Monday, November 3, 2014

Firsts - Co Chairing a Conference

I'm a Pro Member of Georgia Romance Writers and we have an annual conference each October. This year things were vastly different. Instead of being a member who was there for the workshops and pitching my manuscripts, I was the Co-Chair. Shudder.
Noelle Pierce was elected the Chairperson of the conference for 2014 and 2015 but she had to pick a co-chair that hadn't handled it before. Guess who happened to be in her beady line of sight? Shudder, again. As I have told her, I was thrown under a fabulous bus and here I am.
I was there from 3 pm on Thursday 10/9 and didn't come home until 3 pm on Sunday 10/12. As soon as I had walked into the Goody Room (where we share writer swag), I was put to work as I stuffed gorgeous bags with anything from sexy bookmarks to logo pens. There were historical novels and erotic romances to add as well. I know, poor pitiful me. Not! Did I mention that I came in there wearing a corset, peasant blouse, jeans, and three inch gold peep toe shoes? No? Well, I did and I showed them that I could work in all of that. I didn't even take the shoes off until I was in the hotel room later that night.

I even got a hilarious spoon made by Anastasia Vitsky and it was appropriate for my conference adventure. As you can see below, I "wore" it with pride. No false advertisement here, folks.
  We had tons of wonderful workshops going on and I missed some of the best ones (sadly). I met Marie Force, funny gal, and got to grab a few minutes with my publisher, Sandy Sullivan (From Secret Cravings Publishing). Wendy Wax, Roni Loren, Anna Destefano, Tanya Michaels, Kelli Ireland, Jana Oliver, Jennifer McQuiston, and many more where in attendance. (Fangirl moments ensued)
 The official dinner was that Saturday night and the theme was Wicked this year. Sadly, I couldn't get my act together for a Good Witch ensemble so I attended as myself (sad, huh?). Noelle was a shining star in her witchy best...swoon. And I got to switch dates between the wonderful Kristin Anders to my hubby (AKA Werewolf). I was a happy girl.
 But before the dinner was our book signing and I was awe struck by the talent in the room. I was honored to be among these authors. If I'd had the funds then I would have gone broke that night from all the published goodies that were on display.
My friend B.B. Louise won some awards for her service to GRW and I'm bursting with pride for her. It was a wonderful event and I've been told that I handled my newness well enough that I was about to be thrown items for next year. She wasn't kidding because it wasn't thirty minutes from the end on Sunday before we were already gathered around a table with topics for the next one. 
I'm going to be a monster when this comes about again. I hope they still like me. BWAHAHAHA!
Long live Georgia Romance Writers and Romance Writers of America. 

)))Corset Hugs(((

Ginny Lynn
Wench Writer


  1. It was a fabulous conference, and I'm thrilled you enjoyed your spoon so much. :D Thank you for all of your work organizing it!

  2. Fabulous conference. Y'all did an amazing job. Can't wait for next year!!!!

  3. Thank you for attending. It was great meeting you.