Monday, April 1, 2013

Celebrating Firsts : First Release

I’ve decided to start celebrating any of my “firsts” on the first week of each month.
For April, I’m celebrating my debut release of Andromeda.


In doing this, I’m going to tell you guys some of the “firsts” for the characters of this story.


First Love:

Andromeda finally loses her vampire heart to a mortal named, Justin Storm. Justin is a night photographer that she just happens to bump into as he’s shooting near her house. This is Justin’s first time to fall in love as well, so it’s a boundary that they’ll cross together.


First Betrayal:

Giselle had a dream of being the life mate of Captain Anastase. That was ripped to shreds as she saw him desperately lusting after a psychic woman that didn’t even want his touch, or his immortal kiss. This woman was Andromeda, so she got rid of her reluctant rival as quickly as possible. At least, she thought she had.


First Sexual Experience:

As you know Andromeda, was in love for the first time. She’s also a 400 year old virgin, until Justin is set firmly in her sights after a little voodoo intervention. I wouldn’t call it a love potion, but her chemistry was awash in desire of the flesh and fresh blood.


First Tragically Broken Heart:

Perseus lost his first love, Valentina, due to two major factors. She was left bleeding in an alley from a fatal attack. After this, she loses her life because of the events that followed that horrible afternoon. Did I mention that this happens after she’s getting sized for her wedding dress?


First Time To Lose:

Captain Anastase has never been denied, ever. That record ended when he attacked the small town where Andromeda lived. This gypsy woman dared to spit on his offer of a life by his side, and in his bed. How could a lowly wench refuse his charms? Apparently, this would be the first one to ever slip through his grasp, for many years.
What firsts still have a grip on you? Do they make you smile or cringe? My characters are full of both as life is a journey that we all endure.
Thank you for your support. )))Corset hugs((( to you all.
Ginny Lynn
Wench Writer


  1. Those are some great teasers! Makes you want to read the book just so you know what the heck is going on!

    Let's see, first for me... Sending my manuscript out for critiques. :D

    1. Thanks, Bryonna. And congrats to you for taking that big step.
      ))) Corset Hug (((