Monday, June 10, 2013

Wenching 2.0

2013 Marked my second full year of wenching at The Pirate Ship during the Ga Renaissance Festival.
I love my job and the money is used to help pay my college tuition. So children, don't listen when they say that pirating is a terrible business decision. Giggle. 
This was me trying for a tough look. Why do I want to laugh at myself? If I'm going to laugh then I'd rather it be for this reason (below).
Yes, a Knight's Tale. This was a running joke from last year and I hope to keep it going.
 The top had a tag for our (Kill Bill) Bride katana. Those who know me understand this little match up.
This is our fearless leader, The sadistic pirate, Captain Matt.

And can you tell what he sells? So of course he's sadistic. Duh!
This is his ship and yes, that is a real plank. You can go to to hear the tale of how this came to be planted on the dry shores of Fairburn.
It's a tough job but well worth the toil and trouble. It's running up and down several stairs, doing ballet style knee bends to look under counters (while keeping your corset from exploding), and lifting countless boxes during crazy weather interruptions. The people are unique, the hours are long, while you smile through the dust and pollen. It pushed me forward, a little more outside of my comfort zone. It's another step in my 2013 Plan of Growing, but that's for another post ;-)
This is a few of the crew. I would have to steal pics from our on ship photographer, Ashleigh Brady, in order to give you shots of all of us and I can't do that to her. This is what I can share.

Brittany tying me up as I thought I was too loose for the ship. BWAHAHA! Being sadistic is contagious. I love you, wenches.
I love the assorted array of costumes that he keeps on hand for us and some of these pieces are from my own closet. He supplies the corsets, tops, skirts, plus a bin of beautiful scarves. Playing dress up comes easy when you've got such nice pieces to mix and match. I honestly believe that I didn't wear the same two pieces the whole 8 weeks.
This is my customary pic at the end of the year while standing on the plank. I'm still in love with the ones Kim took of me last year, which I have below.
Now, another year has sailed away and I miss my pirates dearly. They were there to share the salty seas (& tears) and always made me feel part of the ship. Yes, part of the crew - part of the ship. It's true. I said so.

Now I'll go get ready for tomorrows 12 hours of working and college. I'll tip my hat to you (as I wish for a hat of my own since this is the Captain's hat) and bid each of you a wonderful voyage, wherever it may take you. I may have left the ship but there is always a heartfelt breeze for my sails.

Til next Faire, )))Corset Hugs(((
Ginny Lynn
Wench Writer