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Second Week Snippet - Andromeda (my debut novel)

I'm going to share some tidbits form my debut novel, Andromeda. For those of you who haven't read it, I'm shocked, it's a  Secret Cravings Publishing best selling paranormal romantic suspense. Say that seven times really fast. (tongue tied)

Back Cover Blurb:
Andromeda is a 400 year old vampire with psychic abilities who is being stalked by a ghostly presence that wants to possess her body and own her soul. Things get heated as she meets the man destined to be her mate but a vision shows her that he’s meant to die because of what she is. Does she embrace what the Fates have shown in the mere touch of this stranger’s hand or does she run away in order to save the soul of this kissable man? Passion is too much to ignore for an immortal who has never felt its powerful pull. They throw caution to the wind and become lovers, enraging the stalker to use his inhuman powers to take what he believes should belong to him alone. They both fight for the power in her touch but only one man can have her body.


I stood tall as he came closer to me, stopping in front of the dagger and letting it push slowly through the fabric of his tunic. His intense black eyes held my frightened ones, daring me to act. But even as I tried to dig the dagger into his chest with more force, it would not pierce his skin. Something, some unknown force, held me in position. I could think of tearing the sharp edge through his rib, but my body would not obey me. What magic was this? “You have power and courage, my young beauty.” He inhaled deeply, seeming to taste the air around me. “Yes, much power, a very rare find. I could use someone like you in my voyages.”
“I am not inclined to accept such an offer. Please take what silver and coin we have and leave us in peace.”
He simply laughed at my plea and it rolled across my skin in a shudder. “Silly child. I am a man who takes what he wants, which includes ye. Ye think that ye can just send me on my way? I find ye more and more intriguing with each passing moment. Courage and fire smolders beneath that skin. I must have ye now. And with me, the world will be open to ye. Ye can use your power to see me to the future while your body warms my bed at night.”

I'm going to focus a bit on the relationship between the evil Captain and the powerful Andromeda. I'll show you a few scenes that share what they feel from their unfortunate bond with each other. If it had been simple lust then she could have easily dispatched the blonde man of her past.

Later in the story:

“What madness have you driven me to, Anastase?”
His free hand was at my shoulder and he no longer needed to hold me prisoner against his body.
“Damien,” he corrected me again.
I shook my head. I wouldn’t give him more power over me and using his name would do just that. It was a small victory but I would take it.
“My dear, I have used old magic to bind us and we’re together in almost every way. I can feel your needs, hear your thoughts and see what you do. You belong to me.” He whispered the last few words against my collarbone.

Later still:

The night was balmy but with a delicate breeze, so I went onto the balcony for a moment before heading back to the bathroom for my necklace. Taking one final inhale, I smelled something intoxicating. Too intoxicating. I smelled the air once more and pinpointed it as it came toward the house. My mouth watered and I had to grip the banister to stop myself from jumping down to devour whatever came my way. Then I saw it, or rather him, with his glowing eyes. Anastase. He stood under the tree in front of my house. He wore a black leather jacket over his bare chest and dark wash jeans tucked into black leather boots.
It was as if I hadn’t fed in days. He must have done something for me to crave his blood this badly. Who cared if it was the one poisonous snake that would most certainly bite me? He smelled like lust, power, darkness, and strength, all at once. He bowed to me as he caught my gaze. I wondered what the snake would do next, and seeming to hear my thoughts, the very next moment he stood on the other side of the balcony. I stepped back until my back rested against the iron railing and held onto the sides as I waited for him to strike. Putting a hand to my neck, I then realized I was so exhausted I’d forgotten to put the vial back around my throat when I finished the shower.
I had no wish to fight him and didn’t have the strength, even if I desperately wanted to. He stepped within one foot of my leaning body and smiled. I wondered if Perseus would know Anastase was here; if he would burst out here at any moment. Anastase slowly shook his head at my unasked questions. He closed his eyes and showed me a mental image of Perseus at work, with papers all around him. Perseus would not be coming home tonight.
Anastase inhaled deeply and smelled my hunger for his blood and silently laughed as he reached inside his jacket. I leaned further over the railing, knowing I could jump if I had to. But before I could, he used a razor sharp nail to cut an X into the thin skin over his breastbone. I smelled that dark liquid and my knees buckled as it dripped down the smooth surface of his chest. It overwhelmed me.

Wanna see how it turns out? I know that I would. You can purchase it on : Amazon, Nook, or even the Secret Cravings website. Check it out.

)))Corset Hugs(((

Ginny Lynn
Wench Writer

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