Monday, August 10, 2015

Second Week Snippets - My Work In Progress

This is from the manuscript I started this spring so the piece is still rough and unfinished, but I wanted to share some of the funny scenes that have come from my lovely imagination. Enjoy!

Parking the old luxury sedan into the multi car garage behind the mansion, she reached for her purchases just as the car door slammed against her butt as she was flung face first into the passenger seat and the recyclable bags that had her morning items in them.
A muffled cackle was heard behind her as she pulled herself up to a standing position beside the metal that had assaulted her.
“Benjamin dear, why do you have such an uncouth assistant? She seems utterly helpless,” was asked by the newest fling, Caroline.
She looked at both of them before seeing her boss’ eyes flicker down and then up again, suppressing what looked to be a growing grin. Her skirt was askew and hiked up enough to show the rose colored birthmark she had on her left thigh. Yanking it back into place, Della prayed that her ample backside had been better covered when they had come outside to see it in the air.
“Caroline, let’s leave my assistant alone and let her do what she’s paid to do. You would never want my life to come crashing around me by offending her. Am I correct?” His deep voice asked the whiny waif grasping her offered elbow.
Another tortured laugh came out of her and she patted his hand and looked down her nose at Della before mentally dismissing her.

Della plastered on the smile that had gotten her the job and was as fake as the nose on the woman beside her. “I have your items, Mr. Rumfield and will have your calendar set up for you before you come home this afternoon.”
He nodded his approval before she forced herself to calmly stroll into the mansion as if she hadn’t been flamed faced at her display of typical clumsiness. Some days she wondered how she made it out of bed without being taken to the hospital for a month in traction.
Well? Thoughts, suggestions, giggles?
)))Corset Hugs(((
Ginny Lynn - Wench Writer

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