Monday, November 24, 2014

My Turkey Manuscript and my Black Friday

My explanation of my Turkey Manuscript

I'm going to think of my new WIP (work in progress) as a family sized turkey. You need to show it some love and attention as you slow cook it in your preheated oven. It's me, you gotta see it. It needs to be prepped, basted, lovingly watched, accessorized, and served up on a nice platter. If I can make this into a tasty meal, then it would be more beneficial than a sweater at 45% off the clearance price. Unless it's a high quality piece of apparel, the book will outlast it.

My sides will be
Green Bean Casserole - vibrant explanation of scenes with a hint of something strong
Mashed Potatoes - comfort food phrases to help ease the scenes along
Cranberry Sauce - a slight bite of sarcasm
Rolls - a tad bit of rising in the tension

Red Velvet Cake - a vibrant and seductive slice of passion
Ice Box Lemon Pie - a tangy bit of coolness that touches your senses

I think that's a decent base for a good meal.

That brings me to Black Friday

I'm rebelling against the normal tradition of heading to the outlet mall for my Christmas shopping on Black Friday.  I have anxiety issues when around large  (usually rude) crowds plus I have a little bit of claustrophobia so being pinned against a clearance rack of ugly holiday sweaters is too much outside of my comfort zone. I'm just not going to do that to myself this year.

As I'm not going to be at work and have very few plans for my day, I'm going to see if I can write 3,000 words instead of spending $300 at a long list of stores. Sure, I could use the discount as my budget is screaming like a overly tired three year old but I'd feel more productive if I saved on the anti anxiety methods and put that angst into the gothic romantic suspense that I am building on. 

If I'm successful in my meal planning than my day will be easier to navigate as I take a mental break to throw my angst into a plot that has been on my mind for awhile. It's not my usual feast but I'm not afraid to try new foods. My readers and publisher will confirm whether my investment is good enough to serve up to the public. I hope it is and we'll see what the vote is next year.

)))Corset Hugs((( and Happy Thanksgiving

Ginny Lynn 
Wench Writer

Monday, November 17, 2014

Plotted out of my pants

Sadly, I think that I have plotted myself out of my muse time. After recently attending the Moonlight and Magnolia's Conference, I started pinpointing plotting skills that were needed for a successful story. In the past two years, I've read more over GMC (goal, motivation, conflict), outlines, storyboards, adequate back story, etc...And this was while I was editing my last book for publication. 
Having wonderful writing friends is a boost as I can see what works for them in their careers but it's been hard making them work for me. One thing that I learned about myself this year is that I can seriously plot myself out of several promising story lines.

While having a bank of novel ideas, I kept trying to write more than a sketchy scene to only have my imagination freeze up faster than my toes on a frigid tile floor. It was mind numbing. I could see something and then by the time I got it down to typing it out, POOF Gone! My muse would run from the room as if she'd been scared by a mansion full of ghosts. I'd start to feel better when I"d get a whole new scene in my internal vision but I'd end up doing it all over again.

About three weeks ago, I started jotting down brief descriptions of all the scenes that I could clearly see and saved them on pieces of paper in my purse. When I had a free lunch hour (hahahahah), I got those bits out and smiled at tangible proof that my creativity had not run away from me.

 This past week, I had pulled out a group of plotting tools to see if I could give myself a day to think over what those small scenes could mean for a plot lineup. I was pleased when I got a few of them answers on the questionnaire but then it crashed on me faster than a Walmart buggy on Black Friday. I was totally stumped.

 My GRW (Georgia Romance Writers) meeting was this past Saturday and I mentioned this dilemma to some of my chosen circle. One response (sounding strangely like my hubby's opinion on the matter) was that I was pushing it too hard. DUH! That's what we do!

This person was a bit different in her explanation. She stated that I was a pantser, which is a free form thinker, and not a person who technically plots out every little detail. I knew this. What I didn't understand was that I was trying to make myself a better writer but in a way that smothered my creative flow. I was unintentionally taking the fun out of every scene that my delicious mind handed over, therefore kicking my muse in the curvy butt cheeks.

I had a couple of hours to think this over as I drove back home and thought it was worth a try to see if I could get my Pants On. I have a few days that I can concentrate on my ideas and will try to get myself to just write what is thrown at me and not push the technical issues until I have the first draft written.

This is worrisome for me as I feel like I may be wasting time but my muse may need this to reboot for the projects that I have lined up for 2015. There's only one way to find out. So, Thanksgiving will be Food, Resting, Family, and Writing. I'll be thankful for my blessings, whether they be in ink or by my side.
Fingers Crossed. 

)))Corset Hugs(((

Ginny Lynn
Wench Writer

Monday, November 10, 2014

Second Week Snippets - Another Work In Progress (Unedited)

The blood was ambrosia to my panging stomach but it was also terrifying in it’s delivery. How could he have killed the female peasant? He didn’t need to as there was game migrating into the forest. He could’ve taken us farther into the limbed depth to fill our vast emptiness. But he chose to kill a virgin who had mistakenly came across his prowling steps.
He’d even rubbed red against my muzzle after making the killing blow. I knew by the scent that she had been a virgin, untainted by the darkness that had just taken her soul. I heard footsteps rumbling toward us, knowing we were about to be confronted. Blast his hide for crossing this line, with so many of us here to pay for this crime. My instinct told me not to look any further upon the body at his paws and to run for cover, as the devil himself would be upon us quickly.
I yipped a cry to the others as I turned my tucked tail toward the hills. Hearing the shuffle of my escaping pack, my heart leapt as the human neared us. We’d all been caught by surprise and would pay for it dearly. A few were frightened enough that their bodies rode too closely to mine. It was a momentary tangle of limbs and then a missed step that had me lagging behind the others. Fear rode the air as I fought to recover, but I wasn’t quick enough.
I heard a bellow just before I felt the ripping pain in my hip. I faltered further, hitting the churned earth, as my pack left me there. I was shot and would be sacrificed for someone else’s crime. God help me.
Thaddeus bellowed as he pulled the trigger on his riffle. My moving target went down in a tangle of limbs. The small cream colored wolf with the red smeared muzzle had been taken out with only one shot. It’s a shame that I could only kill one of them, especially as I saw the unmoving victim in the dry leaves of the forest floor. I could see the fair maiden was dead by the amount of blood pooling out around her cooling form. If only I’d caught the pack before she had come across their path. Would I have been quick enough to save her? I’d never know. That made his tough heart ache.  

Now I’d have two bodies to tend to. I wasn’t about to leave the woman’s body for them to come back to and I had use for the wolf skin. Setting the rifle down, I found a boulder that was just large enough to cover the corpse, plus mark her resting place. I’d have to leave word with someone in the small village about her whereabouts. Someone would have to know what had become of her. Thankfully, one of the predators had been taken care of, as to not have the same one attack an innocent again.
Whatcha think of this one? Let me know.
)))Corset Hugs(((
Ginny Lynn
Wench Writer

Monday, November 3, 2014

Firsts - Co Chairing a Conference

I'm a Pro Member of Georgia Romance Writers and we have an annual conference each October. This year things were vastly different. Instead of being a member who was there for the workshops and pitching my manuscripts, I was the Co-Chair. Shudder.
Noelle Pierce was elected the Chairperson of the conference for 2014 and 2015 but she had to pick a co-chair that hadn't handled it before. Guess who happened to be in her beady line of sight? Shudder, again. As I have told her, I was thrown under a fabulous bus and here I am.
I was there from 3 pm on Thursday 10/9 and didn't come home until 3 pm on Sunday 10/12. As soon as I had walked into the Goody Room (where we share writer swag), I was put to work as I stuffed gorgeous bags with anything from sexy bookmarks to logo pens. There were historical novels and erotic romances to add as well. I know, poor pitiful me. Not! Did I mention that I came in there wearing a corset, peasant blouse, jeans, and three inch gold peep toe shoes? No? Well, I did and I showed them that I could work in all of that. I didn't even take the shoes off until I was in the hotel room later that night.

I even got a hilarious spoon made by Anastasia Vitsky and it was appropriate for my conference adventure. As you can see below, I "wore" it with pride. No false advertisement here, folks.
  We had tons of wonderful workshops going on and I missed some of the best ones (sadly). I met Marie Force, funny gal, and got to grab a few minutes with my publisher, Sandy Sullivan (From Secret Cravings Publishing). Wendy Wax, Roni Loren, Anna Destefano, Tanya Michaels, Kelli Ireland, Jana Oliver, Jennifer McQuiston, and many more where in attendance. (Fangirl moments ensued)
 The official dinner was that Saturday night and the theme was Wicked this year. Sadly, I couldn't get my act together for a Good Witch ensemble so I attended as myself (sad, huh?). Noelle was a shining star in her witchy best...swoon. And I got to switch dates between the wonderful Kristin Anders to my hubby (AKA Werewolf). I was a happy girl.
 But before the dinner was our book signing and I was awe struck by the talent in the room. I was honored to be among these authors. If I'd had the funds then I would have gone broke that night from all the published goodies that were on display.
My friend B.B. Louise won some awards for her service to GRW and I'm bursting with pride for her. It was a wonderful event and I've been told that I handled my newness well enough that I was about to be thrown items for next year. She wasn't kidding because it wasn't thirty minutes from the end on Sunday before we were already gathered around a table with topics for the next one. 
I'm going to be a monster when this comes about again. I hope they still like me. BWAHAHAHA!
Long live Georgia Romance Writers and Romance Writers of America. 

)))Corset Hugs(((

Ginny Lynn
Wench Writer