Monday, September 28, 2015

Writing Tools - Queries

I checked out How to Write a Query Letter, Everything You Need To Know Explained Simply by Donna Murphy and found a few things to share with you guys.

The usual structure for a query letter is:

Paragraph 1: The Hook - Open up with a hook (statement) that grabs the attention of the reader so they are instantly interested in your project but it has to be relevant to your story (even a quote from the manuscript can work).

Paragraph 2: Supporting Details - This is where you start giving basic ideas that build the hook into the main premise of your story line or plot arc. (When-What-Where-When-Why)

Paragraph 3: Qualifications - Here you focus on your qualifications to write the piece you are submitting. Don't make it lengthy but make sure to explain why you are the person to share this story.

Paragraph 4: Closing - Make sure to thank the person using their time to check into your manuscript. Also make sure all ends are tied up and they have several ways to reach you for any further information.

TIPS - There are personal pieces of yourself that you can add to these but make sure it stays professional. You can add a quote from your book (as stated above) or add something that makes your story relevant to something going on in pop culture. If your book relies heavily on certain emotions then add touches of that into you query, like humor if it's a romantic comedy or a few powerful phrases if it's an impactful or dramatic story, etc.

I hope this helps anyone who is struggling with the basics and be sure to share anything that you have found to be helpful in your own query letters.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by.

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  1. i don't have time to read them all right now, but did read the last before i realized it was the last. lol. love your voice. i'll be back to see where it goes and going to leave the page open on my browser until i read all of it.