Monday, June 30, 2014

How Low Can You Go - Part 1????

On today's episode (giggle) I'm making fun of my Budget Tightened Booty.

Coming from a large family that had little income, I was taught how to stretch a dollar to the maximize limit. I was married at 19, so I had to fight for every dime that I could get my grubby hands on. My dad is to blame for the worst of it as his voice chirps around in  my head if I indulge in anything of monetary value.
It's terrible how bad I can be.

My hubby has a prepared statement for when we go shopping. He loves that I'm budget conscious but not to the point of my guilt trips over buying my favorite brand of underwear. Yes, it's true. He enjoys the fact that I am too money savvy to charge up the limit on my credit card, as many have done that to the point of financial ruin. The fact that I shop at thrift stores and clearance racks is a blessing to our meager paychecks, especially as that amount decreased with my externship hours.

Just the other day, I actually indulged in some new makeup (as mine was almost dust) but I snickered at the coupon that I zipped out at the register :-) I'm out of control, almost, with my need to get things for as cheap a price as I can swindle. If I were to go into a store and pay full price for an ensemble in a window, then you better have someone perform CPR on my guy. CLEAR!!!!!!

If you want to hear about my list of Guilty Pleasures (Yes, a nod to my writing heroine Laurell K. Hamilton), then feel free to ask cuz there is plenty to go around. I could make this a monthly item, if you need someone to laugh at. OR you could tell me if you're in the realm of Lincoln Torture as you try to squeeze a penny from a dime. SMH. I may never change and maybe I shouldn't ;-).

)))Corset Hugs(((
Ginny Lynn
Wench Writer


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