Monday, June 9, 2014

Second Week Snippets - From Just to be Left Alone - Chap One Tease

Today, I'm going to share some snippets from the novel that I wrote when I was 17. As it was my first, it's a bit different than my debut novel, Andromeda. 
Chapter One

At the restaurant, Jason had a difficult time finding a good parking spot, loudly cursing when someone on a motorcycle pulled into a spot Jason had his eye on. It took him a minute to compose himself, but he forced a smile at me as he found another spot before he roughly helped me out of his S.U.V. He kept his arm tight around my waist as we walked in and got our table.
“You look nice, but didn’t I mention for you to wear the blue dress for me tonight?” He pouted.
“I thought you were joking, besides, it’s dirty,” I replied, baffled.
“I just had a picture of you in the blue dress in my mind all week, so I guess I got a little worked up. I’m sorry to be a grouch. My week’s been so bad that I could just shake someone until their bones rattled.” His hands fisted and teeth clenched to the point of grinding.
Once we were seated, the waiter walked up to take our orders. Jason got snippy when the waiter repeated my request.
“Excuse me, can you stop flirting with my woman long enough to take my order?”
The waiter apologized and quickly finished.
“Jason, there was nothing going on. He was just making eye contact as he memorized my order. You’ve been acting strangely for a couple of weeks now and it seems to be getting worse. What’s going on with you?”
“Nothing’s the matter with me and I didn’t appreciate how he was leering at you. You’re mine and he was being disrespectful.” He snapped his napkin open before dropping it in his lap.
“He was taking my order, not my phone number.”
I kept my voice low as the hostess sat a tall motorcyclist behind Jason. I hoped they hadn’t heard us. I looked back at Jason, who had a strange look in his eyes before reaching across to take my hands.
“I’m sorry for being such an ass. You’re right. I’ll give him a huge tip to make up for my behavior, okay?”
“Okay, but please try to lighten up.”
Halfway through the meal, Jason was on his third drink and I could feel his mood shifting again. He slipped his hand under the table and across my leg. I wasn’t expecting it, dropping my fork with a loud clank. He smiled deviously at me then let his hand push my skirt up as he attempted to slide his hand under it. I gasped and slapped my hand over his before he could get any further.
“What’s wrong? Why did you stop me?”
“I’m trying to eat. You surprised me.”
I kept my hand on his.
“Well, maybe it’s time we took things a little further since we’ve been steadily dating for several months. I thought things were working in that direction. Am I wrong?”
He was squeezing my leg above my knee. I pushed at his hand as hard as I could, except it didn’t budge.
“Jason, please let go of my leg and calm down. You’re going way too fast for me. Maybe it’s the drinks you’ve had or the bad week, but something’s going on. Let’s just finish dinner and get out of here, okay?” I pleaded softly.

He slowly let go of my leg. I could feel marks left by his hand. I knew I’d have a bruise by the end of the night.
What do you think of this opening?

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