Monday, September 28, 2015

Writing Tools - Queries

I checked out How to Write a Query Letter, Everything You Need To Know Explained Simply by Donna Murphy and found a few things to share with you guys.

The usual structure for a query letter is:

Paragraph 1: The Hook - Open up with a hook (statement) that grabs the attention of the reader so they are instantly interested in your project but it has to be relevant to your story (even a quote from the manuscript can work).

Paragraph 2: Supporting Details - This is where you start giving basic ideas that build the hook into the main premise of your story line or plot arc. (When-What-Where-When-Why)

Paragraph 3: Qualifications - Here you focus on your qualifications to write the piece you are submitting. Don't make it lengthy but make sure to explain why you are the person to share this story.

Paragraph 4: Closing - Make sure to thank the person using their time to check into your manuscript. Also make sure all ends are tied up and they have several ways to reach you for any further information.

TIPS - There are personal pieces of yourself that you can add to these but make sure it stays professional. You can add a quote from your book (as stated above) or add something that makes your story relevant to something going on in pop culture. If your book relies heavily on certain emotions then add touches of that into you query, like humor if it's a romantic comedy or a few powerful phrases if it's an impactful or dramatic story, etc.

I hope this helps anyone who is struggling with the basics and be sure to share anything that you have found to be helpful in your own query letters.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by.

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Ginny Lynn
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Monday, September 21, 2015

Soap Box - Queries/Submissions and Marketability

I know this may come across as a rant but I really want this situation to be explained to me. I don't have a wide enough knowledge of the publishing industry to read between the lines nor do I have an agent on a friendly enough basis to go to on this subject. So, if you have some knowledge on this, or have a person I can ask, please hit me up. (BTW - I will not be giving any names as it isn't about the person/company but the actual meaning of what I need to do next.)

"It's not marketable." OR/AND "We wouldn't know how to properly market that?"

I have two complete manuscripts and I'm sending them to agents and publishers for a possible contract. One of them is a Gothic Paranormal and the other is a Paranormal/Urban Fiction that has actually been plotted out to be a series.

The Para/UF
          The characters are several different breeds between witches, shifters, sirens, vampires, and such so if that's the problem then I have no idea on how to narrow it down without completely trashing the series plot line. It's based in a southern town so I know that isn't the problem. I do have a few different things for the outer conflict but they're all relevant to pop culture. Maybe as some are buzz words that can be a negative or a positive, it's too touchy for them to deal with. I'm not being told anything specific other than the above and a couple of people stating that if it was YA they might consider it more.
          My critique partners from then and my more recent betas have all "fallen" for it and want it published but the stories aren't being grabbed up by the professional publishing community. Why? It even won a WETA award, so I'm totally confused. Yes, I'm debating on making it self published as I have no intention of killing the story.
          There HAS to be a market out there since Best Selling Authors like Kim Harrison, Laurell K Hamilton, Carrie Vaughn, Keri Arthur, and Charlaine Harris all wrote novels containing more than one breed of preternatural plus included pop culture avenues in their story lines. Yes, some of these ladies entered in the older market, when things were hot, but many of us read these items so why not publish more of them?

The Gothic
          It is set in a small southern town, so that should be okay. What I have with it is a psychic mixing with two preternatural beings (one is the villain) plus the mansion/eery happenings/dark secrets that are typical in a gothic novel. As it's the newer of the two manuscripts, it hasn't gotten as many responses since I just started putting it out at the end of June. I've gotten good reviews on it from my beta readers and critique ladies (that write the same subject), so I need to see if it's my story line or the market isn't ready for another novel in this genre.

Well, there you have it, my latest quandary. Can you offer me any news or info on these?

)))Corset Hugs(((

Ginny Lynn
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Monday, September 14, 2015

Second Week Snippets - From the Fur (Unedited)

This is the opening of a manuscript that I started and I'm letting it stew for a bit to see if I need to progress further. Set in an older time frame, the heroine is a wolf shifter who's been bullied all her life and the hero is a closed hearted man who has taken himself away from the world and it's drama. This will throw the two together in a heat of passion and fight for survival.
The blood was ambrosia to my panging stomach but it was also terrifying in it’s delivery. How could he have killed the female peasant? He didn’t need to as there was game migrating into the forest. He could’ve taken us farther into the limbed depth to fill our vast emptiness. But he chose to kill a virgin who had mistakenly came across his prowling steps.
He’d even rubbed red against my muzzle after making the killing blow. I knew by the scent that she had been a virgin, untainted by the darkness that had just taken her soul. I heard footsteps rumbling toward us, knowing we were about to be confronted. Blast his hide for crossing this line, with so many of us here to pay for this crime. My instinct told me not to look any further upon the body at his paws and to run for cover, as the devil himself would be upon us quickly.
I yipped a cry to the others as I turned my tucked tail toward the hills. Hearing the shuffle of my escaping pack, my heart leapt as the human neared us. We’d all been caught by surprise and would pay for it dearly. A few were frightened enough that their bodies rode too closely to mine. It was a momentary tangle of limbs and then a missed step that had me lagging behind the others. Fear rode the air as I fought to recover, but I wasn’t quick enough.

I heard a bellow just before I felt the ripping pain in my hip. I faltered further, hitting the churned earth, as my pack left me there. I was shot and would be sacrificed for someone else’s crime. God help me.
Would that grasp your interest? It's from her point of view and I can put his point of view on next's month Second Week Snippets.

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Ginny Lynn
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Monday, September 7, 2015

Life's Fictional Plot Twist

Life's Fictional Plot Twist

I got some sad news this week in the Fictional World. My publisher had to close its doors and will be giving back all the rights to the books that I, and all the other dozens of writers, had with them. I had the following three:

Vampire Best Seller ANDROMEDA
Romantic Suspense JUST TO BE LEFT ALONE
Vampire Rom Suspense TO HAVE AND TOO BOLD

 My children will be coming back home to me but I have no idea what to do with them. They can't sit there and just stare at me while I battle my midlife crisis. So I now have to figure out whether I want to submit them to other publishers in the hopes that someone will contract them OR pay for the Covers, ISBN numbers, and copy rights before I try to see what web pages to place them on as self published books.

 With this being a type of career move for me, and without a critique group to lean on, I'm afraid  to make any decision without doing some research online and from authors who have been in this precarious position.

Since my budget is tighter than my jeans, I really don't have the funds to invest in the growth of these babies, so the world is getting smaller and smaller. 

I know that I won't stop writing as I have so many ideas that my mind can't even keep up with them. It's not in me to just give up but I'm just in a sea of tide changes and weather bulletins. Anyone have some life preserving info for me and my babies?

)))Corset Hugs(((

Ginny Lynn
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Monday, August 31, 2015

Can you describe parts of your life in five words or less?

I saw this idea on a blog from last year and have been wondering if I could actually do this justice. Well, here's my try at it.

In Five Words Or Less....

My day job - Crazy. I was crazy once.

My pets - Didn't you just go out?

My writing career - Why won't they publish me?

My thoughts on college - I made more before attending.

My body - Curves with intermittent weight fluctuations.

My mind - Wait, I have one? Dude!

My marriage - He loves me with flaws.

My sewing hobby - Where is my seam ripper?

My former dancing life - Evolved from tap to naughty

My car - She needs how much work?

My train of thought - Wait, I have one? Righteous!

Favorite color - Dark green is soul deep.

Favorite movie - The Wedding Date, my Yoda. (You'd get this is you've watched it)

My best friends - They know the real me.

My ex-boyfriends - Exes for very good reasons.

My hair - my best feature, mouth included

My skin - Was Morticia Adams my mom?

My villain crush - Can I keep you, Loki?

My point - Wait, I have one? Seriously?

)))Corset Hugs((( and Laughter
Ginny Lynn
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Monday, August 24, 2015

Writing Tips pulled from library books

Here are some of the tips I got from "The Book of Writing-The Ultimate Guide to Writing Well" by Paula LaRocque.


Try writing without using: Very, extremely, totally, completely, wholly, entirely, utterly, really, quite, rather, somewhat, slightly, fairly. - If you do then take them out because they are used to weaken a statement and no one wants that.


Prepositions are vital but most be limited and controlled or they'll fill the sentence with chaff, disrupt flow, and force its rhythms into an annoying singsong.


Writers should be able to describe a person/thing/place as if it's been captured on film. Work on your strong adjectives to get your images to pop into the mind of the reader instead of a flat detailing that will be forgotten in mere moments.


Write Fast - If a scene needs research then try to do it before you sit down to type the scene out. Reduce your scene down to the main goal and then expand from there. Do you have the beginning/middle/end to each scene, even if in your head? Did you make any outlines?

Edit Slow - Artists can be so passionate that they bore you to tears on a specific scene that doesn't move you as well as the artist themselves. After catching the picture from above, got back over it slowly so you can whittle it down to the pinpoint of what you need to show your reader. If it doesn't "move you" then it may not "move them".

For me, I need to work on prepositions and more outlines. What about you?

)))Corset Hugs(((
Ginny Lynn
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Monday, August 17, 2015

Shame On You

I'm human and I know that people tend to judge others. It's a fact, no matter how hard you try not to be that way. If you see an old man driving a sedan fifteen miles under the speed limit then you will wonder why he's even being allowed on the streets for being an inconvenience. That same man could be taking his wife to the retirement home and just needs a few more precious minutes with her before she moves away from him. If you pass a pregnant woman who has several kids tagging behind her then your mind will go to whether the woman knows what birth control is. But wait, is it part of her religion to not use birth control or could she be a foster mom? It does happen.
Recently I was fat shamed by someone who has seen me in very little and I wanted to cry. He may have seen me when my chemistry had gone insane and weight was piling on but he had never seen me when I was anorexic. Yes, they're two completely different things and I'm no longer a waif that moves with the wind. That morning I had to remind myself that my hubby sees my naked form all the time and he's proud to call me his. He was there when a slice of bread and a glass of water filled me for the day and he never wants to see me like that again. I'm not going to lie and say that my body is nice because I need to get back to what I was three years ago. That's when I was fit and curvy but now I have people telling me I'm over weight and give me dirty looks when I wear certain outfits. They can't hurt me anymore than I have hurt myself.
At this very moment, I can't do a f'ing thing about my body except make a conscious choice to treat it better because wishing it off simply isn't going to happen. My wallet isn't big enough to have fat removed by a trained doctor and it won't make me look at the judging people with new eyes. I'm a forty three year old mom and I've had 6 surgeries plus battled a few diseases that wanted to take my life away from me (plus been run over by a car). Guess what? I'm still here, no matter what size that may be.
So do me a favor the next time your mind starts to think for you, ask yourself if your opinion really matters and if your judgement could be completely asinine. Is the person crying for understanding and you're choosing to be deaf to them? We're all worth one second of thought.

)))Corset Hugs(((
Ginny Lynn
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Monday, August 10, 2015

Second Week Snippets - My Work In Progress

This is from the manuscript I started this spring so the piece is still rough and unfinished, but I wanted to share some of the funny scenes that have come from my lovely imagination. Enjoy!

Parking the old luxury sedan into the multi car garage behind the mansion, she reached for her purchases just as the car door slammed against her butt as she was flung face first into the passenger seat and the recyclable bags that had her morning items in them.
A muffled cackle was heard behind her as she pulled herself up to a standing position beside the metal that had assaulted her.
“Benjamin dear, why do you have such an uncouth assistant? She seems utterly helpless,” was asked by the newest fling, Caroline.
She looked at both of them before seeing her boss’ eyes flicker down and then up again, suppressing what looked to be a growing grin. Her skirt was askew and hiked up enough to show the rose colored birthmark she had on her left thigh. Yanking it back into place, Della prayed that her ample backside had been better covered when they had come outside to see it in the air.
“Caroline, let’s leave my assistant alone and let her do what she’s paid to do. You would never want my life to come crashing around me by offending her. Am I correct?” His deep voice asked the whiny waif grasping her offered elbow.
Another tortured laugh came out of her and she patted his hand and looked down her nose at Della before mentally dismissing her.

Della plastered on the smile that had gotten her the job and was as fake as the nose on the woman beside her. “I have your items, Mr. Rumfield and will have your calendar set up for you before you come home this afternoon.”
He nodded his approval before she forced herself to calmly stroll into the mansion as if she hadn’t been flamed faced at her display of typical clumsiness. Some days she wondered how she made it out of bed without being taken to the hospital for a month in traction.
Well? Thoughts, suggestions, giggles?
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Ginny Lynn - Wench Writer

Monday, August 3, 2015

Some Simple Truths - Being A Published Author

I figured that it was time for me to share tiny slices of truth to you guys and this particular topic is going to be based on my being a published romance author. My friends in the writing world will understand these but you'd be surprised how many people outside of it have the wrong assumptions about the business of romance writing. (plus I added my humor, of course)

1. No matter how lovely the sex scenes are, I'm not a lusty housewife with a gaggle of life experiences to pull from the bedroom to throw onto the page. Would you believe that I've had a few people ask me if any of the sex scenes where from my early days of dating/marriage? I was married at nineteen to my first love and was extremely naive. Nope, next! #wasavirgintilimetmyhubby

2. I'm with a small publishing house but that doesn't mean that I'm automatically watching my books fly from the store shelves. Most of my sales are online e-pub/e-reader books and I don't know of any stores that actually carry my books on their shelves. Sad fact. #canisellthemonthestreets

3. Having three books out does not mean that I'm getting royalty checks every month. My first check was not even enough to buy a Starbucks latte. My contracts are for a small percentage of each book sold and none of them came with a "signing bonus". I'm closer to J.K. Rowling living in her car than I am Nora Roberts in her travels around the world. #rolledovertofallinfloorboard

4. Our characters are not us, no matter how narcissistic you may think we are when we constantly boast about our releases. Most of my characters are mid twenties to early thirties, in good shape (no matter what size they are) and I'm a forty three year old grandmom who has more cellulite than money. #canibegorgeousinmynextlife

5. Writing is not glamorous. Most of us are caught in comfortable cotton pants, a wrinkled tshirt, and Cheetos dust under our fingernails as we ask "what shower?". We hiss at the the sun and have I.V. bags of caffeine hooked to our arms as we type. Voices are constantly in our heads and they can be as bossy as a pissed off mother in law. Always approach with caution when one is on deadline. #lookscankillyou

             Giggles and )))Corset Hugs(((                                 Ginny Lynn - Wench Writer

Monday, July 27, 2015

Writing Tools I got from library books - Jumping the small writing blocks

As I'm trying to absorb learning tools for my craft, I've been checking out books at my local library and I'd like to share some of it with you. Some of these are more in line with someone writing essays and reports but a few tidbits run along the lines of writing novels.

These are from "Writing with Power - Techniques for Mastering the Writing Process" by Peter Elbow.

If you are in a slump are hitting a wall, then I believe that this could get you through that:

Open Ended Writing - Write for fifteen to twenty minutes without stopping. Start with whatever comes first to mind or perhaps with some particular topic you've been wanting to write about. But make sure to let your writing go wherever it wants to go.
Pause to find the center or focus in what you wrote then summarize it into one sentence.
Use that focusing sentence and expand on it. When you're done, go back and cut what isn't crucial to the main point of focus.
Keep this up until you have a larger picture of what you're accomplishing (even if you have to jot down note) and go between spurt of writing to focusing/cutting and then back again.

For those who have a scene or idea and need help to grow it, then try this:

Loop Writing - As fast as you can, type out all you can see about your scene/idea. Don't tie yourself down with getting out any details, no matter how small they may be. Such as, if your character is waking in a park, what smells/sounds/feelings would go along with this?
Write write the issues with what you've already typed. Like, why is the character there and why would he be picking up these feelings?
Then step into the shoes of that character and jot down an instant/raw version f what they are experiencing.
At this point you can add any dialogue that comes out of you character while you're feeling what he is feeling. Ask yourself what you would do if you were that person.
Get a description out that mirrors those feelings and settings.
If you have a small piece of back story to add, then see it the story allows it here. Is it a full scene and can you feel what the reader should be feeling?
Go back and cut out anything that is not immediately relevant to that picture. Like, too much back story or too many details about the scenery that can distract the reader from your main opening image.
Then broaden you image with any needed details that will push you to the next scene. (realizations by the characters, moving them forward).
Rinse and repeat :-)

In the past, I saw that I was using the Loop Technique but am learning the Open Ending  Technique is very usual in my current WIP. So far, I've been using the visuals to jump start a scene that may have stalled in my brain. See if any of this helps you and I'll keep looking for more info to help all of us.

)))Corset Hugs((( and Happy Writing
Ginny Lynn
Wench Writer 

Monday, July 20, 2015

Your book is a movie! Who’s in your dream cast? ANDROMEDA

Andromeda is a 400 year old vampire with psychic abilities who is being stalked by a ghostly presence that wants to possess her body and own her soul. Things get heated as she meets the man destined to be her mate but a vision shows her that he’s meant to die because of what she is. Does she embrace what the Fates have shown in the mere touch of this stranger’s hand or does she run away in order to save the soul of this kissable man? Passion is too much to ignore for an immortal who has never felt its powerful pull. They throw caution to the wind and become lovers, enraging the stalker to use his inhuman powers to take what he believes should belong to him alone. They both fight for the power in her touch but only one man can have her body.

ANDROMEDA - played by Patricia Velasquez

I got up and headed for a couple of blood bags from the fridge when I saw Perseus pacing outside of my room.
“What just happened in there?” He asked with a strained look on his face.
I was stumped for all of a second. “Do you mean about thirty minutes ago?” I asked, hoping that I was wrong.
“Yes!” He said through gritted teeth.
“Oh, that.” I passed by him. He followed me to the office fridge and back.
“Excuse me, but I had the feeling that I was having an orgasm and wondered if you could tell me why,” he said as he turned toward me.
He was actually tapping his foot.
I was going to enjoy this. I poured some blood into my bedside glass and made him wait for my answer.
JUSTIN - played by Jason Lewis

Had I truly found my mate? I saw something in his eyes, like determination, and he leaned closer to me. 
“I’m not sorry.”
“For what?”
“You already know.”
Then he kissed me. His lips were soft and a current ran through them as if we were electrified. He wasn’t touching any other part of me and yet it was the best kiss I’d ever had. His mouth roamed over mine with softness and I knew we were both holding back, which only enhanced the electricity between us.  
I saw more images as he slowly learned the finite details of my mouth. I saw us rolling in my bed, us riding in his car, us in my living room as we drank wine and then one of me gasping in bed. The last one was vague, strange, and it made me break the heart-stealing kiss. He leaned against the wall and simply stared at my face.
“I’ve never felt like that before.”
“Me neither.”

PERSEUS - played by Hrithik Roshan

“Yes, I have a problem with you telling people about us because it doesn’t just affect your life, it affects mine, too. But I can’t make any of these decisions for you, so do what you feel you have to do. If I were you, I wouldn’t turn down the possibility of happiness, especially when we’re immortal.”
“You? Giving me advice on love? That’s funny.”
“I know what you’re thinking. But I meant that comment for your own life, not mine. I’ve loved and lost and I’m not ready to make that commitment again. I’ll take love in small doses and put the rest of my energy into my work. At least my business can see me into the future. Love can visit when needed.”
“You pass up love all the time. You tell me to grab what I can and just keep living, but you ignore the love that’s offered to you. I know there are women who’d literally give up their souls to be your mate and yet you turn the other way. I know Valentina ripped your heart to shreds and I wish I could take that pain away. You’d be with her right now if she’d been more open minded about our lives. But she wasn’t and as a result, you now have blinders on when it comes to anything close to your heart. But you can’t live forever with that mentality. You should take your own advice and keep your eyes open to someone who can be with you through your eternity.”
“I will not allow myself to make the same mistake again. If you’re the only woman in my life, then so be it. I’ll survive on distant sexual encounters and a few friends. I can’t offer a shattered heart to someone who deserves better.”
DANYA - played by 

I stripped off the dress and waited for her to get out of her leggings and tunic blouse. She was in a smoky gray satin strapless bra with matching thong panties. There was a two-inch scar across her left side, right under her strapless bra.
She saw me noticing it and just shrugged before saying, “Some monsters live only to hurt others, but I at least survived to see him die.”
“Did an old love do this to you?” I handed the dress over to her and felt her pain in the brief touch of her hand.
“Yes. He tried to stab me in the back. Literally. I moved at the last second and it kept him from slicing into my spine. He was high on meth and thought I'd hidden his stash from him. Apparently, he needed it bad enough to kill me.”

CAPT ANASTASE - played by 

I put my calloused fingers into Anastase’s open wound and fervently pressed as I continued my chanting. His obsidian eyes rolled into the back of his head. Lightning struck the building. Giselle screamed and Anastase moaned. At that very moment, I drove my hand further into Anastase’s quaking body. The captain screamed for his immortal soul. Pulling out my hand, I threw the bloody tissue from my hand and into the awaiting bowl. I grabbed the leather pouch tied at my thick neck and dumped the contents into the bowl as well and Anastase’s body dropped to the cold floor.
Jean Luc came over and set the bloody contents in the bowl on fire with the already lit candle and then stepped back. Anastase released another scream as his body convulsed and the smoke encircled his tortured body. He shook so badly that his teeth rattled. Giselle sobbed Anastase’s name from her corner. Lightning struck one last time and I yelled over the sound toward Anastase.
“Who do you want?” I commanded of Anastase.
Anastase moaned, “Andromeda Ortiz.”

He convulsed one last time before he passed out.

Well, whatch think?
)))Corset Hugs(((
Ginny Lynn - Wench Writer

Monday, July 13, 2015

Second Week Snippets - Gothic

Reaching a trembling hand to the cold steel knocker, I jumped when the door began to creek with wind and age as the first pound toned throughout the wind filled doorway. I had stepped back just as the door shook with the effort of someone pulling it open. My heart leapt into my tight throat as the door creaked open a sliver more. I paused for a still second and saw that no one was in the breath of drafty space that sucked at you from the gloomy interior of the back lit foyer.
“Um, hel-lo?” I stuttered the question, waiting for someone to pop up in my presence.
No reply came back. No scuttle of feet was heard to prove that someone had actually opened the ancient door. I felt a stiff breeze push me into the open alcove, almost toppling me onto the white marble floor that met the foyer before me.
“Is anyone here? Mr. White?” I stammered as I straightened up my heart thumping body.
A screaming whirl of wind outside sucked the door shut with a glass rattling shake.
“Can I help you ma’am?”
I squeaked at the baritone voice that came from the encompassing blackness in front of me as my eyes fought to adjust to the lack of light. There stood a tall willowy shape of over six feet tall. My mouth went dry. In that instant it took to gulp down my surprise, he stepped closer and in a split second, a match was struck. I jumped but realized he was only lighting the candlestick that was in his large hands. Hands that led up to the face of a man that made me gasp with a whole new feeling. He was beautiful. Men weren’t usually described in such a manner but this specimen was lean, dark haired, and carried eyes that were as mesmerizing as sherry topaz in the light of the burning flame he held. The flickering emphasized his high cut cheekbones beside an elegant nose.
In my head I heard a whisper, “Save him.” And then it disappeared. What the hell was that? Scrutinizing the empty feeling space, no other person came forward to claim those cryptic words that clung like ice to my spine.
“Where did you come from and why were you hiding behind the door?” I rambled as I began to pull myself back together.
“You knocked on the door and then walked right in, so I should be asking who you are?”
“No, I didn’t open the door. You did.”
“I assure you ma’am, that if a lovely woman where to simply appear in my foyer, I would indeed have been the person to have let her in.”
“If you were the one that was to be staying up for me, then you would already know who I am?
He sighed deeply, almost blowing out the single candle in his still grip. “Let’s say that I’m a man of caution where damsels are concerned. Your name, please?”

“I’m Renata Barkely, granddaughter of the Fenmore’s, and I was told to be here in a letter from Mr. White.”

Well, what do you think?

)))Corset Hugs(((

Ginny Lynn
Wench Writer

Monday, July 6, 2015

Putting it out there - Nervous Breakdown Included

As an author, I have had three of my manuscripts published. Each of these was wondrous as it was solid proof to me that I had enough talent to have a publishing house back my creative fictional plots. Every contract was putting a stake in the ground of my faith in myself to get my characters out there to people who are interested in them.

I'm behind on my writing as I have just recently gotten back to writing again since I'm no longer working two jobs and going to college. I started four books and had book one of my series out there for people to critique for me. Being able to grab my Facebook friends up so I can get second opinions on my ideas was a great tool to have with my not having a critique group to back me. These people have been successful sounding boards on what will sound more realistic for a my projects.

Getting their advice is helpful, even in the moments that my work sucks, but there is one thing that tears at me worse than being vulnerable to my friends. This would be the dreaded cold submission to a publishing company or a well known agent. It makes me want to hurl just thinking about being inferior to the people that rock the publishing world. Having to conquer this horrendous feat is currently what I'm doing and I find it hard to not count the days.

For those of you that are well into several publications, indie or not, I'd like to know how you keep yourself from checking your inbox every few minutes as you chew your nails to the bone. Currently, I have two manuscripts at various places and know that a few of them will take much longer as those companies are more in demand. I totally understand why some place need three months, but that doesn't mean that I'll have my scalp intact by then.    

All of the dates for each place has been etched into my desk calendar as I hope to hear something positive back from each of them. Yes, I know that won't happen, but I can dream. How do I calm the sea of ships that are battering around my nervous stomach as I think over these knowledgeable people tossing my submission against a cubicle wall? Where does one focus when this deadline of your own making looms over your head? Do I just focus (lol) on the next projects as a way to absorb some of the dread? I'm trying to. I even took on critiquing someone else as a way to keep my mind away from my own submissions but I have a long way to go before I can actually calm down.

The nerves will die when I get a response from each of these places, or I go ahead with the lobotomy that has been mentioned to me since childhood. I know that I can't control this once I hit the Send button. It's a chant in my head every single day. The one thing I can be happy about is that I did it. My babies were sent to people to tell me if I "dressed them funny" or if they needed to be on a fictional diet (backstory), but I'm trusting the people with my children. This mama is proud of every single one of the babies I'm able to have and wish them the best when I send them on to "college" (publishers). But a mom is always a mom and I'm scared for them. Any suggestions? Funny lines? Lobotomy references?

)))Corset Hugs(((

Ginny Lynn 
Wench Writer

Monday, June 29, 2015

Funny things that should never happen....

I'm being funny today, so just indulge me.


Put on red lipstick before taking a nap...#clownface  #ronaldmcdonaldsexface

Leave a restroom without checking to see if your skirt is in the back of your control top panty hose. #rearview #grannypantyday

Forget to put the whips back in the closet so the in-laws don't see them on the bed when they drop by #roughsex #truestory

Look in your folks medicine cabinet as you may find the box of Viagra #tmi #ick

Invite friends over for a family movie when a porno dvd is still in the player #mymistake #kidswithburnedeyes

Ask someone if the outfit makes your butt look big #truthhurts #yousawitinthemirrortoo

Tell your boss that you get more work done at home and away from them #pinkslip #dismissed

Take sauces home in your purse after a meal at Zaxby's #warmedover #orangecoatedmakeupbag

Force your parents to tell you who is their favorite #ouch #needingcounseling

Mix up your Melatonin with your Magnesium in the morning #neededcoffee #sleeptakesover

Get lazy about your tupperware in the work fridge #greengoopantibiotic #cdcdeclined

Drink alcohol before getting an impromptu tattoo #spellcheck #bleedingmassofohno

Play audio books during work hours when the owners are due in #sexnoisesheard #sexualharrassmentcharges

Jack up your favorite song in the car when taking the boss to lunch #pushitrealgoodboss #ilikebigbuttsandyoushouldlie

Chew up an Oreo before letting in your blind date #wrongfirstimpression #coalminersteeth

Fart in an elevator at work #ownersneakvisitday #gasmasksfallfromceiling

Spray on shimmer body spray when going to the gynecologist #shinyhooha #glittergoodies

Hastily rub on self tanning lotion when heading to get a physical #oompaloopa #orangeisthenewwhite 

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Monday, June 22, 2015

Choose a character of someone elses (Movie/male) to represent each of the four seasons.

Male movie characters that have me thinking of the seasons and why.

Winter: Damon Salvatore (The Vampire Diaries Show)
He's as cool as ice and will freeze you with a stare that could stop the heart mid motion. Not only is he a man that gets what he wants but he'll do it over his own drop dead gorgeous body. That's a lot of vampire goodness to warm up with.

Summer: Alcide Herveuax (True Blood)

This fine piece of macho maleness has me thinking of bare chested men doing yard work on a farm or cattle ranch. His scruffy looks and sexy grin would leave me thinking that hell was artic compared to the lust he would invoke.Just hand me a lemonade and a good seat to watch the sweat sizzle.

Fall: Hugh Jackman (Wolverine)

Here is a man that makes me think of fall festivals and wearing his sweater when it gets snuggle cool outside. He's bonfires and fireplaces on breezy nights that have you wanting to feed him smores while listening to the crickets sing. Who needs a blanket when you could share heat with him?

Spring: Ryan Reynolds (Green Lantern)

He has a wonderful sense of humor that would have me laughing so hard that my sides would ache as we were out for a picnic or countryside drive. His ways would be as fresh as the new blossoms, even if he's sarcastic enough to be a weed, it's still charming and non stop smiles.

                                         Who Would You Chose? And Why?

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Monday, June 15, 2015

Things that my grandmother taught me

My grandmother, Ida Merle, was an emergency room nurse at a hospital in Columbus, Ga. She had flaming red hair that curled of it's own accord and a stubborn streak that matched it. She was amazing and had a gentle kindness that was always there for us. She would make us big old southern meals, even if it was the smell and sizzle of sausage at 6 am on a Saturday morning during summer. She was one of my heroes but some of it didn't come until several years after she had passed away.

Grandma was determined to raise flowers around her property and most of them are my personal favorites, like Tiger Lilies (which I have one tattooed on my upper back). She could raise hydrangeas of all colors and would be stern with them if a certain one wasn't the color she was trying for. How dare they be purple instead of the pink that she wanted. Gotta love it.

She told me horror stories of the real life emergencies that came through the emergency room in order to show me what can happen to a young girl who didn't take care of herself. This was on a range from a couple that was hit by a car while they were necking in a parking lot to the diseases that caused immense pain to the ladies who were unfortunate with their partners. I was a preteen when the stories were repeated and she just wanted to make sure that I always thought things out before I reacted in a physical way, let alone emotional. Of course, being that young, I didn't absorb it all until much later, when the body already had some of the scars of hard lessons learned.

She taught me that disrespect came in many forms, back talking, a negative connotation, or a dirty look that wasn't "christian-like". The woman once beaned me with a silver soup ladle for back talking to her that I didn't feel like coming in for dinner. My ears rang louder than church bells that day and I made sure to apologize before I was allowed one bite of the amazing meal that was placed in front of me.

Later on, I found out that she had been a victim of abuse and it dug deep as I'm a victim as well. She didn't have to be with someone that hurt her so many years ago but her beliefs were made of more classical training in her specific circumstance. From her strong will, I was taught that no one had to take that, no matter how many times love was professed. Love is reported to hurt but in these cases, it never should.

Ida Merle was a rock in my life of waterfalls. She still is as I take her advice into consideration when faced with imposing possibilities. She kept me from sleeping around as a teenager and young adult, that love does not always equal pain, and that you could root happiness anywhere in your life as long as you kept it watered.

I miss you Ida Merle (Grandma) and I appreciate everything that you did for me, then and now.

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Monday, June 8, 2015

Second Week Snippets - My newest baby

This is from my newest manuscript and hasn't been submitted to any publisher yet as I'm only half way thru the first draft. Right now, I don't have a working title on it nor do I have a complete outline on it as I'm just writing whatever comes to my mind. It was a way to write while working seven days a week and still feel like I was making my muse happy. I've been surprised with my progress and I thought I'd share a scene that makes me giggle. I hope you like it.
“Ms. Franks, are you in there?”
It was a valid question, even if somewhat awkward.
“I’m in the shower and will be out in about ten minutes. I’ll come find you when I’m dressed,” she called out over the sound of the waterfall shower head.
Did she just hear him walk into the room?
“I just need a minute as I may be heading out again,” he said and it came from just a few feet away.
She froze with the soap mid stroke over her arms.
“You can leave me a note if you have to leave and I’ll call you right back with any answers you need,” was her reply as her heart was in her throat.
Did he expect her to have a civil conversation when one of them was naked?
After a moment of hesitation, he asked, “Do you have a man in there with you, Ms. Franks?”
Gasping at the words, she dropped the soap and it bounced off the tile floor and out of the lined white curtain between her and her boss. Clumsiness had struck again. Now what?
Hearing his deep chuckle, she began biting her lip while debating what to say to make this turn into something that wouldn’t involve her wanting to purposely slip and knock herself out cold. That would only have her naked and at his mercy. No Way.
“Do you?” He asked again in a softer voice.
“Good lord, no,” Della answered too quickly.
Another pause and she wished he was making a quick exit but then she heard him shuffle around to the other side of her stall.
“As it’s just the two of us, then I see no reason why I can’t tell you what’s on my mind.”

Just then, his hand shot through the curtain with the soap laying in the large palm.
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Ginny Lynn
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