Monday, August 3, 2015

Some Simple Truths - Being A Published Author

I figured that it was time for me to share tiny slices of truth to you guys and this particular topic is going to be based on my being a published romance author. My friends in the writing world will understand these but you'd be surprised how many people outside of it have the wrong assumptions about the business of romance writing. (plus I added my humor, of course)

1. No matter how lovely the sex scenes are, I'm not a lusty housewife with a gaggle of life experiences to pull from the bedroom to throw onto the page. Would you believe that I've had a few people ask me if any of the sex scenes where from my early days of dating/marriage? I was married at nineteen to my first love and was extremely naive. Nope, next! #wasavirgintilimetmyhubby

2. I'm with a small publishing house but that doesn't mean that I'm automatically watching my books fly from the store shelves. Most of my sales are online e-pub/e-reader books and I don't know of any stores that actually carry my books on their shelves. Sad fact. #canisellthemonthestreets

3. Having three books out does not mean that I'm getting royalty checks every month. My first check was not even enough to buy a Starbucks latte. My contracts are for a small percentage of each book sold and none of them came with a "signing bonus". I'm closer to J.K. Rowling living in her car than I am Nora Roberts in her travels around the world. #rolledovertofallinfloorboard

4. Our characters are not us, no matter how narcissistic you may think we are when we constantly boast about our releases. Most of my characters are mid twenties to early thirties, in good shape (no matter what size they are) and I'm a forty three year old grandmom who has more cellulite than money. #canibegorgeousinmynextlife

5. Writing is not glamorous. Most of us are caught in comfortable cotton pants, a wrinkled tshirt, and Cheetos dust under our fingernails as we ask "what shower?". We hiss at the the sun and have I.V. bags of caffeine hooked to our arms as we type. Voices are constantly in our heads and they can be as bossy as a pissed off mother in law. Always approach with caution when one is on deadline. #lookscankillyou

             Giggles and )))Corset Hugs(((                                 Ginny Lynn - Wench Writer


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