Monday, April 28, 2014

Too Many Ideas?

Too many ideas? Is there really such a thing?

I have a wicked muse, Vivien, who has been known to whisper little tidbits into my waiting ears at all times of the day. She's a little devil because most of the time I'm in the shower or driving. (Insert Grumble here). Even thought her timing could be better suited to my busy schedule, I'm glad to have her in my fictional life. Without her, I wouldn't be writing as a "second" career, or even be published for that matter.

Here's the point to today's topic: Is there such a thing as too many ideas?

Currently, I have finished 2 full size paranormal manuscripts (outside of the two that are already published)and have started two others. By "started" I mean that one has 3k words to it and the other has 25k to it. Neither of these are associated with the other, but I am working on my luscious series (that hasn't been sold yet, COUGH COUGH). The Ideas don't stop there. A friend, Sabrina Pandora (of the Giant Girl saga), turned me onto using Google Drive as I floated between my many lists of characters and plots. It saves as I go, has it's on track changes, carries share opportunities, and is FREE. No, I'm not selling this system to you as so many of my writer friends are happily using Scrivener or Google Docs. But Sabrina understood how wicked my muse was and she knew this would help as Vivien's bi-polar creativity threw me every curve that she could possibly manage.

I'd love to post a screen print of the ideas that I have boosted onto this gem of a writing tool but I'm too paranoid that someone will beat me to my delicious ideas. (Writers do that.) A fellow writer, Layna Pimentel, had on Facebook that she had way too many ideas to get them all out of her wonderful head (for the moment ;-)). I understand this phenomenon. I have....drum roll please.....60+ novel ideas in a file that's making my head swim with the vertigo type possibilities. 

If I have added this up correctly (insert hysterical laughter), I have approximately 4 series plotted out (some are already started or at least outlined) with each of these having anywhere between six and ten books a piece. Then I have the Andromeda spin off for Perseus plus a series spin off with Leilei (unsold series). The rest (about thirty) are stand alone books that are a variety of paranormal creatures. I've got mermaids, werewolves, reapers, witches, my lovely vampires, and so much more. 

In my warped guesstimation, that would be roughly a book a year (maybe two as I graduate college soon), and possibly forty (God willing) good years to write my ideas. That's enough to keep me busy but my poor muse would have a coronary. She's already threatened to file neglect charges (because of said college classes) so her health relies on me (grin). 

So, how do you handle all of your ideas, especially if you're as blessed as I am in that department? Do you think that you'll ever write the great ideas that you have stored away? How will you accomplish this and do you have a calculated system set for this kind of thing? I'd love to hear what you have.

)))Corset Hugs(((

Ginny Lynn
Wench Writer


Monday, April 21, 2014

Writing Tools - I Jot As To Not Forget

I'm in my early forties and not only have I been through pregnancy but a spinal injury that could possibly be blamed for some of my memory issues. As I'm a creative lady, I constantly get slammed with ideas from my muse, Vivien. She's a red headed step child that giggles naughty ideas in my ears at all times of the day and night. She HAS to be a young'n because no older person would have the energy to keep those actions up for any long period of time.

 I get ideas at the worst of times, for me. I'll be driving or rinsing conditioner out of my hair and BAM she strikes. I love the little surprises but can you imagine the difficulty of getting these yummy tidbits down before they're stricken away by normal life? For me, it's darn near impossible. I have a note pad at several points in my house, plus a board in the kitchen, but it's not enough.

I've gotten myself in many a case where I'm unable to write anything down, like in traffic. I got myself a handheld recorder for conferences and seminars but it's usually in the floorboard with my purse. I'm not about to explain to a cop that I was driving from my floorboard because a yummy scene filled my head with sexual tension and giggles. I could do it but it wouldn't be pretty.

So, I've added a voice activated note device on my phone that I can speak into as I'm at a red light. I've even added a collection of note pads and a capped pen for my dashboard, in case my phone is in that same purse in the leaf strewn floorboard. It's helped in the last week as I've gotten three manuscript ideas that are jotted down on those slips of paper. Yea me!

A cousin of mine said it was suggested that she use a dry erase board for those moments when you can't run around the house (wet & naked) trying to find a pen that won't bleed from your still dripping skin. But I think it'd make a great Rorschach design. Giggle. My shower is a bit small for that so I'd have to have one hidden behind the toilet that could be slipped out in between rinses. Sad, huh? Don't you wish you had these kinds of problems? And I can't use those soap crayons since my tiled walls are too dark to read from, so I need better ideas....or a better timed muse...Right...

Do you have wonderful ideas to share? I'd love to hear them.

)))Corset Hugs(((

Ginny Lynn

Wench Writer

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

BONUS BLOG, From Wendy Beck - Zookeeping vs. Writing? Not as different as you’d think.

So, I get asked a lot… “Did you always dream of writing?” Uh, no. “Oh,“ they say, as if that response has never actually occurred before and the conversation comes to a stuttering halt. I always dreamt of being an animal caretaker.

I know. I know. Lots of folks dream that, but then there’s that whole “here’s your bucket of Meeses Pieces. Be careful of the barn owl; he likes to land on your head” thing. Writing suddenly looks really good. Less snakes. So, I was just slower to come around to that way of thinking. Kind of the same speed as my survival instincts around large predators. I do so love a big kitty. Probably why I wrote about feline shapeshifters.

9th Life is my combination of multiple loves: animals, paranormal, and yogic tradition. What? Confusing? Let me explain. Nope, there’s too much; let me sum up. (Always Princess Bride with me. What can ya do?) The shapeshifters in my trilogy, The Naming of Legends, are known as the Ailuro, and they are capable of a lot more than simply dropping into fur. I practice kriya yoga and am fascinated with the study of energy around the tradition. Also quantum physics. Together the two conjure an impression: thought effects outcome. Like most authors, I asked the extreme question; what if a race of people were simply wired to slip into that profound meditative state where thought precedes form?   That’s how stories are born—what if…

So after three years of writing The Naming of Legends trilogy, I decided to release it into the wild, hoping that it would find its place. Those who’ve read it would tell you that the story is a lot like a cat; it pulls you in with a purr before sinking its teeth. Just what you’d expect from a zookeeper.

Wendy Beck, and 9th Life, can be found in some pretty wild places. These are safer:

Monday, April 14, 2014

Second Week Snippets - My Current WIP (Stand alone)

We enter this scene with a sheltered woman who fights to be her own person and not the make believe person that her father has turned her into. You see, her father has signed her marriage contract to a man she hasn't seen in ten years. She's taken a precarious ride out into the property as she thinks over the ways that she can legally get out of this contract, without loosing everything around her.
I was so wrapped up in my own misery that I didn’t hear him until it was too late.
“I told you that you shouldn’t be out here this close to dawn.”
I squeaked as I jumped up. Then I proceeded to fall backward into the cool dark water. Thank goodness we couldn’t drown because my mouth was open when my back hit the muddy bank.
Just when my skin registered the water, I was yanked upward. I was back on my feet as my hair was clinging to my face and throat. I could feel the man who held me, like a heavy presence on my tight nerves. I reached over his arm to swipe the hair from my eyes. I never should have done that. I would’ve been better off not seeing those possessive eyes.
My breath held, tight in my chest, as the memory slammed into me with force.
“No, not you.”
“Yes, me.”
No. Not him. My mind fractured as I fought to grasp the situation. The man who still held my arms was the same man that I had just been running away from. His hold on my future was as steely as the grip he had on me now. This broad and surprisingly gorgeous vampire was to be my husband.
“You thought it’d be that easy to hide?”
“What are you doing here?” I stammered.
Then I realized that I could still feel his skin on mine. I shuffled backward, out of his hands.
“You know the answer to that, Calinda Paki. You are to join the Osiris clan, by the full moon.”
And later..........
“Calinda, please kiss me.”
With those words I was lost. I complied.
I placed both of my hands around his face, embracing his strong jaw line as I set about tasting him. I had little idea of how to do this properly but something in me needed this. I had to see if there was anything to us other than our families. If there was no real spark then I had to make this a true arrangement. It was the only thing that made sense. Then I blocked my thoughts and focused on him. What would feel wonderful if done to me? How do I see if I’m adept at all in the bedroom? This was virgin territory to me, in all realms of the imagination.
I ran my tongue over his lips, like he had mine. His breath hitched, just a notch. I nipped at his bottom lip and his eyelashes fluttered against my high cheekbones. I pulled at his face until my tongue could spear into his mouth to touch his. Then I was being pulled downward, further under him. My head was no longer at a bad angle and his weight was surprisingly pleasing on the length of me.
It was shocking but maybe not, as married couples did more than just touch. Hold. Kiss. My wet tongue darted naively with his. My middle tightened under him, in nervous anticipation. The kiss deepened and our breathing changed. I nipped at his full bottom lip and got a groan in response. A butterfly took flight in my stomach. I boldly did it again, harder, before I dove into a kiss so searing that I thought I would surely melt. I felt an unfamiliar need. This was nothing I had ever felt before. I wanted more of this feeling. Bathing in it would be downright irresistible.
Well, what do you think about these little morsels?

)))Corset Hugs(((
Ginny Lynn

Wench Writer

Monday, April 7, 2014

College Fried - My Phrase of the Year

Some of you know that I'm a (older) college student. I had such a bad experience in high school that I didn't see myself paying money that I didn't have to go through more of the same torture. My family didn't have the money to send me and my grades weren't good enough to get the scholarships that were available. I went to one of the worst schools for my county and that may explain why I was ready to run from further education.
The force was against me.

I've been taking online courses since the summer of 2011 and I'm supposed to graduate this year. I'm afraid to even say the actual date as it worries me all that has to be accomplished to get to that final day. My teacher wants me to take more steps and push to be a PA (Physicians Asst). As I've seen some of the troubles of the nurses around me, I'm not thinking that I have what it would take to travel that path. But I actually have enough core classes to get three other certificates yet I'm just too burnt out to wrap my head around trying for more than what I'm finishing.
That leads me to understand that I'm not only College Fried but I've set a specific limit for my immediate future. Those lines in the sand are beneficial, if properly thought out, as they keep you from over extending yourself to dangerous levels. They can be detrimental if you set your goals too low for what you can achieve so I've thought this through the past year. "Never underestimate the strength of your own soul." ME
I've been working a full time job, writing in my free time in between semesters, attending GRW (Georgia Romance Writers) meetings, planning a few things for the annual GRW Moonlight and Magnolia Conference, and all these courses/labs at night school. I've been in night classes for the last few semesters and I'm going to bed dreaming about the procedures that I need to be able to handle safely.

Currently, I'm also working 10 hours a week at my clinicals. This is where I use my skills in a hands on setting, as I learn from others in the field. I'm not getting paid for any clinical time as it goes to credit hours in my degree. In Jun and July, I do the harder set of clinicals that are more in depth and further outside of my comfort zone. They have me wondering if I can do what I've set myself up for. But, I'm reminded by loved ones that I Can Do This, or I wouldn't have gotten this for.

I love my people.
I'm hoping that by this summer, I will be on my way to a more fulfilling career in medicine that will fit in nicely with the author in my soul. It seems that my whole life has been meant to help others. It can be in the form of Dr's, in an office setting or it could be in the words of my characters as they take you on a trip away from reality. Either way, I'm making someone feel better. That sounds wonderful to me.

)))Corset Hugs(((

Ginny Lynn

Wench Writer