Monday, May 27, 2013

Family Options

I've changed tracks today and decided to post this instead of what I originally saved.
Family Options
I have a large family and so does my hubby. He has extra parents and the steps/halves that come with that, plus I grew up with foster brothers and sisters. So, I'm used to being in the middle of the chaos. Seriously.
This is my family, growing by leaps and bounds. Grandkids!

I wouldn't know what to do without family. There are the ones an hour away and the cousins that live half a day from me. No matter what the mileage is between us, I love them all.
This particular blog is about the "chosen" ones. These are the people that you choose to embrace, not just bound by marriage or blood. This type of family are the people that I have nearby when the wagon train needs to be called in. The special people in this class are the ones that hold a piece of my heart in their wonderful hands.
These are some of the people in my Options Policy:

It's always great to have Options and they are that - Great.
If I need someone to hold my hand, or watch my corseted back, these are some of my chosen family. If there was a zombie apocalypse, I'd hand them a sword and cheer them on.  
These are part of my family.
I have Options and I choose them to be my backup.
I love you guys.
)))Corset Hugs(((
Ginny Lynn
Wench Writer

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