Monday, May 27, 2013

Family Options

I've changed tracks today and decided to post this instead of what I originally saved.
Family Options
I have a large family and so does my hubby. He has extra parents and the steps/halves that come with that, plus I grew up with foster brothers and sisters. So, I'm used to being in the middle of the chaos. Seriously.
This is my family, growing by leaps and bounds. Grandkids!

I wouldn't know what to do without family. There are the ones an hour away and the cousins that live half a day from me. No matter what the mileage is between us, I love them all.
This particular blog is about the "chosen" ones. These are the people that you choose to embrace, not just bound by marriage or blood. This type of family are the people that I have nearby when the wagon train needs to be called in. The special people in this class are the ones that hold a piece of my heart in their wonderful hands.
These are some of the people in my Options Policy:

It's always great to have Options and they are that - Great.
If I need someone to hold my hand, or watch my corseted back, these are some of my chosen family. If there was a zombie apocalypse, I'd hand them a sword and cheer them on.  
These are part of my family.
I have Options and I choose them to be my backup.
I love you guys.
)))Corset Hugs(((
Ginny Lynn
Wench Writer

Monday, May 20, 2013

What do you remember about your favorite characters?

If I asked you to describe your favorite fictional character, could you tell me their physical description? These are the things that make a character memorable. Each novel has them, no matter what genre.

Here’s some examples:

Jessica Rabbit:         red hair,  sexy sequined dress 
Harry Potter:           glasses, lightening shaped scar
Darth Vader:            black ensemble, disturbing voice 
Mary Poppins:          hair in a bun, carpet bag
Freddy Kreuger:      melted skin, hat, razor edged gloves 

These things are easy to recall when you see the character in your mind. You have to
do the same thing when you invent the people in your books.

So, when I think through my next few (dozen, hehe) manuscripts, I’m going to give you characters that are believable and lovable, even the bad guys that you want to smack. I’ll do this because I want to have them become as real for you as they are in my imagination. That’s part of my job as a writer and I hope that I can make you proud.

Who sticks out in your mind? Do your characters fit the bill?

)))Corset Hugs(((

Ginny Lynn
Wench Writer

Monday, May 13, 2013

Favorites - Authors

My favorite authors and they just happen to be all women.

1. Laurell K. Hamilton

This divine woman is #1 on my list because not only did she make me want to push harder at my creative boundaries, but with her fierce drive to keep Anita Blake going for 20+ novels. Anyone who can last that long deserves a medal of honor, in my honest opinion. The Cosby's didn't even last as long as the astounding Anita Blake! Ms. Hamilton's books are on my MUST BUY List, for the rest of my paranormal loving days. Thank you for giving me a piece of what I needed to push through and write what was in my bottomless heart. It made the difference and always will.
2. Sherrilyn Kenyon
I was lucky enough to meet this woman, twice actually. She had a smile on her beautiful face and a heart that made me want to make her proud as a fellow paranormal author. She has driven more than one series to the limits and I'm inspired by her loyalty to the voices in her head. Her stories reminded me of the softer side of romance and my need for more of that. Thank you, Ms. Kenyon, for shedding some candlelight on the lonely romantic soul inside of me.

 3. Kim Harrison
I have her here because for my Christmas gift to myself (2012) I bought all of The Hollows Series. I was loving it. Thankfully, Cheryl Hart had given me a gift card to pay for some of it :-). I have these books all together and will read them several times. This set of stories showed me that I needed to dig deeper into what made the characters tick, faults and all. I embraced that and fight myself to see who I love more, Ivy or Rachel. Thanks, Ms. Harrison.

4. Kresley Cole 

 Immortals After Dark - need I say more? This pure yumminess of a series is sexy, sassy, and wonderful to sink your teeth into. She had me at A Hunger Like No Other and I'm looking to buy them all. Her level of romance is enough to have me smiling as I turn the pages and you can bet that I'll have all of them by the end of the year. I tip my pirate hat to you, Ms. Cole. Thanks for the nommage.
5. Keri Arthur

I love Riley Jensen. She's a delicious combo of badass and bodacious. I love the development of this character and her devotion to her twin brother. You showed a chaotic lifestyle with a passionate love life that had me wanting to add a dash of spice to my manuscript recipe. I have some of these books,(sorry and I'll rectify this soon), and have already started rereading them. Ms. Arthur, I want you to know how much joy I received from reading this series. I had my pompoms ready to see Red-Headed Riley triumph again.
Ladies, again I want you to know what you mean to me. I cherish the time that I spend on your spellbinding characters. I buy the novels as a constant reminder of where I need to be with my future in the writing industry. I aspire to inspire, as you have done the same for me.
)))Corset Hugs((( and a toast to your fictional futures, may they burn brighter than the stars.
Ginny Lynn
Wench Writer

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Next Big Thing Blog Tour! Just to be Left Alone is Up.

Thanks to Katherine Bone ( I've been pirate tagged. So, me matey, it's my turn at her questions.


1.    *What is the working title of your next book?
Just to be Left Alone


2.    *Where did the ideas for your book come from?
My passionate imagination and my insatiable muse, Vivien 


3.    *What genre does your book fall under?
I primarily write paranormal but this was the first book that I ever wrote, at age 17.

4.    *What actors would you choose to play the part of your characters in a movie rendition?
Samantha Malone:    Jessica Biel , Mila Kunis, or Olivia Wilde

Conrad Forsythe:      Sean Farris, Alex O’Loghlin, or (MAN Oh Man) Joe Manganiello (I don't care that he's a few years older than the character.)

Jason Strickland:      Xavier Samuel, Hayden Christensen, or Alex Pettyfer

5.    *What’s a one-sentence synopsis of your book?
Samantha’s psycho ex stalks her every step, and his threats escalate into kidnapping, sexy Conrad fights for her life and her heart.

6.    *Who is publishing this project?
Secret Cravings Publishing 
7.    *How long did it take you to write the first draft manuscript?
A.Long.Time! I was 17 and it’s been revised about a dozen times in the last ten years.
8.    *What other books would you compare this story to within your genre?
Books? How about a combination of a few movies? I’d say that my novel is a chunk of Romancing the Stone, mixed with a few cups of Fatal Attraction and Sleeping with the Enemy. Will that work?
9.    *Who or what inspired you to write this book?
I was a naïve teenager and the events around me were a boost. Writing was my therapy then, more so now.
10. *What else about the book might pique the readers’ interests?
You’ll have the positive and negative of a young woman who steps out of the arms of a psycho to fall for the knight in welded armor.
Tagging the following authors and friends:
Bryonna Nobles-Stern & Noelle Pierce
(Yes, you two. Show us whatcha got going right now.)
Kendall Grey                               
Kellie Kamryn