

           I figured that my followers/fans needed to know a little bit about me, so here is the randomness that I can provide. And if you have any questions, feel free to ask.
           I'm 41, with two kids plus 2 grandsons. I've been married for over 20 years, and yes, to the same man. I know, send me my award. I live and work in South Atlanta, plus attend college around here. College, sigh. I call college my Elective Surgery. I've signed myself up for this set of procedures, in order to better myself. Going back to school is painful but a way to improve my way of life, as I didn't go to college when I graduated from high school. I've been at it for a little over a year now and still have to do my clinicals in order to get my certificate. That entails night school, four nights a week (yikes), for four hours each night. Lord, give me strength. Once the "anesthesia" wears off and the "bandaids" have been ripped away, then I can start the "rehab" portion of the improvement. I think the "rehab" will be next semester. Wish me luck.
           Besides working 40 hours a week for a place that gives me on the job training, I have a busy personal life. In my "off time" I like to sew, knit, dance, crochet, read, and of course write. I'm hardly ever bored and my To Do List has been known to give on-lookers an anxiety attack. I've even posted once (or twice) about my list filing neglect charges on me. It's true. When I sit at home to watch a movie, I actually feel guilty about sitting idle. It's like I have to be knitting, or something, while I enjoy the movie. I'm terrible. My husband fusses at me for this obsessive trait and he has a right to. Shhh, don't tell him that I admitted that :-).
           Let's see, I've been writing manuscripts (books) since I was seventeen but have been writing poetry since maybe fifth grade. I still have some of the old stuff in a folder at home, with my Ziggy drawings. (If you don't know who Ziggy is, google him.) My first book was Just to be Left Alone and was written after my own idea of a Harlequin Intrigue, without even knowing what their guidelines where back then. Yes, that was ambitious. It was 90,000 words and had way too much back story. Thanks to my old writing group (Southside Scribes), and several rounds of revisions, this will be released as an e-book this May.
           My second book, Andromeda, is being released on e-book this March. Wow, about two months from now. I'm still in shock about all of this. (So Taylor Swift of me) Hey, I've only considered myself as a serious writer for about three years now, so I've got plenty enough time before I become even close to being jaded. This book is about a 400 year old psychic vampire that meets the man destined to be her first love but her maker has come back to claim her body, and power. I'm in love with her brother, Perseus, as well and will make sure to write his story in a year or so.
          I have other books, believe me, so this is far from over. This is just the beginning of my saga. This wench writer has wondorous tales to spin and imaginative boundaries to push. Because, that's what I do.

)))Corset Hug(((
Ginny Lynn
Wench Writer


  1. Hellllloooo wench writer! Looking forward to following your posts.


  2. YAY!!!! I'm so happy this is LIVE and RUNNING!!! So proud of you, my DPH!!!!! :) Miss you bunches, and I can't wait to see you!!!