Monday, August 31, 2015

Can you describe parts of your life in five words or less?

I saw this idea on a blog from last year and have been wondering if I could actually do this justice. Well, here's my try at it.

In Five Words Or Less....

My day job - Crazy. I was crazy once.

My pets - Didn't you just go out?

My writing career - Why won't they publish me?

My thoughts on college - I made more before attending.

My body - Curves with intermittent weight fluctuations.

My mind - Wait, I have one? Dude!

My marriage - He loves me with flaws.

My sewing hobby - Where is my seam ripper?

My former dancing life - Evolved from tap to naughty

My car - She needs how much work?

My train of thought - Wait, I have one? Righteous!

Favorite color - Dark green is soul deep.

Favorite movie - The Wedding Date, my Yoda. (You'd get this is you've watched it)

My best friends - They know the real me.

My ex-boyfriends - Exes for very good reasons.

My hair - my best feature, mouth included

My skin - Was Morticia Adams my mom?

My villain crush - Can I keep you, Loki?

My point - Wait, I have one? Seriously?

)))Corset Hugs((( and Laughter
Ginny Lynn
Wench Writer

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