Monday, June 24, 2013

2013 My Year of Growing

I'm half way through 2013 and so much has happened already. My red head is spinning.

Not only did I publish two books this year.

But Andromeda hit the best sellers list on my publishers website.

I was asked to join the Georgia Romance Writers Conference Committee.

I worked two months at The Pirate Ship(, while I worked my full time job, and THEN headed straight for night school.

(Bang head here)

Just Kidding.

This is a year where I see what I can become and where my limits are.
I'm pushing myself so hard, that I'm wondering if I should be hiring an assistant for my scheduled nervous breakdown. In all of this self induced insanity, I'm ticking off my muse while I read over pages of homework.
My sleep time is allotted and breaks are on a Need To basis.
But, I'm still smiling. I furrow my brow over tests and figures but look forward to what I see on the horizon.
I'm determined to get this certificate (and a few others), so I can dig into a new career that will pay my bills as I have my muse plot my retirement. She'll be with me through all of this, because I won't abandon her. So far, she's given me 40 novels to write. (At least 30 of these are for three series I'm plotting.) She and I have an understanding right now and it'll all be worth it.

I'll make it, because not only am I stubborn (to hell and back) but I'm worth it. So is my future. I hope to see you guys among my crew as I sail forward.

)))Corset Hugs(((

Ginny Lynn
Wench Writer 

Monday, June 17, 2013

Yea, I know my fangs aren’t real

I’m a woman who goes full tilt for all things vampire. I admit it. I watch vampire movies, read vampire books and even wrote about my own take on vampires. I jokingly consider myself to be a vampire who has married a werewolf and our hybrid son makes us laugh every day. I do have my own custom fangs and yes, I love wearing them. I can talk, eat, drink, and do just about anything else with them..within reason ;-). I may be fascinated with all creatures of the supernatural but vampires are my supe of choice.
Typical Vampires (from most movies):
Die in sunlight, burn up after touching garlic or silver, sleep in coffins, have terrible breath, turn into bats, fly, hypnotize people, can’t come near crosses, die if they go into a church, and some have even sparkled.
My Vampires:
Are only sensitive to light/garlic/silver, sleep in their own beds (as long as it’s triple dark in the room), have great hygiene, run faster than sound but don’t fly, and they can eat or drink (depending on my particular character), mine have no problem with crosses or churches.
I read about all of the vampires that I can get my hands on and love the variety that writers have dreamed up. I’ve buried myself in the depths between Eric Northman, Edward Cullen, and Dracula.
What I loved about each one was:
Eric: a Viking with a no nonsense (and sexual) hunger

Edward Cullen: a true romantic heart who just wanted his eternal soul mate
Dracula: a powerful man with charisma and a thirst for passion
Each one of them had something that I loved, and thusly hated, about them. I cringed as I wanted to see what they’d do next and how they’d get away with it. Each one of them was creative, even if you didn’t agree with their persona, you still knew who they were.
I aspire to write about several more vampires, as I come to realize what I want in a sexy blood sucker. I'll have stand alones and a few series, plus several other supernatural creatures, and I aspire to give them all a breath of fresh (after)life. It's my thing.
I love vampires. They’re fangtastic. :-[ Given the choice, what would you be?
)))Corset Hugs(((
Ginny Lynn
Wench Writer

Monday, June 10, 2013

Wenching 2.0

2013 Marked my second full year of wenching at The Pirate Ship during the Ga Renaissance Festival.
I love my job and the money is used to help pay my college tuition. So children, don't listen when they say that pirating is a terrible business decision. Giggle. 
This was me trying for a tough look. Why do I want to laugh at myself? If I'm going to laugh then I'd rather it be for this reason (below).
Yes, a Knight's Tale. This was a running joke from last year and I hope to keep it going.
 The top had a tag for our (Kill Bill) Bride katana. Those who know me understand this little match up.
This is our fearless leader, The sadistic pirate, Captain Matt.

And can you tell what he sells? So of course he's sadistic. Duh!
This is his ship and yes, that is a real plank. You can go to to hear the tale of how this came to be planted on the dry shores of Fairburn.
It's a tough job but well worth the toil and trouble. It's running up and down several stairs, doing ballet style knee bends to look under counters (while keeping your corset from exploding), and lifting countless boxes during crazy weather interruptions. The people are unique, the hours are long, while you smile through the dust and pollen. It pushed me forward, a little more outside of my comfort zone. It's another step in my 2013 Plan of Growing, but that's for another post ;-)
This is a few of the crew. I would have to steal pics from our on ship photographer, Ashleigh Brady, in order to give you shots of all of us and I can't do that to her. This is what I can share.

Brittany tying me up as I thought I was too loose for the ship. BWAHAHA! Being sadistic is contagious. I love you, wenches.
I love the assorted array of costumes that he keeps on hand for us and some of these pieces are from my own closet. He supplies the corsets, tops, skirts, plus a bin of beautiful scarves. Playing dress up comes easy when you've got such nice pieces to mix and match. I honestly believe that I didn't wear the same two pieces the whole 8 weeks.
This is my customary pic at the end of the year while standing on the plank. I'm still in love with the ones Kim took of me last year, which I have below.
Now, another year has sailed away and I miss my pirates dearly. They were there to share the salty seas (& tears) and always made me feel part of the ship. Yes, part of the crew - part of the ship. It's true. I said so.

Now I'll go get ready for tomorrows 12 hours of working and college. I'll tip my hat to you (as I wish for a hat of my own since this is the Captain's hat) and bid each of you a wonderful voyage, wherever it may take you. I may have left the ship but there is always a heartfelt breeze for my sails.

Til next Faire, )))Corset Hugs(((
Ginny Lynn
Wench Writer

Monday, June 3, 2013

Every Kiss begins with...a first

Disclaimer: I warned my werewolf hubby about this post in advance. Hun, turn away from the screen. :-)

Firsts: My first kiss

I'm surprised that I remember it as my memory has been damaged by chronic migraines (from a spinal injury). I'm sure if I relay this story incorrectly, that two of the witnesses will call me on it. BUT, this is how I recall that October night.

I was attending a Halloween party that was thrown by my best friends (Mandi Nelligan) church youth group. As Halloween is my second favorite holiday, I was happy to attend this event. I didn't know a lot of the people there but a few things certainly stand out about that night.

It was 6 weeks before my 16th birthday and I was just starting to get out more (plus wear some makeup). I was already doing some modeling/runway, so I was beginning to notice the wings that needed to be stretched out as a young'un.

I decided to be a cat, simple enough to handle. My mom had made me a large leopard print men's dress shirt (BTW-my favorite animal is a black leopard), so I wore one of my black ballet body suits under it, with small heels and the typical cat ears/tail that I had made out of velvet at home. Reportedly, I didn't look my age, but older....I disagree as I still look younger than my true age.

As I'm a dancer, I was having a blast on the auditorium floor. All the while, I had caught the eye of a tall brunette who was watching from the sidelines. I don't remember the exact way that he approached me but I knew that we danced a few times, plus talked over a few cups of punch.

By the end of the night, I was in the kitchen area, throwing away discarded cups and plates. He was in there with his friend, Keith, who my bestie was crushing on. Somehow (giggle) I ended up in his arms. I'm thinking it had started as a lingering hug. The next thing I knew, I was looking up into his dark eyes as his lips descended to mine. I knew that I wasn't breathing but didn't care. He lifted me to his tall frame, right off the floor, as my feet dangled.

Guys, not only was this the first time I'd had anything outside of a chaste kiss, but my very first French kiss. Somehow, I registered my bestie's disbelief and shock. Not every southern gal gets swept off of her feet for her very first serious kiss. But I'm telling you, they should consider it as mandatory :-)

I don't know if he could tell that I was inexperienced and Brian, please don't tell me. Giggle. All I know is that moment joins a long list of Firsts that I'll be sharing with you guys. And NO, not my first sexual experience so get that ball out of the gutter. Hehe.

Thanks to Brian Kelley for initiating me and I'm giving myself a pat on the back for improving that skill over the years. Right, hubby of mine who shouldn't be reading this? ;-)

Anyone want to share the moment of their first kiss with little old me? I dare ya.

)))Corset Hugs(((
Ginny Lynn
Wench Writer