Monday, April 28, 2014

Too Many Ideas?

Too many ideas? Is there really such a thing?

I have a wicked muse, Vivien, who has been known to whisper little tidbits into my waiting ears at all times of the day. She's a little devil because most of the time I'm in the shower or driving. (Insert Grumble here). Even thought her timing could be better suited to my busy schedule, I'm glad to have her in my fictional life. Without her, I wouldn't be writing as a "second" career, or even be published for that matter.

Here's the point to today's topic: Is there such a thing as too many ideas?

Currently, I have finished 2 full size paranormal manuscripts (outside of the two that are already published)and have started two others. By "started" I mean that one has 3k words to it and the other has 25k to it. Neither of these are associated with the other, but I am working on my luscious series (that hasn't been sold yet, COUGH COUGH). The Ideas don't stop there. A friend, Sabrina Pandora (of the Giant Girl saga), turned me onto using Google Drive as I floated between my many lists of characters and plots. It saves as I go, has it's on track changes, carries share opportunities, and is FREE. No, I'm not selling this system to you as so many of my writer friends are happily using Scrivener or Google Docs. But Sabrina understood how wicked my muse was and she knew this would help as Vivien's bi-polar creativity threw me every curve that she could possibly manage.

I'd love to post a screen print of the ideas that I have boosted onto this gem of a writing tool but I'm too paranoid that someone will beat me to my delicious ideas. (Writers do that.) A fellow writer, Layna Pimentel, had on Facebook that she had way too many ideas to get them all out of her wonderful head (for the moment ;-)). I understand this phenomenon. I have....drum roll please.....60+ novel ideas in a file that's making my head swim with the vertigo type possibilities. 

If I have added this up correctly (insert hysterical laughter), I have approximately 4 series plotted out (some are already started or at least outlined) with each of these having anywhere between six and ten books a piece. Then I have the Andromeda spin off for Perseus plus a series spin off with Leilei (unsold series). The rest (about thirty) are stand alone books that are a variety of paranormal creatures. I've got mermaids, werewolves, reapers, witches, my lovely vampires, and so much more. 

In my warped guesstimation, that would be roughly a book a year (maybe two as I graduate college soon), and possibly forty (God willing) good years to write my ideas. That's enough to keep me busy but my poor muse would have a coronary. She's already threatened to file neglect charges (because of said college classes) so her health relies on me (grin). 

So, how do you handle all of your ideas, especially if you're as blessed as I am in that department? Do you think that you'll ever write the great ideas that you have stored away? How will you accomplish this and do you have a calculated system set for this kind of thing? I'd love to hear what you have.

)))Corset Hugs(((

Ginny Lynn
Wench Writer


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