Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Stalking Characters

Just yesterday (when I was a day off posting this blog), I saw on Facebook that Jill Shalvis had posted this and I instantly knew that it had to be on my page.

Some of the authors (that I've been graced to meet) know that I stalk them from afar (like waaayyyyy over here). It's people like Sherrilyn Kenyon, Kelli Kamryn, Laurell K Hamilton, Tanya Michaels, Jeaniene Frost and Lynn Rae Harris (etc etc etc). They should know that I do this, cuz I'm personable enough to tell them. I don't creep and that's why I'm allowed to Fangirl on them. I admire their gifts and would love to grow into the type of talent that they share with the world. 

Here's where the topic comes in. Stalking Fictional Characters.
If you had the power to stalk any of your favorite characters, then who would it be and why?

First off:
Anita Blake and Jean Claude

Anita is a total Kiss Butt lady with a soft spot for stuffed penguins and Jean Claude is a suave manipulator with a lust for power (and Anita). I read these books over and over but keep falling more in love with them. I aspire to make a couple this drawn to each other. 

Hello Ivy Tamwood :-)
I know that she's not the main character but I'd love to see some Ivy books. She's yummy, dark, and mysterious. Ivy is an integral part of balancing out the fire that is Rachel Morgan. 

Crispin AKA Bones
Okay, I typically am not into blondes. BUT, this one I'd take on a secluded vacation, for two. He's secure, sexy, and bad to the bone. Um, he lays people out. Oh, uh, fangtastic? Giggle. I'll stop there.

Drake Vireo
This wyvern is hotter than Hades on a southern summer night. Even though he's cocky as all get out, he could slay me anytime. I totally understand why he annoys the panties off of Aisling Grey. And boy, howdy.
I may not have gone in depth with each of these but my mind is too worn out to think that intensely about them before I go to bed. Wait.....um.....I'll see you guys later. But first, who would you stalk and why?

)))Corset Hugs(((
Ginny Lynn
Wench Writer

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