Monday, June 24, 2013

2013 My Year of Growing

I'm half way through 2013 and so much has happened already. My red head is spinning.

Not only did I publish two books this year.

But Andromeda hit the best sellers list on my publishers website.

I was asked to join the Georgia Romance Writers Conference Committee.

I worked two months at The Pirate Ship(, while I worked my full time job, and THEN headed straight for night school.

(Bang head here)

Just Kidding.

This is a year where I see what I can become and where my limits are.
I'm pushing myself so hard, that I'm wondering if I should be hiring an assistant for my scheduled nervous breakdown. In all of this self induced insanity, I'm ticking off my muse while I read over pages of homework.
My sleep time is allotted and breaks are on a Need To basis.
But, I'm still smiling. I furrow my brow over tests and figures but look forward to what I see on the horizon.
I'm determined to get this certificate (and a few others), so I can dig into a new career that will pay my bills as I have my muse plot my retirement. She'll be with me through all of this, because I won't abandon her. So far, she's given me 40 novels to write. (At least 30 of these are for three series I'm plotting.) She and I have an understanding right now and it'll all be worth it.

I'll make it, because not only am I stubborn (to hell and back) but I'm worth it. So is my future. I hope to see you guys among my crew as I sail forward.

)))Corset Hugs(((

Ginny Lynn
Wench Writer 

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