Monday, March 31, 2014

First TV Crushes - This is going to make you laugh

It's hard to think of Firsts for the first week of each month but I see it as a challenge. So, today I'm going to share the first three men that I can think of having TV crushes on. Hold on because some of you will be shaking your heads, or laughing, at who these three men are.

First off......Shaun Cassidy, from The Hardy Boys

(Dude, totally...)

(Hey brother, watch this?)

Yes, I watched that show. My friends liked the other guy, but he just wasn't my thing. And yes, I even listened to his music. Stop judging me :-)


Second was (enter laugh here)............David Hasselhoff

(Poster child, giggle)

(Hey baby, wanna ride in my talking car?)

I watched this show and my dad even met the Hoff at Pizza Hut one night, when Hoff was still happily married. My dad (who was the Atlanta Area Mgr, at the time) got Hoff to sign an autograph for me and brought it home, with a pizza that no one picked up. I may still have that signature somewhere. It was nice of my dad to actually pay attention to me, as he was a dedicated workaholic. 

And out of these two, one would be my brother , with the other being my boyfriend, then the hat trick would have included.....
Another David.....

David Copperfield!

(Glamour Shots, mwahahaha)

Cello player or Waiter???

I loved magic and it doesn't hurt when the guy is attractive as well.

Now, I don't want to hear all the negative stuff about these guys because I'm aware of the dirt. It's not a testimate to my choice in men but it does show my Taste in men.
Do you see it? What do these guys have in common? Do you need to Google them?

Let me know what you figured out.

)))Corset Hugs(((

Ginny Lynn
Wench Writer
(And recovering 80's hair fan...)

Monday, March 24, 2014

Spring, Has It Sprung For You?

It's officially spring and I'm ready for it. Is it me or does Mother Nature seem to be off her meds? Is she pissed off with Father Time again? Seriously, what gives?
Here, in the south, we have certain types of birds and flowers that mark the coming of warmer weather. There are swimsuits that show up in store windows right after the Christmas trees are taken to storage. 
Some people wait for Easter to come around so they can get out their lawn chairs and white trousers. A few people that I know are in shorts as soon as the first two consecutive "mild" days hit the scene. I'm cold natured so that isn't me until maybe around June :-), unless a hot flash hits, then all bets are off. 

What does spring mean to you? What is your signal to get out the beach umbrella or find a nice patio restaurant? Do you feel the change while on spring break? Is it as simple as slipping sandals on before heading to the store?
For me, it's little things (as usual). I don't bother painting my toenails in the winter because my feet are too busy being buried under layers of socks and knee high boots. What's the point? No one would see them and they'd be ice cold by the time that I covered them back up again.

Pool openings are notorious for bringing the winter birds out into the newly found sunshine. But a bathing suit means summer to me and not spring, still too cool for my taste. So, besides painting my toenails (usually a vivid color), I love my Old Navy flip flops. They're comfortable, affordable, and come in a wonderful array of colors. Skirts, that's another thing that I love about warmer weather. I love being girlie and skirts do that for me. I may not be tan, or have mile lone legs, but a flirty skirt puts a smile on my face. 

 Of course, flowers are great, even if the pollen is a killer. I love lilies but they aren't around as much as the daffodils are at this time of year.
Cicadas, I LOVE that particular sound of spring. It just calms me to my center. It's one of the reasons that I like camping. No joke. Some nights, I'll hear them near my house and I say "They're singing my song." 
I love the air on my skin. This was great when I had a sunroof in my former car but now I have to get it by rolling down my car windows while I'm driving around town. It's not much but it works for me. One day, I'll have another sunroof. And since I wear sunscreen in my makeup, bonus points. 

What's your sign of spring? Share something with us and then go enjoy some rays.

)))Corset Hugs(((

Ginny Lynn
Wench Writer 

Monday, March 17, 2014

Describe a smell

How would you describe milk, soap, a charcoal grill, wine???

In writing, this can be difficult but worth while as you dig into details that can broaden the horizon of your manuscripts.

Think about it. If your were asked to portray a spring day, after a steamy fall of rain, how would you accomplish this?

Some would put themselves in a mental picture of this and dig into what their senses were telling them. I know that I would because I'd never do it justice if I didn't.

Here's how some authors described smells: (From Goodreads)

“This morning, Tegus welcomed me again with an arm clasp and cheek touch. I wasn't startled this time, and I breathed in at his neck. How can I describe the scent of his skin? He smells something like cinnamon-- brown and dry and sweet and warm. Ancestors, is it wrong for me to imagine laying my head on his chest and closing my eyes and breathing in his smell?” 
― Shannon HaleBook of a Thousand Days

“Vinegar: that's what fear smells like.” 
― Jennifer EganA Visit from the Goon Squad

“I emitted some civetlike female stink, a distinct perfume of sexual wanting, that he had followed to find me here in the dark.” 
― Janet FitchWhite Oleander

“Outside the bus the smell of sulphur hit Bond with sickening force. It was a horrible smell, from somewhere down in the stomach of the world.” 
― Ian FlemingDiamonds Are Forever

Here are examples of  what I did, from Andromeda:

I smelled him. It was a blend of polished wood and cigars, but much older. 

I gathered the scents of sin, blood, and fear from several miles away as I became aware of my surroundings.

I stepped closer to him and breathed in his scent. He smelled of soy sauce, strong tea and unfiltered cigarettes. 

 I need to work on mine and plan to use it as an exercise toward future works. 

See if this helps any of you:
Words to describe smell:
acidy, acrid, antiseptic,  aromatic, balmy, biting, bitter, briny, burnt, citrusy, comforting, corky, damp, dank, distinctive, earthy, fishy, flowery, fragrant, fresh, fruity, gamy, gaseous, heavy, lemony, medicinal, metallic, mildewed, minty, moldy, musky, musty, odorless, peppery, perfumed, piney, pungent, putrid, reek, rose, rotten, savoury, scented, sharp, sickly, skunky, smoky, sour, spicy, spoiled, stagnant, stench, stinking, sulphur, sweaty, sweet, tart, tempting, vinegary, woody, yeasty.

Can you show me a better piece of something that you've written to describe a particular smell? I'd love to see what you come up with.

)))Corset Hugs(((

Ginny Lynn
Wench Writer

Monday, March 10, 2014

Second Week Spotlight Snippet - On My WIP (Work in Progress), My Savage Series

I've decided to open up the second week of every month to showcase a work that needs to be shared with the public. If any of my writing friends want to join in, then let me know. First off, one of my manuscripts. Animal Management is book one from my Savage Series, that's currently looking for a home in the publishing world. 


Have you ever walked in the shoes of a predator? Smelled fear in the air? Tasted lust on your tongue? Few have. Some would like to visit that world. If given the chance, would you?

Would you walk into a bar run by sexy paranormal outcasts? I not only do but I lovingly manage this circus that I hold dear to my heart. I’m Constance Parrish, a half vampire half witch hybrid, and now I have to allow humans into my domain due to new discrimination laws. My life has plummeted into a world where the drinks are dangerous and your clients could be downright lethal.  The hate group H.A.P.I. (Humans Against Paranormal Individuals) is standing in the shadows as they proclaim our fall into Satan’s arms and I wonder if I’ll ever get back my same old boring life again. My gut tells me that this is only the beginning.

Constance has to fight her very nature as she keeps a tight hold on the only place that she’s felt safe as that rug is pulled out from under her statuesque frame. She even has to fight her growing lust for the quite werewolf that stands as guard against the hatred that lurks at their very door step. With him and two other men fighting for her affections, Constance can barely keep her head on her blood lusting shoulders. Powers flair and inhibitions come slamming down as she fights to keep everything from being sucked into the unknown abyss that has come to visit her Hilton Head home.

Anger floated in from the steamy Hilton Head air outside the main entrance of our rustic paranormal run bar.
“Well, I declare, there’s a picket line outside,” I said in awe.
“Damn, I knew it was too good to think we could have an easy night,” Silas said as he stood behind me to inhale the scents that lay just outside our stained glass window in the lobby area.
The sea of red and black wavy glass embraced the moods from the white sign waving protestors and the bullied customers lining up at the entrance.
Leilei spoke up, “John, you owe me $20.”
I could hear John’s curses as he stumbled out of his smoke filled office, “Jesus H. Christ!”
“Sugar, that’s not who’s out there,” I responded to John’s comment.
“Why can’t things be simple?” John asked, rhetorically.
“Just pay up and get ready, boss cuz this isn’t our Kansas anymore,” Leilei said from the bar. 
This novel is over 80k words and I'm 15k words into book two of the series. It's a story that I've been anxious to share and I love the twists in the plot for these characters. If it doesn't get sold to a publishing house then I' considering self publishing it in 2015. We'll see how things progress in that time period as I should be writing (if not finished) with book three by the end of that year year. My fingers are crossed and I'm looking at that gorgeous horizon.

)))Corset Hugs(((

Ginny Lynn 
Wench Writer

Monday, March 3, 2014

First "Food Fight" as a newlywed

Okay, this isn't about an actual episode of tossing salad at each other. One, he doesn't eat "rabbit food" and two, this is about our first argument about cooking after we were married. Sure, I cooked for him before we tied the knot but this was a night when he decided to put his foot down in my kitchen.

Ding - Round One

In this corner, we have a 5'5 tall female weighing in at approximately 100 lbs. 

In the opposite corner, we have a 6' tall male weighing in at approximately 150 lbs.

I can only tell my side and as this was over twenty years ago, I may repeat it wrong (somewhat, wink).

We were in our first apartment,  which was an efficiency in Decatur, Ga. I was making spaghetti for us and not for the first time. I was tossing all the ingredients together and had it going when my hubby (We'll call him Werewolf) came in the kitchen. 
I don't remember if we'd both been at work or if it was the weekend but I remember that as he didn't cook, he wasn't usually in the kitchen. Anyhow, he either looked at or tasted the sauce that I had simmering. The noodles were cooking but that didn't get any of his attention. What bothered him was that the sauce wasn't like his grandmother's.
His grandmother had been whose house he had moved into when his parents had gotten a divorce. She was the head of the household, doing most of the cleaning, shopping, and cooking. 
I remember her sauce and it was a touched up version from a jar, like mine. The problem was that he was missing home and my sauce wasn't close enough to make him feel better. I'll suggest that he was having a rough day as this typically didn't make him get in a tizzy.
He commented on just how different it was from his grandmother's spaghetti and I acknowledged that he was correct but that I'd been making it this way since he'd met me. That wasn't what he wanted to hear and his response was (something like): This is my house and you'll make it like she did.

Ding! Then the fight started.

Round Two
We proceeded to throw cave men comments at each other to the point that both of us were riled up over the silly sauce. I remember being to a point where I wanted to throw it but that would only make a mess that I would be cleaning up on my own. So I took a deep breath, or five.
He then stated that if I was going to be his wife then I needed to do things his way. Well, that was news to me. And he came back to tell me that he wore the pants in the family, as he pointed at the jeans he was wearing, and that I needed to just get used to the idea. Knowing that I'm a spitfire plus he was in rare form, I smiled and asked him to explain himself as I calmed down. (Right!) 
I let him finish, without interrupting, and then I asked him to give me a moment.

DING! Round Three
I went into the small bedroom and grabbed a similar pair of his jeans out of his dresser. I also picked up a piece of white rope that had been lying around from when we'd moved then headed back into the kitchen. He registered surprise at me having his clothes in my hands. I held up a finger, as a signal to give me a moment, then proceeded to slip his jeans over the shorts that I had been wearing. (After he proof read this, he remembers it as me coming back in with a tiny pair of my panties....You get the gist of it.) Of course, he asked What the Bleep I thought that I was doing. And I'm still surprised that I had kept myself from being a red headed demon at that moment. 

After I got into them (it had to be a hilarious image), I used the rope to secure them Allah Daisy Dukes Style. (Remember the size difference? Giggle.) I asked him if he was sure about his statement that he wore the pants. He confirmed that those words were what he meant. I agreed and replied......
"Then why am I wearing your pants, the pants of the house?"
He was quietly fuming as he absorbed my point. 
I then began to walk out of the kitchen (holding yards up so I could even walk), and looked over my shoulder to tell him...
"I'm not your grandmother and if you want her food then you know where the door is. And if you ever want to get in MY pants again, you won't pull this stunt again."

Needless to say, I'm missing a bit of the conversation in between and afterward...maybe a good thing :-)..that set a standard for me as a young married woman at the age of 19. Yes, young. 
We're still married (insert hysterical giggles here) and I still make spaghetti my way but I conceded not to put his pants on again unless in a much better situation. We put that moment behind us and laugh about it when it's brought up. Neither of us are proud of how we acted but we understand that our territories were marked at that moment. 
And I believe that he's even made me spaghetti since that day. 
We've come a long way, baby :-)

)))Corset Hugs(((

Ginny Lynn
Wench Writer

Saturday, March 1, 2014

SCP Paranormal Blog Tour - March 1 & 2 2014 - Andromeda and a little teaser

SCP Paranormal Blog Tour - March 1 & 2 2014 - Andromeda and a little teaser

March of 2013, my debut novel was published. It was the vampiric romantic suspense, Andromeda, and it hit the SCP Bestseller list within a month. As a matter of fact, it's still on that list. I'm a proud mama.

Book Back Cover:
Andromeda is a 400 year old vampire with psychic abilities who is being stalked by a ghostly presence that wants to possess her body and own her soul. Things get heated as she meets the man destined to be her mate but a vision shows her that he’s meant to die because of what she is. Does she embrace what the Fates have shown in the mere touch of this stranger’s hand or does she run away in order to save the soul of this kissable man? Passion is too much to ignore for an immortal who has never felt its powerful pull. They throw caution to the wind and become lovers, enraging the stalker to use his inhuman powers to take what he believes should belong to him alone. They both fight for the power in her touch but only one man can have her body.

If you go to the link on their website, then you can see a few other things about it (or perhaps buy it, wink wink)

But here's a piece that isn't on that website:

He leaned closer to me, barely an inch away from my face. “My God, you are truly breathtaking.”
I couldn’t fight him, even if I wanted to. Just as his lips came down, I knew he had power over my body. He crushed me to him and took possession of my lips in a hungry kiss. I could do nothing but let him ravage my mouth. I wanted to feel revulsion or anger but none of it would come to me. Why couldn’t I fight him? Why did my body want to join in? This was sheer madness.
His fangs pushed against my lips and they opened of their own accord. I had lost control of everything but my mind. I felt his fangs rub against my lips as his hunger grew. Just when I thought he would bite my lips, he ran his tongue over them instead. He seemed to be savoring this and had no intention of drawing blood, yet. My arms automatically wrapped around his waist. He smiled against my lips.
I wanted him to kiss me, badly, but why? My body took over and I opened my mouth fully to him. He devoured my mouth as if he was ravenous. I’d never kissed a vampire before. Perseus had told me that being with a vampire was much more intense than regular experiences, that it could make you do things you’d never dreamed. He had loved his trysts with other vampires and had suggested I have one as my first. But this was not the man I wanted.
I tried to fight as I thought of Justin. I whispered his name and felt Anastase’s fury at the mere mention of another man. He crushed me as tight as he possibly could. A mortal would have died under that amount of pressure. One arm kept me at his side as the other snaked up to caress my face. His tongue danced with mine. I felt his hand in my hair and it caressed my scalp as he increased the pressure. My skin was on fire. It wasn’t like it had been with Justin. This was fierce and anger, where Justin was passion and need. Although I didn’t know how or why, I wanted them both, but for different reasons. As his cruel mouth ran kisses down the column of my exposed neck, I had the chance to ask him.
“What madness have you driven me to, Anastase?” 


I unwittingly reached further into my memories of him, and I felt an ache in my chest. Then I saw him. it was a more modern time. He was dressed in jeans and a black polo shirt. It was night and he was on a ship, but not the one I had been on. This one was steel and larger, like a freight ship. He turned and it seemed as if he was looking directly at me. That was strange. I must be dreaming. 
 He shook his head at me. 
"What? Do you know what I'm thinking?" 
 He nodded. 
This was freaking me out. He smiled that heart-stopping smile of his. There was no doubt that he was indeed hearing my thoughts. He stepped closer to me and I was pulled onto the ship with him. He was inches away from me and I couldn't move. I was still wearing the brown silk gown and the wind whipped it around my body. He reached out to me. I couldn't move my feet but I could use my hands, until he grabbed both of my wrists. He held them next tom my body and leaned down toward me. In that instant he changed into the pirate who had made me a vampire. He was even wearing the same tunic and pants from back then, with scabbard and scarf at his hip. What had happened?


Searing pain shot through my skull. I screamed. Justin stopped and hovered above me in fear. My cry had sounded feral. He knew something was wrong. I clasped my hands to my head, dug my nails into my skull. I was mute from the pain.
It was Anastase. He knew what I was doing and had kept his word. I had to get Justin out of here. But the pain was too intense to move. I felt Anastase as he drew near and knew he was furious with me for letting Justin touch me again.
I moaned, “Justin, please, get out of here.”
“No, what’s wrong? I’m calling your brother.”
He reached for my discarded phone when black smoke filled the room. Anastase formed at the foot of the bed and I couldn’t get Justin out in time.
I screamed, “No!”
Anastase simply laughed as he fully transformed into his modern self. Justin jumped when he saw a man standing there.
“What the hell?” That was all Justin could manage as the blonde man looked him over.
“Yes, what the hell, indeed,” Anastase said with a sinister smile on his face. The pain decreased enough for me to be able to talk.
“Anastase, please let him leave. He doesn’t know,” I pleaded with Anastase.
“He doesn’t know? You didn’t tell him what we are? Is he nothing more than a plaything? You were about to bed him again, after I expressly forbid you to do so,” Anastase said as he came toward me.
Justin got up to stand between Anastase and I but was knocked across the room by a simple flick of Anastase’s wrist. Justin was shocked but got up and walked slowly toward me. 

Whatcha Think? Is it yummy enough for you? Let me know.

)))Corset Hugs(((

Ginny Lynn
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