Monday, June 17, 2013

Yea, I know my fangs aren’t real

I’m a woman who goes full tilt for all things vampire. I admit it. I watch vampire movies, read vampire books and even wrote about my own take on vampires. I jokingly consider myself to be a vampire who has married a werewolf and our hybrid son makes us laugh every day. I do have my own custom fangs and yes, I love wearing them. I can talk, eat, drink, and do just about anything else with them..within reason ;-). I may be fascinated with all creatures of the supernatural but vampires are my supe of choice.
Typical Vampires (from most movies):
Die in sunlight, burn up after touching garlic or silver, sleep in coffins, have terrible breath, turn into bats, fly, hypnotize people, can’t come near crosses, die if they go into a church, and some have even sparkled.
My Vampires:
Are only sensitive to light/garlic/silver, sleep in their own beds (as long as it’s triple dark in the room), have great hygiene, run faster than sound but don’t fly, and they can eat or drink (depending on my particular character), mine have no problem with crosses or churches.
I read about all of the vampires that I can get my hands on and love the variety that writers have dreamed up. I’ve buried myself in the depths between Eric Northman, Edward Cullen, and Dracula.
What I loved about each one was:
Eric: a Viking with a no nonsense (and sexual) hunger

Edward Cullen: a true romantic heart who just wanted his eternal soul mate
Dracula: a powerful man with charisma and a thirst for passion
Each one of them had something that I loved, and thusly hated, about them. I cringed as I wanted to see what they’d do next and how they’d get away with it. Each one of them was creative, even if you didn’t agree with their persona, you still knew who they were.
I aspire to write about several more vampires, as I come to realize what I want in a sexy blood sucker. I'll have stand alones and a few series, plus several other supernatural creatures, and I aspire to give them all a breath of fresh (after)life. It's my thing.
I love vampires. They’re fangtastic. :-[ Given the choice, what would you be?
)))Corset Hugs(((
Ginny Lynn
Wench Writer

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