Monday, July 29, 2013

My Afflication coffee mug ode to Anita Blake

In honor of Affliction,  by Laurell K. Hamilton,  I'm showing some Juan Valdez love to Anita Blake.   

Those who read this series know that coffee is a main priority in her day to day zombie raising life. She believes that your first cup of coffee should always be black. In her world, it's near impossible to ruin a pot of coffee,  even though some seem to try.

I have all but three of the series, plus the Merry Gentry series, and I'm rereading them (for the third time). I also listen to the audiobooks while I drive around town. I adore this series and almost everything about it. Sigh, she completes me. Wink, wink.

So, in my mind, they're having a release party and the gag is to buy each other coffee mugs. This is due to their affection for Anita. Here's the cups that were given out and by whom:

Bert Vaughn dropped this off for Anita (of course, he didn't stay):

 Lawrence Kirkland gave Anita this:
Zerbrowski picked out this one for Anita:

 Asher gave Anita this one:
Damian was shy about buying this one for Anita, but Jason dare him into it:
Jean Claude was proud of this choice:
Can you figure out who gave her this one?

Truth and Wicked went in on this:


Jason was happy to present this one:

Richard bought this one and he was actually smiling when he handed it to her:
Cherry and Zane just had to buy this one:

Nathaniel served her coffee in this one, once everyone arrived:
 Micah left this one in the restroom for Anita when she went to get ready for the party:
Raphael brought this from his people:
Narcissus had this delivered to Anita and it gave her the creeps:

Anita was surprised to get this from Shang-Da and Jamil:

Edward picked out this for Anita:

Dolf left this at the door but Nathaniel was hiding it:
Here's what Anita purchased for a few of her people:
Anita bought this for Nathaniel
Anita bought this for London but slipped it to him when no one was looking: 

She got this one for Jean Claude: 
Micah got this from Anita:

Anita bought all of these for Richard but had no idea which to give him because, as you know, they have a touchy relationship:
Which do you think is best and why?
She purchased this one for Damian:
She had to get this one for Zebrowski:

Who do you think gave these and to whom?:

To all the Anita Blake fans out there, stay zombielicious.
)))Corset Hugs(((
Ginny Lynn
Wench Writer

Monday, July 22, 2013

Who would you cast to record an AudioBook for one of you books/manuscripts?

I asked this on Facebook and I thought that I'd answer it here. Because I have more than one book, I need some space to properly pay attention to the people I would chose for my own work.

I adore the voices of Kathleen Turner
Michelle Pfeiffer
 and Catherine Zeta-Jones
but I haven't written the books that I believe would be worthy of those sultry voices. That doesn't mean that I won't, I just haven't written them YET.
Here's what I do have:

For Just to be Left Alone, I'd ask for Charlize Theron to read the tale of Samantha Malone fighting for her life as her psycho ex stalks her every move.

 For my Best Seller, Andromeda, I'd request for Salma Hayek to tell the story of Andromeda Ortiz as she tempts the fates by loving a mortal who may not survive the immortal who has already set out to claim her powers, not to mention her body.
When I write about Andromeda's twin brother, Perseus, I'll see if I can get Antonio Banderas to handle that audiobook for me.
To Have and Too Bold is being written and I would request that Patricia Velasquez recite the drama that revolves around Calinda Paci's arranged coven marriage to Allastair Bomani.
My Savage Series has ten books in it and 1.2 have already been purged onto paper (cough, computer). When this baby (my fav so far, don't tell the others) is complete then not only do I want it on the big screen (tv or movies) but I'd ask for either
Scarlet Johansson
Eliza Dushku
 I think either of these two lovely ladies would bring my audiobook about the hybrid life of Constance Parrish to life.
I'd be honored to have any of these talented people voice the stories that have been in my head for many years.
Who would you pick and for which of your works?
)))Corset Hug(((
Ginny Lynn
Wench Writer