Monday, April 29, 2013

My Savage Series Ode to Coffee, Cheers

        I decided that being a writer who has a job obligation to love coffee :-) that I'd take some of the Coffee based snippets from Animal Management (Book #1) of my Savage Series to show my love for my morning beverage of choice. One day, I'll write a sonnet (or dirty lyric), but for now, enjoy my fictional love of coffee.

After a few hours of restless sleep, I went upstairs and was immediately accosted by John. Can I at least make it to the coffee pot before I start a body count?

“John, follow me to the coffee if you want a live audience. And don’t get too close because I do bite.”

“That’s not what Leilei said,” he said before looking at my stone cold face, “Sorry. I have problems and need your input. Grab a mug. I’ll talk.”

He was smart enough to back up as I went to the carafe that Cayman had just filled. Something was up. John was on me first thing and the coffee was Irish Cream. I groaned as I reached for the sugar.

“I have a feeling that this isn’t going to be good so just spill it while I’m still numb.”

“Here we go. I didn’t like the cops being called in last night. I don’t like some detective snooping around my business. Last night was a bad thing to happen for our first night with normal folk, so this means bad publicity. I appreciate you being subtle about what happened last night but people are still asking questions.”

“I understand this. What else?” I knew he was working up to something.

“Well, we’ve already had a couple of news reporters calling to see what they can dig up on us. I don’t need this. We don’t need this. I want everyone on the same page when it comes to the reporters. No one is to tell them anything. I don’t care if they’re offering an all-expense paid trip to Bora Bora, no stories, at all.”

“Okay John, consider me on the page,” I took another big sip as I waited for the shoe to drop.

“Well, I need you to handle the detective.”

Handle? I choked on my coffee. Great, almost made it shoot out of my nose. I’d be smelling Juan Valdez all day. Cayman popped me on the back, almost making me spill my coffee. I raised my arm to signal that I was fine. I set the warm mug down slowly and took a few haggard breathes to clear my lungs. I reached back for my coffee to find it full again. Cayman knew how to butter me up.

“What do you mean by 'handle', John?” My coffee tasted better this time, Cayman must have doctored it.

John took a deep breathe, “I don't mean for you to cast a spell on him or um, anything else, unless you want too, of course. I just think that you’d be the only person here to get through to him. He seems attracted to you and we could use that edge to keep him from screwing things up for us here.”

“Good thing you don't want me to prostitute myself for the bar, John.” I rolled my eyes at Cayman who was trying to hold his chuckle in as his shoulders shook gently.

“Come on, he’s interested in you. You can't deny that.”

“John, you need to get out more because looking at a girl's ass does not mean he’s interested. That's like a man needing to seriously love a woman to take her to bed for the night. What are you expecting? And you better hurry up because my coffee's getting cold.”

John waved a hand at Cayman who pulled out another shiny black, steamy mug from below the counter. He’d set me up, no wonder Cayman was busting to laugh, but I was on to them now.

“Look guys, you can ply me with yummy coffee all day and I’ll still tell you to kiss my ass with a smile on my face. Now get to the point, quickly.”
I raise my cup to you and hope that you have a Moanless Day.
)))Corset Hugs(((
Ginny Lynn
Wench Writer

Monday, April 22, 2013

Full of myself

        I've decided to be a little full of myself this year. This doesn't mean that I'm going to run around screaming how fabulous I am, how fit I'm becoming, or even that I accomplished some of my life goals the last couple of years. Those are things that are true and make me smile but I've got something a little different to express.

        I'm going to fill up this 5'5 curvy frame with so many positive things that it'll be hard for me to get depressed this year. Yes, anything can become a twist of Fate as she whips in and out of your life. That's to be expected and dealt with, accordingly. But as I'm someone who has fought depression and anxiety most of my life, I've decided to be a little more Zen with how I see things.

        I have a cousin who is going to be my role model in this endeavor. She's constantly stating positive things, not bashing or belittling anything. She doesn't rant about the idiots who make her feel inferior or even tattle on the people who do countless amounts of self loathing. This woman is a pure blast of sunshine and I want to bask in a corner of it.

        Lately, I got upset about some things that were plaguing my waking thoughts to the point that I was making myself physically sick. Sadly, I'm susceptible to this. I was on my way out the door for work and saw something she put out there for everyone to see, as usual, about being a better person. I commented on it as I got to work. She replied back with something even better, more fitting, to my feelings. I need to memorize the exact words but she said that her dad (my favorite uncle) told her that life is only as difficult as you make it. Simple words with hard implications.

        It hit me that day and I'm going to do my best to fill myself up with better things to think about...or NOT think about at all. I need to focus on the good, like I've been doing, but also think less of the unfortunate things. I won't even post them here as that would be defeating the purpose. I need to keep chanting the Serenity Prayer, paste a smile on my face, and just keep swimming. So, I've got my big girl swimmers on and I'm ready to soak it all in.

        I love you, Sheri Easter. Keep shining, cousin.
)))Corset Hugs(((
Ginny Lynn
Wench Writer

Monday, April 15, 2013

Back to Wenching

This was how I ended the season last year.
Ah, can you tell how happy I was to be on the edge of this plank?
This is the ship that I like to call "home".
This is the place where I can be the wench that I am and they love me for it.
This year started a little differently. First off, I was so busy on opening day that I had time for one quick snapshot before seeing to the sharp and shiny needs of our customers. It's even better that I have some of my own wardrobe as I set sail with this cast of sea faring pirates.
This is the single picture that was taken when the gates opened at
10:30 a.m. on Saturday. The bodice and corset were by yours truly. (As is the black blouse below and the green corset in the first pic.)This was my first attempt at a zipper front with steel boning and a fully laced back. I do believe I'll make myself another one.
This would be my right hand lady, Brittani, and a priceless partner. She makes my day brighter, just by sharing her adorkable smile. Yes, two red heads run this side of the shop. Be jealous.
Did you notice the difference in apparel between days 1 and 2? Yep, cooler and wetter as a typical Georgia storm front slid into town. I had to borrow a cape, until I got too busy with customers to keep the large cape from getting under my tired feet. Yea, four hours of sleep will do that to a "starving wench". Giggle. This is the lovely "wife" of the ship, Kim, and the poor thing was numb from the damp chill. She'd already lost her voice by this time. Oh my, another red head....Be Very Jealous.
And for those out there that haven't met the man who brings us on this journey every year, Captain Matt. He's a sadistic pirate with a heart of gold doubloons. He's not ugly, either.
So, come on down and see this bunch of mischievous miscreants. We'll be sailing until 6/2.
And Always Trust a Pirate. 
)))Corset Hugs(((
Ginny Lynn
Wench Writer


Monday, April 8, 2013

Favorite Foods

I'm writing this as I'm on my vacation and wanted to do a list of favorites for a few posts. This one will be about my five favorite foods and it's making me hungry as I write this out. The following are the items that come to mind first when I think of digging into something that is a guilty pleasure when it comes to flavors and ignoring calories.

1. Lasagna. My hubby isn't into this concoction but I've always adored it. I've tried making it for myself and then freezing the cut portions but it just isn't the same. That means when we head to any Italian restaurant, the odds are that this is what I'll be ordering.

2. Pork Fried Rice. My hubby will eat this and we have a couple of favorite spots were we order this. One of them is Imperial of China, were I grew up (Decatur.)

3. Prime Rib, oh baby. Yes, I have meat on my bones and I'm an omnivore - deal with it :-). I love going to Texas Roadhouse and having a medium cooked order of prime rib with a yummy baked potato. That place also has a drink I love, but we'll get to that on another day.

 4. Speedy Gonzales. And honey, I don't mean a ten minute Hispanic man, either. (wink wink) I used to go to Monterrey's in Jonesboro to get this as a special lunch while I worked by the Georgia Farmer's Market. I miss it and I need to find somewhere comparable to where I hang out now.

5. Chicken Pot Pie. I'm a southern gal so this is also a "must have" for cold days when I need a bite of comfort food. Besides, it's got veggies in it, too. It's a "well rounded meal". Giggle

That's my top five for favorite food items and now that my stomach is growing like a Tasmanian Devil, I think I better go find someone...something to snack on. Wink Wink. What are some of your favorites?
)))Corset Hugs(((
Ginny Lynn
Wench Writer

Monday, April 1, 2013

Celebrating Firsts : First Release

I’ve decided to start celebrating any of my “firsts” on the first week of each month.
For April, I’m celebrating my debut release of Andromeda.


In doing this, I’m going to tell you guys some of the “firsts” for the characters of this story.


First Love:

Andromeda finally loses her vampire heart to a mortal named, Justin Storm. Justin is a night photographer that she just happens to bump into as he’s shooting near her house. This is Justin’s first time to fall in love as well, so it’s a boundary that they’ll cross together.


First Betrayal:

Giselle had a dream of being the life mate of Captain Anastase. That was ripped to shreds as she saw him desperately lusting after a psychic woman that didn’t even want his touch, or his immortal kiss. This woman was Andromeda, so she got rid of her reluctant rival as quickly as possible. At least, she thought she had.


First Sexual Experience:

As you know Andromeda, was in love for the first time. She’s also a 400 year old virgin, until Justin is set firmly in her sights after a little voodoo intervention. I wouldn’t call it a love potion, but her chemistry was awash in desire of the flesh and fresh blood.


First Tragically Broken Heart:

Perseus lost his first love, Valentina, due to two major factors. She was left bleeding in an alley from a fatal attack. After this, she loses her life because of the events that followed that horrible afternoon. Did I mention that this happens after she’s getting sized for her wedding dress?


First Time To Lose:

Captain Anastase has never been denied, ever. That record ended when he attacked the small town where Andromeda lived. This gypsy woman dared to spit on his offer of a life by his side, and in his bed. How could a lowly wench refuse his charms? Apparently, this would be the first one to ever slip through his grasp, for many years.
What firsts still have a grip on you? Do they make you smile or cringe? My characters are full of both as life is a journey that we all endure.
Thank you for your support. )))Corset hugs((( to you all.
Ginny Lynn
Wench Writer