Monday, May 19, 2014

My plight over doing Short stories

I've been pondering something this week. I have a couple of ideas that would be good for several short stories but I'm wondering how to pull the trigger on this.
What I have is short plots that are half way fleshed out and wouldn't make it in a normal size novel without adding fluff to them, which people dislike.
So, I'm thinking of getting all of these ideas together and writing them in short spurts when I'm in summer semester of school. This could work as I have limited amount of time to write and won't have to follow an outline when running from place to place while jotting dialogue down.
But what will I do with these?
I've heard that others have done this but I haven't heard how well it went over. And of course, everyone has their own spin on things. Then you have to consider the cost if I self pub them because that means copyrights, cover art, and were to put it for sale. Would it be worth the risk to put them out there as I'm a virgin to the self pub world? It's exciting but intimidating and I already have a series that I'm debating for self pub next year. (Bites lip)
I wanna write these, just because my muse said so, but if it's going to feel like a waste of time then I'm doing myself a disservice. The next two months will be me working two jobs as I handle my "internship" while also keeping my day job. Because of past homework, I didn't have the time to write anything other than random ideas or lines as I focused on passing my courses. But I miss writing, and I do mean for more than 400 words of a blog. 
If I can pull these ideas out of my cramped skull, then what do I do with them? 
One of these plans is seven ideas based from one thought and I think it would be a fun exercise to do these little glimpses into my characters lives. I could put them all together into one book and see if anyone is interested in it or I can try to use it as a marketing tool to get more readers. 
One thought was to write each of the individual stories and post them here at random times but would you want to read several screens of a short piece or would you rather have a snippet then download (or email me) for the rest? There are so many possibilities and I need advice on how to best present them.
I wanna know from my readers what they'd like out of my insanity because you are the ones who are supporting my muse's madness. 
What do you guys want? Would you rather have one book with several little scenes in them or a piece that you could read each week/month that was free but teasing?

)))Corset Hugs(((

Ginny Lynn
Wench Writer

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