Monday, July 28, 2014

How Did I Do That?

My college fun ends this week, (mwahahaha) and I have a sweet romance releasing next month. And here I am, blogging instead of doing some of the other stuff that I need to do. Why? Because I put out a blog and want you guys to rely on me. This doesn't mean just for a quick laugh but that I'm a wench of my word. No, I don't always want to stop studying to type 300 words for a few folks to read but I want you to know my commitment to my followers. Sure, a few of you talk to me about my blogs but the lack of response hasn't stopped me from putting my vulnerable self out there for you guys.
 Lately, I've been asked "How Do You Do All Of That?" and I've even had a fellow writer ask me to teach others on how I manage my time. Seriously? The only thing I've managed is stress induced hypertension. Honestly? I've managed more than I ever thought that I could and I'm shocked at how far this journey has taken me so far. Yes, I have faith in myself but I also know that I'm no spring chicken. I have bones that creak (not my corset ones, hehe) and I enjoy my time with my bed, but I have seen where my limits end. School pushed me and trying to be myself in the meantime showed me what kind of endurance that was needed to get where I needed to be. I'm not quite there (yet) but I'm seeing it with my own vision and not through a looking glass.
   Not everyone is religious, but I was born and raised Southern Baptist. I'm not going to get into my beliefs as that's a different topic that will end in my being more spiritual and why. The only reason I even mention this is that I as a person have no idea how I got through all that has transpired. Some of it has been awful but other moments have brought me to joyous tears. Several things can be said, such as Anyone can do anything if driven hard enough, or A Person Can Endure Many Things In A Short Amount Of Time. Seeing it from my hazel eyes, By the grace of God go I, is all I can think of. 
No schedules were set up. No white board was involved in my master plan to stress myself out to medicated lengths. There was no minion or bribery involved in getting things done behind the scenes. If there were, then I make more than I thought or my minion worked for peanuts. The secret was that there was no secret. I just did what I had to do, like anyone else (with oodles of stress time) would. Television was given up, so was leisure time sewing, and fixing up the house that I'm renting. Housework? HA! You see if you can do better and then we'll talk. 
What this has taught me is that I'm much stronger than I anticipated. But I also learned where I have to draw the line in my sandbox. I can't do it all, not quite. I've taken on more than I can chew with a few things but my peeps were kind enough to be patient with my blind spots. With school ending 7/31, I'll be able to recoup (under a desk somewhere) and use the new free time to get back to being more of myself. I need to feed my soul. I'm also getting to purchase a home, so time will be available for me to put my mark on it. I'll even have an office :-) Giggle! 
Whatever you take from all of this, just know that it's up to you to see what you are capable of doing. That teacher that told you to give up writing two years ago can fly a kite. Friends who think you will come home crying can just sit at the front step and wait for you as you sail by. Family who think you'll come running back with a sad tale will just have to make you a drink as you tell them of your success. It's not them doing it, it's all you. The Good Witch told Dorothy correctly, you had the power all along. Just click your heels, my friend. 

)))Corset Hugs(((
Ginny Lynn
Wench Writer

Monday, July 21, 2014

Spitting genres can be like spitting hairs

Those who know me understand that I write primarily paranormal romantic suspense. I like stories with sexual tension and dreamy characters that you wish were in flesh and blood. Paranormal is my sweet spot as I don't feel that I have as many rules as some of the other genres. Who knows? But, I'd like to try my fictional hand at writing romantic comedy, edgier mysteries that lead to a romantic tryst, and maybe something with a bit more of a vintage touch but I'd have to work hard to make them believable.
   As they aren't part of my normal writing voice, I'm going to take the chance of seeing if I can do one or more of these properly. I will keep my sexual tension and yummy innuendos but reformat myself to see what else I can do. Some might ask if I'll use a new pen name in these endeavors but I believe that I'll stay myself, as each of these fictional pieces comes from a part of me. I may even self publish some of these as I have thought to do with my unpublished paranormal series.  

I've already written two sweet romances that stop at lusty foreplay and one of these was non-paranormal. Now I'm releasing (in a couple of weeks) the other sweet romance but it's with my paranormal flare. This new one is Egyptian vampires, so I touched on my long ago travels into Egyptology. Previously, I used my tad of knowledge in Mythology for Andromeda, which will be used again when I write about her twin brother, Perseus.  
(My new baby, Releasing this Aug.)

I'd love to share some of my more recent plots with you but they need more flesh before they see the light of a new day. I have several things lined up and am chomping for the time to get to these tantalizing ideas (once my college terms are over). Some will have more heat and some will be a dip into my darker side, but they'll still be all me.:-) For those that are my faithful followers, you'll start seeing more teases and small glimpses into what my mind is forming into my next few novels. Because this wench isn't even close to giving up on her limits, I'll just find a different place to draw in the sand.

To Be Continues>>>>>

)))Corset Hugs(((
Ginny Lynn
Wench Writer

Monday, July 14, 2014

Second Week Snippets

My Teaser for this week will be a creepy set from my second novel, Just to be Left Alone, my first (non-paranormal) romantic suspense. 

Here's the blurb, for those who haven't read it yet:

Samantha Malone just wants to have a content relationship and a fulfilling career but what fate throws at her is deranged Jason Strickland, who thinks she belongs to him and no one else. Jason is the ex-boyfriend that wickedly dogs her every step and threatens her at every sinister turn, going to insane extremes to have her all to himself. When the tide turns and things fade to black, she meets handsome motorcycle driving samaritan, Conrad Forsythe who gladly comes to her rescue, more than once. Conrad is the passionate type of man that has her envisioning steamy nights and cherished days. She begins to crave these things and much more as her heart reaches for her green eyed white knight. Can she get safely away from the man who is desperate enough to kidnap her? She prays so because love must always rule the heart of this fair maiden.
Once finished, I walked out and was painfully grabbed by the hand. I started to yell and another hand smothered the cry before it left my lips. I was shoved against the wall near the bathroom exit.
“I told you I’d be back. But this time, I only want you to hear what I have to say. Don’t scream or try anything foolish and I’ll be finished in a minute. Understand?”
I nodded as much as I could under his smothering hand and swallowed hard.
“Okay, I love you. I know I’ve done some crazy things, like now, to get your attention. It seems I’ve driven you into the arms of someone else when I just wanted us to have the passionate relationship that I’ve been dreaming of. Maybe we can go slowly this time. Are you serious with that man? Conrad, right?”
I tried to shake my head.
“Good, that would make things very bad. I’m going to let you go now. I want you to go back to the girls and act as if everything is normal, because it is. Don’t get serious with that man. I’ll be watching you. Now be a good girl and head back to your table.”

He kissed my forehead and slowly let go of me. I pushed away from the wall and looked at him. He calmly took a step away from me, as if he wasn’t the same person who had been threatening me. I ducked around him and slowly walked away, just barely looking over my shoulder to see if he was following me. I saw him slide in with a group coming out of the restroom and I walked faster in the opposite direction. 
Soon after Conrad and Parker came in, Felicia apologized to me.
“It’s okay Felicia. Raven told me what was going on.”
Parker and Chastity sat across from me.
Chastity said, “I’m ticked that you didn’t want to tell anyone what had happened until you were gone. How were we supposed to grab him for threatening you if you didn’t tell us? You let him do this to you and he just walked away again.”
All I could do was whisper, “I didn’t want anything else to happen.”
I felt a weight next to me and was immediately wrapped in big arms. I inhaled and somehow knew it was Conrad. I thought about Jason knowing he was there. I jerked. He tightened his arms around me and said, “Calm down, just relax. I’m not going to hurt you.”
“I can’t. He told me to stay away from you. You didn’t see him or hear how he said it. He said it would be a bad thing if we got any more serious about one another and for me to keep away from you. If he saw you come here after me there’s no telling what he’ll do next.”
“Listen. Jason can go fly a kite or go to the next looney bin, whichever suits him best. If his intentions are to threaten, hurt, or frighten you again, I’ll do what I have to do. We’re going to come up with a plan to keep you protected. I told you that I have seen this kind of behavior before. I can’t stand by and let it happen to you,” Conrad said.
I nodded.
“First of all, we need to get a restraining order against Jason,” Raven suggested.
“That’s sure to piss him off and I don’t particularly care,” Chastity offered.

Whatcha think? Does Jason need his own padded cell or is he just another misunderstood man with a heart of gold? Giggle, as if :-)

)))Corset Hugs(((
Ginny Lynn
Wench Writer

Monday, July 7, 2014

Firsts - Admin Clinicals for college

My spring semester at college, I was working at an office for my administrative clinicals. This is where you work for a separate for credit as on the job training. This is (of course) an unpaid job but gets you the credit hours that you need to pass onto the next semester.
I was placed at an immediate care facility (that will remain nameless as I'm not sure of the rules) and it was a nice experience. I got to work with kind people who had a passion for helping others through illness and injuries. As most of my classmates where at family practices, my experience was slightly different than theirs. They were able to speak to clients that had the everyday things where mine were from a more severe level. This was where we had to triage them so we could see if they really needed to be at the emergency room for their specific situation.
I was able to see several different physician assistants and a wonderful array of assistants/nurses/techs that helped them get through the sometimes 14 hour days. The office was staffed by ladies that were great with sharing their knowledge and didn't get annoyed with my questions for my future career.
They were even in the middle of a computer switch as the new guidelines fall into place for the world of healthcare. They trusted me enough to walk me through the changes and were patient with me. I'm kinda old for this "learning new tricks" thing but I try. Giggle.
I was impressed with this office enough that I actually requested being there for the back office clinicals but as of right now (5/27), I don't know if they is even to be considered. See, that's why I'm writing this post in advance. I'm going to be working two jobs (my 4 days a wk day job plus my 2-4 day a wk clinicals) as I still attend some classes at the college campus, until I'm done 7/31/14. And if you've paid attention, you'll know that for the first week of that, I'll be finishing up my last week at the Renaissance Festival when school starts back up. Yes, I'm insane.
No matter what, as long as I pass :-), this will all be one big freaking positive in my life. These clinicals have shown me that I might be able to do back office work as well as I do front office work. I hope :-). It has also proven to me that I can still feed my muse and look at possible other future career moves as I keep my mind (and options) open to the future.
So lovelies, bear (grrr) with me as I break out of this butterfly cocoon.

)))Corset Hugs(((

Ginny Lynn
Wench Writer