Monday, August 31, 2015

Can you describe parts of your life in five words or less?

I saw this idea on a blog from last year and have been wondering if I could actually do this justice. Well, here's my try at it.

In Five Words Or Less....

My day job - Crazy. I was crazy once.

My pets - Didn't you just go out?

My writing career - Why won't they publish me?

My thoughts on college - I made more before attending.

My body - Curves with intermittent weight fluctuations.

My mind - Wait, I have one? Dude!

My marriage - He loves me with flaws.

My sewing hobby - Where is my seam ripper?

My former dancing life - Evolved from tap to naughty

My car - She needs how much work?

My train of thought - Wait, I have one? Righteous!

Favorite color - Dark green is soul deep.

Favorite movie - The Wedding Date, my Yoda. (You'd get this is you've watched it)

My best friends - They know the real me.

My ex-boyfriends - Exes for very good reasons.

My hair - my best feature, mouth included

My skin - Was Morticia Adams my mom?

My villain crush - Can I keep you, Loki?

My point - Wait, I have one? Seriously?

)))Corset Hugs((( and Laughter
Ginny Lynn
Wench Writer

Monday, August 24, 2015

Writing Tips pulled from library books

Here are some of the tips I got from "The Book of Writing-The Ultimate Guide to Writing Well" by Paula LaRocque.


Try writing without using: Very, extremely, totally, completely, wholly, entirely, utterly, really, quite, rather, somewhat, slightly, fairly. - If you do then take them out because they are used to weaken a statement and no one wants that.


Prepositions are vital but most be limited and controlled or they'll fill the sentence with chaff, disrupt flow, and force its rhythms into an annoying singsong.


Writers should be able to describe a person/thing/place as if it's been captured on film. Work on your strong adjectives to get your images to pop into the mind of the reader instead of a flat detailing that will be forgotten in mere moments.


Write Fast - If a scene needs research then try to do it before you sit down to type the scene out. Reduce your scene down to the main goal and then expand from there. Do you have the beginning/middle/end to each scene, even if in your head? Did you make any outlines?

Edit Slow - Artists can be so passionate that they bore you to tears on a specific scene that doesn't move you as well as the artist themselves. After catching the picture from above, got back over it slowly so you can whittle it down to the pinpoint of what you need to show your reader. If it doesn't "move you" then it may not "move them".

For me, I need to work on prepositions and more outlines. What about you?

)))Corset Hugs(((
Ginny Lynn
Wench Writer

Monday, August 17, 2015

Shame On You

I'm human and I know that people tend to judge others. It's a fact, no matter how hard you try not to be that way. If you see an old man driving a sedan fifteen miles under the speed limit then you will wonder why he's even being allowed on the streets for being an inconvenience. That same man could be taking his wife to the retirement home and just needs a few more precious minutes with her before she moves away from him. If you pass a pregnant woman who has several kids tagging behind her then your mind will go to whether the woman knows what birth control is. But wait, is it part of her religion to not use birth control or could she be a foster mom? It does happen.
Recently I was fat shamed by someone who has seen me in very little and I wanted to cry. He may have seen me when my chemistry had gone insane and weight was piling on but he had never seen me when I was anorexic. Yes, they're two completely different things and I'm no longer a waif that moves with the wind. That morning I had to remind myself that my hubby sees my naked form all the time and he's proud to call me his. He was there when a slice of bread and a glass of water filled me for the day and he never wants to see me like that again. I'm not going to lie and say that my body is nice because I need to get back to what I was three years ago. That's when I was fit and curvy but now I have people telling me I'm over weight and give me dirty looks when I wear certain outfits. They can't hurt me anymore than I have hurt myself.
At this very moment, I can't do a f'ing thing about my body except make a conscious choice to treat it better because wishing it off simply isn't going to happen. My wallet isn't big enough to have fat removed by a trained doctor and it won't make me look at the judging people with new eyes. I'm a forty three year old mom and I've had 6 surgeries plus battled a few diseases that wanted to take my life away from me (plus been run over by a car). Guess what? I'm still here, no matter what size that may be.
So do me a favor the next time your mind starts to think for you, ask yourself if your opinion really matters and if your judgement could be completely asinine. Is the person crying for understanding and you're choosing to be deaf to them? We're all worth one second of thought.

)))Corset Hugs(((
Ginny Lynn
Wench Writer

Monday, August 10, 2015

Second Week Snippets - My Work In Progress

This is from the manuscript I started this spring so the piece is still rough and unfinished, but I wanted to share some of the funny scenes that have come from my lovely imagination. Enjoy!

Parking the old luxury sedan into the multi car garage behind the mansion, she reached for her purchases just as the car door slammed against her butt as she was flung face first into the passenger seat and the recyclable bags that had her morning items in them.
A muffled cackle was heard behind her as she pulled herself up to a standing position beside the metal that had assaulted her.
“Benjamin dear, why do you have such an uncouth assistant? She seems utterly helpless,” was asked by the newest fling, Caroline.
She looked at both of them before seeing her boss’ eyes flicker down and then up again, suppressing what looked to be a growing grin. Her skirt was askew and hiked up enough to show the rose colored birthmark she had on her left thigh. Yanking it back into place, Della prayed that her ample backside had been better covered when they had come outside to see it in the air.
“Caroline, let’s leave my assistant alone and let her do what she’s paid to do. You would never want my life to come crashing around me by offending her. Am I correct?” His deep voice asked the whiny waif grasping her offered elbow.
Another tortured laugh came out of her and she patted his hand and looked down her nose at Della before mentally dismissing her.

Della plastered on the smile that had gotten her the job and was as fake as the nose on the woman beside her. “I have your items, Mr. Rumfield and will have your calendar set up for you before you come home this afternoon.”
He nodded his approval before she forced herself to calmly stroll into the mansion as if she hadn’t been flamed faced at her display of typical clumsiness. Some days she wondered how she made it out of bed without being taken to the hospital for a month in traction.
Well? Thoughts, suggestions, giggles?
)))Corset Hugs(((
Ginny Lynn - Wench Writer

Monday, August 3, 2015

Some Simple Truths - Being A Published Author

I figured that it was time for me to share tiny slices of truth to you guys and this particular topic is going to be based on my being a published romance author. My friends in the writing world will understand these but you'd be surprised how many people outside of it have the wrong assumptions about the business of romance writing. (plus I added my humor, of course)

1. No matter how lovely the sex scenes are, I'm not a lusty housewife with a gaggle of life experiences to pull from the bedroom to throw onto the page. Would you believe that I've had a few people ask me if any of the sex scenes where from my early days of dating/marriage? I was married at nineteen to my first love and was extremely naive. Nope, next! #wasavirgintilimetmyhubby

2. I'm with a small publishing house but that doesn't mean that I'm automatically watching my books fly from the store shelves. Most of my sales are online e-pub/e-reader books and I don't know of any stores that actually carry my books on their shelves. Sad fact. #canisellthemonthestreets

3. Having three books out does not mean that I'm getting royalty checks every month. My first check was not even enough to buy a Starbucks latte. My contracts are for a small percentage of each book sold and none of them came with a "signing bonus". I'm closer to J.K. Rowling living in her car than I am Nora Roberts in her travels around the world. #rolledovertofallinfloorboard

4. Our characters are not us, no matter how narcissistic you may think we are when we constantly boast about our releases. Most of my characters are mid twenties to early thirties, in good shape (no matter what size they are) and I'm a forty three year old grandmom who has more cellulite than money. #canibegorgeousinmynextlife

5. Writing is not glamorous. Most of us are caught in comfortable cotton pants, a wrinkled tshirt, and Cheetos dust under our fingernails as we ask "what shower?". We hiss at the the sun and have I.V. bags of caffeine hooked to our arms as we type. Voices are constantly in our heads and they can be as bossy as a pissed off mother in law. Always approach with caution when one is on deadline. #lookscankillyou

             Giggles and )))Corset Hugs(((                                 Ginny Lynn - Wench Writer