Monday, April 21, 2014

Writing Tools - I Jot As To Not Forget

I'm in my early forties and not only have I been through pregnancy but a spinal injury that could possibly be blamed for some of my memory issues. As I'm a creative lady, I constantly get slammed with ideas from my muse, Vivien. She's a red headed step child that giggles naughty ideas in my ears at all times of the day and night. She HAS to be a young'n because no older person would have the energy to keep those actions up for any long period of time.

 I get ideas at the worst of times, for me. I'll be driving or rinsing conditioner out of my hair and BAM she strikes. I love the little surprises but can you imagine the difficulty of getting these yummy tidbits down before they're stricken away by normal life? For me, it's darn near impossible. I have a note pad at several points in my house, plus a board in the kitchen, but it's not enough.

I've gotten myself in many a case where I'm unable to write anything down, like in traffic. I got myself a handheld recorder for conferences and seminars but it's usually in the floorboard with my purse. I'm not about to explain to a cop that I was driving from my floorboard because a yummy scene filled my head with sexual tension and giggles. I could do it but it wouldn't be pretty.

So, I've added a voice activated note device on my phone that I can speak into as I'm at a red light. I've even added a collection of note pads and a capped pen for my dashboard, in case my phone is in that same purse in the leaf strewn floorboard. It's helped in the last week as I've gotten three manuscript ideas that are jotted down on those slips of paper. Yea me!

A cousin of mine said it was suggested that she use a dry erase board for those moments when you can't run around the house (wet & naked) trying to find a pen that won't bleed from your still dripping skin. But I think it'd make a great Rorschach design. Giggle. My shower is a bit small for that so I'd have to have one hidden behind the toilet that could be slipped out in between rinses. Sad, huh? Don't you wish you had these kinds of problems? And I can't use those soap crayons since my tiled walls are too dark to read from, so I need better ideas....or a better timed muse...Right...

Do you have wonderful ideas to share? I'd love to hear them.

)))Corset Hugs(((

Ginny Lynn

Wench Writer

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