Monday, August 25, 2014

The Name Game

Let's talk about Pen Names.
 I go by Ginny Lynn in the book publishing world. Those who know me personally know what my real name is (No, don't put it on here. Giggle).

Why do I have this? As I'm a (recent) college graduate and have a career outside of the book realm, I like to have a small piece of privacy that is mine to hold onto. Telling everyone where you are and who you are is a place that some people want to stake out. Creepy is not a good enough word for the progressive trolls that are out there. Yes, I've experienced a couple of these trolls.

I'm also a wife/mom/grandmom, so there are tons of things that a stranger doesn't need to know about me. Have you noticed that I use the names Werewolf and Teenwolf to speak of my husband and son? They like the nicknames and it keeps things from getting embarrassing when we're in the public eye. I can get away with telling some of their epic tales as only a handful of people know who they really are.

If you've paid any attention to my books, you'll find that I use the same pen name for both of the genres that I have published. I have paranormal and contemporary romances
(both genres have suspense and a happily ever after). As I've talked to more published authors, I'll probably keep the same name for any other pieces that I chose to write. This would include genres like Science Fiction/Urban Fantasy/Romantic Comedy/Gothic Romance/Romantic Horror. All of these are current ideas that I'm plotting out.

No matter what I write, I possess the same fictional voice, even if the background of the story making is completely different. I also don't have any future dated contracts with any publisher outside of Secret Cravings, so I don't have demands from a bigger house. That may seem like small potatoes but I've seen good and bad on both sides of the publishing line. I know happy big house writers (Avon, St Martins, Harlequin) but I also know ecstatic Indie/Self Pub/Small Press writers.

If I ever go to a big house, then I'll see how they feel as I have no idea what I'll be writing at that time. Having always wanted to pursue a book deal with a big house, I'll still keep looking at what I can submit to them. But in the meantime, I'm very happy where I am in this Fictional World. I'm even going to take this time to research all the before mentioned genres to see what I can accomplish with my flavor of romance. Who knows, I may even go back to writing my paranormal series while I sort out the faint voices in my head.

The future is open and I have a new bulb in the tunnel, so we'll see what is ahead of me on this wonderful path.

(((Corset Hugs)))

Ginny Lynn
Wench Writer

Monday, August 18, 2014

Me being me - part one

"The day you stop learning is the day you start dying." Ronald Kirkland, my daddy

So, I'm learning more about myself as I fight some insecurities. Recently graduating from college, my mind is out of sorts on what I'm doing with my time and my talents. My job has changed a bit and I'm okay with that, even if it isn't what was in my plans. I'm also fighting the fact that the time I used to spend on studying is now occupied by fixing up the house we bought a week ago. Again, this is doable as I can't sit around and wonder what things I'm missing. I've trained myself to be a professional multi tasker so the thought of having a block of unplanned time is totally unnerving to me.

All this being said, I'm going to add in a few posts about the changes that I'm going through. Maybe it'll help someone or maybe it'll be a cathartic way of me working myself out. Whatever works :-)

Today - Genre topic issues

I write primarily paranormal romance/paranormal romantic suspense. The problem is that my being engrossed in creative tales of vampires/shifters/witches has caused many to claim that the market is too saturated with these types of stories. Really? Isn't yet another Dracula movie coming out this year and didn't we just enjoy one season (dang it that they weren't smart enough to do more...) of the NBC Dracula series?
My opinion is the that you either like yummy vampires or you don't. Period. I have some friends who can't get enough and some that would rather not read another one, ever. That's fine and to each their own. I love vampire stories, macabre and romantic. I just do. So, until further notice, I will be milling my muse with ideas of more to come. I even just released one 
Calinda is a vampire coven daughter of the council and a timid translator who has been given to a stranger in a marriage contract that means exile if she doesn't accept the terms.  (cough cough - Go Buy It at

And as I have several more in the Muse Library, there will be tons more to join this and my previous vampire this
Andromeda is a psychic twin with two delicious men fighting to own her powers but only one can have her in their bed.
(Cough Cough, buy this too...also on Kindle and Nook, unashamed advertising)

I've made peace with the fact that some people are sick of fangtastic stories. It hurts but it's just a thing to overcome (giggle). I'm still going to move ahead with my series that hasn't found a home (sad to say) and see if I can keep going with it (with the other 6 books in the series) plus the many many many others in my imaginative notes. 
It's part of who I am, as a person and a writer. I can't please them all and I shouldn't try to. For those of you who follow my tastes, wonderful and welcome aboard the Wench Writer Ship of Temptation. To the people who would rather have a victorious viscount or energetic erotica....I applaud your diversity and may want to read those with you...but later. :-)

)))Corset Hugs(((
to you all

Ginny Lynn
Wench Writer

Monday, August 11, 2014

8/11 - Second week snippets

The opening to my newest release To Have and Too Bold  

        “You did what?” I shrieked.
       “I just signed your marriage contract. As a council member, and your father, I took that right. But I’ve conceded to it being a formal wedding, as I want to see my lovely daughter walk down the aisle properly. Your new husband will be none other than Allastair Bomani.”
           “What gives you the right to plan my life for me? Can you even do that legally?”
“I’m your father and furthermore a secretary to the coven leaders. I have every right to better your life and the future of our family.”
           “How could you do this? I thought we’d settled this last year when you kept setting me up with council wannabes.”
           I was beside myself with rage. Just when I thought he had stopped all this nonsense about my life needing more substance, he did something like this.
           “It was very easy, my dear. At nineteen, you’re old enough to start a family of your own. You need to focus your concerns on something other than translating our archives and horseback riding.”
           “Excuse me? But I thought that was my life?”
           “It is, but you’re not doing anything with it. This way, you get to build a family and we can stop the feuding between our two covens. Calinda, we need to bind the wounds between the Amun and the Osiris clans.”
           “Father, this is outrageous. You can’t seriously expect me to marry a man that I haven’t seen in ten years, let alone take on the role of fixing the covens. Couldn’t you just sign some peace treaty, like most civilized races do?”
           “No. We’ve tried. Every time we get together, someone has to bring up that our relatives killed their creator. You’d think that several thousand years would have repaired the damage, but it hasn’t. They won’t let it. I had to do something drastic, so Councilman Bomani, one of the few sane ones from their clan, reminded me that his sire had not wed, as of yet. We’ve been negotiating for some time and the papers have already been signed. Now we only have the ceremonies to handle.”
           He was smiling as if this was the best plan he’d ever constructed. Maybe it was, but I wanted no part of it.

This will be releasing this month (I hope :-)) and will be available as an e-pub from my publishing house.

Let me know what you think. 
)))Corset Hugs(((
Ginny Lynn
Wench Writer

Monday, August 4, 2014

8/4 - First college diploma

Many of you know that I've been in the Land O'College for the last three years. It's been an arduous journey for me and I'm glad to say that as of 7/31, I am done with getting my Medical Assistant Diploma.

I don't have my formal graduation, with cap and gown, until 12/4/14 but we were able to have a Pinning Ceremony for the day and night classmates. It was wacky, fun, and sweet. I'm so proud of my girls that I could bust and they know it. I cheered them all on and even issued a few threats of goodness along the way. We were there for each other, in a sorority type of way. Each of us had our own lives, and battles to fight along the way but we were still pushing the next one on.

It's going to take a while for me to come down from my multi tasking lifestyle as I don't have three jobs (yes, there were weeks where this happened) and college classes to attend. It's just strange how out of sorts it feels to not have all of that still going on. Of course, life is still progressing around me so it's not like I'm sitting idle. AS IF! The people close to me know that I don't understand the concept. :-) Having a few things on my plate (like a new book release and purchasing a home) is keeping me from feeling bereft as I learn to slow down on the stress and amount of work that I was used to dealing with. Without the current To Do List, including a corset order, I'd be in serious withdrawal from the monotony that has been my busy life.
My next step is to get a rewarding career as an RMA somewhere that I can call home. I've been doing front office long enough that that seems like second nature but I can do back office triage and still hold my own. It all depends on what is meant for me to do next, ya know? I'm on a path, even if at a rest stop, and have further to go. Thank goodness my shoes have the mileage left on them. 
I'd like to take this time to tell my classmates, "You got this and I'm proud to know you all."
To my family, "Thank you for supporting my dream."
To my friends, "You lifted me every time that I slipped."
To my supporters, "You mean so much to me."

I hope to make you proud and I want you all by my side as I keep pushing forward. And remember, dreams don't just happen while you're asleep, they can be reached while you're awake as well. Why not? What is there to lose? Just get out there and kick booty, baby.

)))Corset Hugs(((
Ginny Lynn

Wench Writer