Monday, July 7, 2014

Firsts - Admin Clinicals for college

My spring semester at college, I was working at an office for my administrative clinicals. This is where you work for a separate for credit as on the job training. This is (of course) an unpaid job but gets you the credit hours that you need to pass onto the next semester.
I was placed at an immediate care facility (that will remain nameless as I'm not sure of the rules) and it was a nice experience. I got to work with kind people who had a passion for helping others through illness and injuries. As most of my classmates where at family practices, my experience was slightly different than theirs. They were able to speak to clients that had the everyday things where mine were from a more severe level. This was where we had to triage them so we could see if they really needed to be at the emergency room for their specific situation.
I was able to see several different physician assistants and a wonderful array of assistants/nurses/techs that helped them get through the sometimes 14 hour days. The office was staffed by ladies that were great with sharing their knowledge and didn't get annoyed with my questions for my future career.
They were even in the middle of a computer switch as the new guidelines fall into place for the world of healthcare. They trusted me enough to walk me through the changes and were patient with me. I'm kinda old for this "learning new tricks" thing but I try. Giggle.
I was impressed with this office enough that I actually requested being there for the back office clinicals but as of right now (5/27), I don't know if they is even to be considered. See, that's why I'm writing this post in advance. I'm going to be working two jobs (my 4 days a wk day job plus my 2-4 day a wk clinicals) as I still attend some classes at the college campus, until I'm done 7/31/14. And if you've paid attention, you'll know that for the first week of that, I'll be finishing up my last week at the Renaissance Festival when school starts back up. Yes, I'm insane.
No matter what, as long as I pass :-), this will all be one big freaking positive in my life. These clinicals have shown me that I might be able to do back office work as well as I do front office work. I hope :-). It has also proven to me that I can still feed my muse and look at possible other future career moves as I keep my mind (and options) open to the future.
So lovelies, bear (grrr) with me as I break out of this butterfly cocoon.

)))Corset Hugs(((

Ginny Lynn
Wench Writer

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