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Lying Through Her Fangs - Scene Eighteen

Lying Through Her Fangs
Scene Eighteen
Hael P.O.V.
First, a prick gets an invitation to crash my date and then I get reminded that I wasn’t among the living. At least, not on all counts.
“Red dressing,” was thought out loud as I went over what had happened so far.
She bobbed her head with her fork around coated in that very thing and I stared at her silverware.
“Do we need to go?” she asked from her unnaturally still posture.
No breathe escaped. There was no swallowing in that frozen moment. The absence of humanity struck like I was already a victim. Did I run? She had admitted what she was from the get go and I had not hesitated like this then so why should I now? I wasn’t the only human here. My choices were to either excuse myself with a plan for her to get home or stay and see if I was one of the courses that was planned for the evening. Was there another option?
“How do you see this playing out, Xylia?”
Calmly having laid salad fork on the china, “I may have taken away some of your options but I can tell you right now that you have every right to leave if that is what you choose to do. There will be no fall out and we never have to see each other again.”

My gaze speared into hers and I saw it, a flicker of fear. She didn’t want me to leave her here.
“I’m free to go at any time?”
“Yes. You have my word.”
“The word of a beautiful stranger,” I reminded her.
“True. It’s your move.”
Hands in her lap, shoulders stiff with the dejection she sensed was to come. Then she jumped.
“Why the serious faces?”
Neither of us had noticed the arrival of Christianna. Xylia’s eyes still held mine, waiting.
“Everything is fine.” I stated flatly and a slip of life released the visible tension in her graceful shoulders.
A waiter appeared just as Brian pushed Christianna up to the table. She stated what salads they would like and Brian seemed at ease with the control she had taken. I flicked my gaze over him to see if he was a human or a vampire and unless he was faking it, he was like me. Could they act like us and be convincing? I bet it was possible.
 I assumed the salad was good but I hadn’t tasted a bit of what I had chewed up. There was no way I was turning tail when nothing had happened for me to act like a coward. This was manageable.
When the second course was brought out, I worried for a few seconds of being fed raw T-bones on delicate plates but was actually pleased to see steak tartar and glazed duck for our selections. Nothing was asked of us as our same waiter passed around the correct meat for each person.
Christianna murmured over her steak but I wasn’t about to watch the women eat anything that was bleeding. Yup, there were levels to my sanity. If we’d actually been a real couple then maybe I’d be able to see it differently but not this soon. To hell with it. I was going to use the escape offered if things went sideways.

After that course was cleared away, cheesecake with a red sauce and chocolate truffles were passed out. I refused to ask if it was raspberry because I didn’t want to hear the truth. One piece at a time.
It was wonderful tasting the richness of the truffle after the last gulp of wine took the chalky taste of the orange glazed duck away. Whiskey would have been more bracing in my coffee then the thick cream we had been given. I’d nodded along with the conversation but I hadn’t had anything to offer since it was primarily about their work. Somehow I’d picked up that both women had upper level positions in the company.
“Excuse us,” Xylia said as she laid her napkin on her chair before following Christianna out.
“You’re new to the scene. I can tell,” Brian said after the ladies were clear of us.
“So you want me to know that you’re familiar with this particular crowd?”
Brian chuckled, “Absolutely.”
“Hmm,” was my response.
He drank his coffee like it was high tea at an English castle but I swallowed the last of mine while my mood sunk lower.
“Being a caveman isn’t going to gain you any favors with this assortment of people.”
I knew he was trying to goad me but I wasn’t about to take the bait so quickly.
“These individuals are either animals or upper crust and you don’t fall into either of those categories. Did you hit on her so you’d get a wild ride and then have stories to tell when you’re drunk and alone?”
Acting bored, I made myself glance around the room that was probably half full of blood sipping beings that were capable of just about anything. That included my date. Was she in the restroom getting meat out of her teeth before repairing her lipstick? I shifted in my seat to hide the shudder that rode up my back.
“More coffee, sir?”
“No but I think that I’ll get myself a drink before the bar closes.” I smiled at the man who cleared the table and I left without a word to my unfortunate companion.
This time I got the two fingers of scotch since he already had a bottle ready. Half of that had disappeared when Brian came up behind me to request a glass of red wine. Anything red was not being ordered by me tonight. No telling what was in it.
I kept my back to him as I turned to look over the people that had moved around from their tables to join in on small talk with each other. 

“Liquid courage? Do you need that to be with a dame like her?”
I was too close to telling him where to stick his comments when Xylia and Christianna waltzed by our corner as they headed to our table. Most male eyes ate up the picture they made together and I zeroed in on the legs that peeked out from the slit in Xylia’s gown. I’d toss this whole experience aside if I could run my tongue over those curves.
“Yes, she’s stunning.”
“You can have your blonde but I prefer brunettes with smoky eyes,” I said after tossing back the remnants of my drink.
“Who said I was talking about Christianna?” The ass pushed by as he left me with his words and the urge to punch him in his smug face.

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Monday, November 21, 2016

Lying Through Her Fangs - Scene Seventeen

Lying Through Her Fangs

Xylia’s P.O.V.
A range of emotions filtered through me like water winding down a stream bed and the strongest one was utter confusion.
“I have a date so who were you expecting?” I stammered up at Christianna’s face.
“Me,” came a mellow voice from behind the group.
He was the perfect image of a Latin Lothario and the devilry in his eyes showed that this scene was not fazing him one bit. Looking around, he was the only one not affected by this turn of events.
Stepping around my best friend, he extended his hand to me. “I’m Brian, as you now know. And you would be the beautiful Xylia. It’s a pleasure meeting you.” He bowed over our joined hands and fanned his hot breath over my skin in the resemblance of a kiss.
Slowly, I pulled my hand from his and pasted a smile on my face. If he read my eyes then he would know it wasn’t an eager smile, but a polite one.
“I’d like to say that it’s a pleasure but it seems there was a lack of communication somewhere.” Then I captured the gaze of my uncertain best friend. “Did you listen to the voice mails that I’ve left you?”
“Yes but I thought that you were just trying to get me off course so I left things alone. I’m taking it that wasn’t the case?”
“I stated that I was keeping my plans and that is what I meant,” The smile kept the edge off my tone.
“No worries, as there are no other engagements for me this evening and Christianna didn’t bring a date, so I will just be her gentleman for the evening. No sense letting a wonderful evening go to waste when there is food and dancing to enjoy.”
Christianna looked at him then me. Twice. She had the nerve to shrug. “Sounds good to me. Brian, how are you at dancing?”
He answered her but still looked at me, “I’m well trained in the ways of body movement and excel at many of them.”
Christianna cleared her throat, “Let’s get a drink, Brian.” She nodded her head toward the bar and walked off in the expectation that he would follow her. Few men didn’t and tonight should be no exception as she looked like a siren of the sea in her variegated dress of blues and aquas. Her stilettos were nude crystal coated and added four more inches to her already five feet nine inches frame.
Nothing was uttered by Hael until Brian had indeed gone after my blonde friend. “That was not awkward in the least.” He stated with a double portion of sarcasm.
Turning to see him completely, I couldn’t help but laugh.
“At least you know this was not my doing and I am giving you bonus points for handling it so well.”
“Hmm, bonus points?” His features transformed into a slight leer and my laughter sounded more genuine.
“Bring it down a few decibels, Hael,” I replied.
“I better or you’ll take my points back away from me,” was given to me with a simple grin and a meager bit of tension left me. “Why don’t I get us another round of drinks?”
“Yes. Thank you.”
Then he headed off. I took a few moments to analyze my feelings in silence. I wasn’t sure how to take Hael’s flirting, especially after him seeing a good looking man had been preassigned to my dance card. Then Brian’s replies to me were even more to digest as it was just plain out of the ordinary. How do I get through the evening in this current predicament? Not with poise, it would seem as I was struck with a total loss of words on how to wave this whole thing away. Maybe another glass of wine and the distraction of dinner arriving would solve that problem for me. I hoped so.
“He had a different red but he said he preferred this one,” Hael wound his arm around my shoulders with the glass extended in front of my face.
“I appreciate it. I’m sorry for all of this.”
“You have nothing to apologize for since this wasn’t your doing. We’ll just agree to go with the flow and see what happens.”
Letting the sincerity of his words take hold, I raised my glass to his. “Here’s to chance encounters.”
“And the beauty of fate,” Hael added with a look in his eyes that made me want to shiver.
I inclined my head to him and tapped my glass with his. What else could I say?  If he’d been a man I had been dating for a while then this moment would flow with the ease of being on familiar ground.
We silently took in the mingling people and the few more who came in before the doors to the ballroom were closed by attendants. A second gong sounded and a stream of wait staff waded through the linen covered tables. The salad course was set at our place settings and the staff was gazing at the cards in front of each of us before leaving each item. I nodded at the one given to me with the red dressing and the gentleman looked at me then at Hael.
“The other, sir.”
“Yes, ma’am,” he acknowledged as a plate greens with a creamy white dressing was slid into place for Hael.
It was handled so well that only few would pick up on what had happened. As I’d never brought a human to a work event before, it had never stuck in my mind.
After that course was settled, I felt him slip closer to me.
“Do I ask why you picked out my salad for me?”
“Remember how I said there would be choices for dinner?”
He nodded at me.
“You got the human course,” I answered very quietly.
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Monday, November 14, 2016

Lying Through Her Fangs - Scene Sixteen

Lying Through Her Fangs
Hael’s P.O.V.
My nerves had been wound tight enough to choke on and I hadn’t known how to deal with that. This was a situation that had been set up like a business deal, but with a few benefits. None of my colleagues had been gorgeous females that had me thinking of hot nights and silken skin. She had looked like a Hollywood siren and I’d lost a few heartbeats as she’d stood in the dim lit doorway of her house.
I fought the urge to gaze at the expanse of legs crossed in the seat beside me and was instantly glad that I had brought out my old 1957 Corvette from the garage. A dame this smoking would have been a shame riding around in my four door truck.
“We need to get a story together before we get there,” she said into the quiet confines of the sports car.
“Yea, that’d make things easier. Am I still a landscaper or do I need to be something fancier?”
“Being you is fine, as long as you don’t spit escargot out at anyone?”
“I don’t plan on having snails in my mouth in the first place so that is not a problem,” I jested.
I smiled. “Now that that one is covered, we need to figure out how we met and a few random details to go along with it.”
“The mall won’t work?” I said half-heartedly.
“Sure, just not because I was looking for someone to be my fake boyfriend,” she added dryly.
“So we met on a random shopping trip to the mall and it was fate that we both reached for the same panties at the same time,” I added as my GPS yelled out another turn.
“Can you be serious?” She inquired with a smirk on her accountant face.
“I would have been a gentleman and said yours were much smaller than mine but we’ll leave that part out.”
When she didn’t say anything, I coughed and tried again.
“We met at the mall and we both have our same jobs. How long have we been dating and what info would we need to know about each other to match that time frame?”
“Does six months sound fair? That way the details will be kept to a minimum.”
“Would you bring someone to an event with your boss if you’d only been dating him for six months?”
“It’s feasible. That means you’d know just the basics, like when we had dinner at the diner. We’ll keep topics to current events and stick to each other so that our stories can be improvised together.”
“Good because we have arrived,” I stated before pulling into the line for the valet parking.
As soon as we were stopped, she grabbed up her clutch and scanned her face in her small compact before looking at the contents she had with it.
“You look beautiful,” I said with total honesty.
She flicked a glance at me before attendants came to our doors.
“So it begins,” was whispered before she straightened her spine and was helped out of the car.
If anyone should be nervous then it should be the new guy who knew nothing of this world instead of the smart woman who looked like the walking image of sex on heels.
We both came around the car and she nodded at a few people who were standing around the covered entrance to the building. Of course the only place to have such an event was at the highest priced hotel in downtown Atlanta.
“Miss Natouri, it’s a pleasure to see you this evening.” This came from a man dressed in head to toe white, including the tails of his tuxedo. That alone made me feel better about my choice in attire.
She nodded and walked past him to the glass double doors that were in front of us. Those were instantly opened by a door man who kept his gaze on the floor as we made our way through to the main ballroom.
There were a few more people acknowledging my date and none of them said even a hello to me as I tagged along. Maybe this would be easier than we thought. She was certainly more than the average accountant but people knew who she was on sight so that was something. If the evening was only a few hours of boredom then I could easily make it with a few drinks and the hope that I’d get to run my hands down those legs that kept peeking out at me.
“Would you like a drink?” She asked over her shoulder as we made our way to the open bar just inside the ballroom.
“You’re talking my language, doll.”
She laughed then waved me to the bartender.
“I’ll take a whiskey, neat. Xylia?”
“Red wine, please.”
The bartender nodded but kept his eyes on the bottles.
We thanked him and he waved away the tip I was slipping to him.
“The company covers the tips so you can put that away, Hael.”
Okay, embarrassment in less than five minutes of arriving. I shoved the money back in my pocket and handed her the thin wine glass before getting the single shot that should have been a triple.
“My bosses aren’t here yet so we have a few minutes before we all get seated. The bar will be open until two hours after dinner and they usually have dancing after dessert is brought out.”
“Sounds good,” I said between swallows of my top shelf whiskey.
We took in the crowd in silence as we finished out drinks then a gong sounded through the room like a wave and people began to make their way to the linen covered tables set in a half moon around the podium.
“Here’s our table,” Xylia stated as she set her clutch near a tent with her name in red script.
I heard her laugh as she looked at the name to her left.
“What’s so amusing?”
“Apparently, my best friend worked a little magic and got herself seated next to me instead of across the room.”
“Then that’s a good thing?”
“Yes. My bosses are formal and like us all seated with others in a way that forces us to mingle with people outside of our departments. They believe it broadens our environment and company politics.”
“Sounds awful,” I admitted when a waiter whisked our glasses away.
“That’s why she changed the seating so she must be around here somewhere.”
She eyed the crowd after I had her seated.
“I don’t have a card at my plate,” I observed.
She looked down at her lap then at me. “Well, I didn’t have a date at that time so I just had them add a seat to mine.”
“That works.” I scooted my chair forward.
“Hi, Xy. The dress is to die for.” Came a soft peel of laughter that was extremely feminine.
“Hello lovely,” Xy said as she hugged the blonde goddess that stood beside her.
“Um, Xy, who’s the guy? Did someone take Brian’s spot?”
“Who’s Brian?” Xylia asked the blonde.

“Your date, remember?”
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Monday, November 7, 2016

Lying Through Her Fangs - Scene Fifteen

Lying Through Her Fangs

Scene Fifteen
Xylia’s P.O.V.

The next night had me thinking of the melting sexual gaze of the man who had been mere feet from my naked form as I had tried on dresses that his friend had expertly picked out for me. They had been lavish and flattering but that last one had the man seeming like starved man at a sumptuous dinner. If lustful eyes could actually raise the temperature of a cold blooded mammal then his were the ones to burn into my very core.
I’d hugged Hael before leaving the mall and he had held me longer than was customary but my body had leaned into his as if craving part of the passion he had shown me behind his long lashes. His work honed physique made me feel momentarily feminine and frail but my vampiric senses were in full command as the blood pumped under the neck that was just above my up turned face. His woodsy scent held a hint of musk and it made my mouth water to taste him but he was not part of my meal plan.
We’d texted a few times since then but only a couple of  lines and a confirmation of the coming date. Apprehension weighed down my soul as I had spent a majority of the daylight hours in my bed wishing he was in it with me then to what a nightmare the date could be. It was random, sensual, and all part of my mixed emotions while the event drew closer. Not in twenty years had I been this drawn to a man who had the potential of being more than a mild dalliance in sex and blood. The last one had not been worth the effort but this one seemed different.
“You’ve been nursing your Bloody Mary for an hour. What gives?” Inquired Wanda who stood in my softly lit corner of the bar.
“A battle of the mind” I answered quietly.
“Need an unbiased opinion?” She inquired with a soft smile.
“I’m not ready to discuss it yet but you can grab a seat if you have the time.” I waved to the seat opposite mine.
“Being part owner gives me the right to tell everyone to kiss off for a couple of minutes.” She added as she joined me.
“As long as they all have a beverage in front of them, right?”
“How are things panning out for the gala? Got your helpers picked out?” I diverted the subject from my sad aura.
“It’s all sorted out and I’ve got the menu from the caterer, so we’ve gotten an approved list of drinks to make to compliment it all. Thanks for suggesting us to your boss.”
“Stop thanking me and just make some connections for yourself.”
“I plan to. Got your dress or is that why you look so long in the tooth today?”
            A smile crept on my face. “The dress is a true creation and all the accessories are ready to go.”
            “Then why do I sense dissatisfaction?”
“Your grandmother being a Seer only feeds your curiosity, Wanda,” I offered without offense in my tone.
“Indeed and the only people who would hear more drama than a bar maid is a hairdresser and a therapist. I can’t even trim my bangs in a straight line so this works for me.”
“I’m glad that you’ll be there,” I stated without realizing the truth of it until the words had been released into the air.
“You want me to drool over your new man as I serve shrimp balls to people on a constant fluid diet.”
“Right, you keep thinking that.”
“Your date have a tux?”
“He got sized for one before I got my dress,” my eyes strayed back down to the half empty glass in front of me.
“Shit, I see it now,” Wanda whispered.
My eyes shot to hers, “What?”
“It’s a human you’re dating isn’t it?”
Breathing an unnecessary sigh, I prayed that she wouldn’t figure anything else out. Like my lie to everyone.
I made a mental note not to touch her as it gave her gift a boost. My hands left the glass I was toying with and clasped in my lap under the scarred table.
“Yes, he’s human. His name is Hael and he owns his own landscaping company.”
“Tell me how gorgeous he is? Is he more Chris Evans or closer to Robert Downey Jr?”
“Neither, he’s a touch of Alexander Skarsgard with a large cup of Jason Lewis."
“What I wouldn’t give to spend about two hours with each of them in a room with a big brass bed?” She sighed.
“Romero knows a good Voodoo priest if you’re serious,” I wagged my eyebrows at her.
“Not a chance in the underworld. Now, how serious is the relationship? Does he know what you are?”
“He knows only the pieces I’ve thrown to him but we aren’t all hot and heavy.”
“Why the hell not?”
“It’s complicated,” I answered.
“No wonder. How did you meet?”
“At the mall. It’s so cliché that it hurts.” I grinned.
“I’m sure he’s fantastic if he got your attention. Was he a meal you decided to keep?”
“No but that would have been an interesting way to start things off. He’s more rugged than I’m used to but that is a bonus. You know how much I hate dating vamps so I tried something a bit off the beaten path.”
“I’d say. You’ve never dated a human before. At least, not that I’ve heard about.”
“He’s the first and this gala will either make or break our future relationship. It’s intimidating.”
“You could zap any man that you wanted and live the life that movie stars dream of but instead you go after a human that could be the hottest midnight snack of all time. You never go for the ordinary.”
“After years of pluming birds that only focus on their own needs, this might be just what I need.”
“What you need is a stress free affair with a man who would sex you six ways to Sunday and put a spark in your dull life as an immortal.”
“We’ve talked about this before. Being what I am doesn’t mean I can live without consequences in a world where a simply click of a phone camera can have me in jail or a looney bin.”
Wanda sighed, “I know but it sounds good on paper.”
I fought the urge to pat her hand.
“I’m lucky to have you and we can talk more about Hael after you see him in person tomorrow night.”
“If I was a witch then I’d have a spell waiting for you on the bar because you need a swallow of happiness in your empty existence.”
“I’m not alone. I have you.”
“Yeah, a girl who can listen to your worries and give you booze to soothe over the rough edges.”
“That’s a wonderful recipe for friendship, dear.”
“I’m serious about the spell though,” she said when someone called out for another beer.

I waved at her as she waltzed away. I had no doubt that she would in fact weave a bit of magic for me and I loved her even more for that.  Friends were more rare than lovers.

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Monday, October 31, 2016

Lying Through Her Fangs - Scene Fourteen

Lying Through Her Fangs

Hael’s P.O.V.

No words were said as she disrobed and put on her first selection. I pushed thoughts of her being naked just feet away from me and focused on not getting an obvious erection from my vivid imagination.
“Here’s number one,” she opened the door and took small steps to the gilded mirror behind my chair.
She was in an off white dress of thick lace that flared at her hips and feet but hugged her in every place in between. The expanse above her breasts was see through and her arms were bare. A glint of a thin gold belt encased her tiny looking waist.
“Lovely, but I’m seeing something a bit more grand for you,” stated Fran.
Xylia sternly looked over her figure in the glass but wasn’t impressed.
“I agree with you. It’s a beautiful dress but dancing would be at a minimum.”
“It’s a virgin Morticia dress and hugs you well,” I added.
Xylia laughed, “And that sums it up nicely.”
She swiveled back to the dressing room.
“I’ll need a zipper help on this one,” she said shortly afterwards.
Fran walked past me as she waited on the other side of the door. There was a pool at her feet of a dusty pale pink with blurs of black. Once she came from around the door, I could see they were flowers that trailed up and down from neck to floor. Strategically placed lace gave the illusion that she was barely covered but I knew better.
“An improvement,” was all Fran said.
Xylia turned in the mirror, showing that her back was exposed to below breast level. I could see myself licking up her spine.
“Very Rita Hayworth,” Fran interjected.
“It’s certainly a maybe,” Xylia added before going back to the other selections.
There was a heavy rustling sound and the door opened for Fran to zip her up again.
She drug the train and the lights danced off the steel gray sequins that covered her from padded shoulders to a deep cut front before it dropped to the carpet.
“An inch more and my navel would be visible through the gray mesh.”
“Nothing wrong with that,” I replied to Xylia with a grin.
“Too heavy,” Fran countered.
With a sigh, Xylia was back to the room again.
“Two left before we regroup,” Fran responded to the sigh.
Another moment and she could be heard before the door clicked open, “Is this too much like a romantic wedding dress?”
“It’s a combination of that and a negligee,” Fran added with a nod.
The front was soft and draped around her but then she turned and her back was bare to the waistline before the fabric curved over her butt.
“Wow,” was all I could say. Maybe I needed to be a back man instead of a leg man.
“One spilled glass of wine and I’d look like Carrie,” Xylia giggled.
Fran laughed back, waving her hand. “Why would you even joke like that?”
“So goes my life, and my luck has slipped into the darkness with it,” Xylia retorted as she took a minute to get the whole view of the glamorous dress.
“If you’ve run into Hael then your luck can’t be that bad, right?”
Fran winked at me and then met Xylia’s gaze in the mirror. Xylia looked at me then the floor. “One more.”
“The blue. I have a feeling it will be the one.”
Xylia shrugged and I half way hoped it would slip from her shoulders.
I ran that wish out of my mind and focused on my shoes.
“Um, yeah,” was all I heard from Xylia.
“Oh yes, the buttons,” Fran said before moving to the door that was slowly opening. “I believe I was on the mark with this choice.” Fran sounded satisfied.
Then Xylia walked around the wood door and my jaw hit the ground with a thump before I prayed my arousal wasn’t obvious. I clasped my hands in my lap and shifted, not leaving the chair. Then she walked toward the mirror and I could see her legs through the sheer navy blue fabric. I slid my gaze up to her hip before her body was covered in lace again. It was a freaking peep show of lean, curving muscle. Nope, I was a leg man. No doubts there.

Then I was shaken by Fran’s voice. “Yes, it’s the one.” I looked her way and she smiled at the heat in my eyes. Nodding, she went to where Xylia stood and she started talking nonsense about shoes. Good lord, I was going to die from that woman in that dress.
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Monday, October 24, 2016

Lying Through Her Fangs - Scene Thirteen

Lying Through Her Fangs
Scene Thirteen
Xylia’s P.O.V.
He extended his hand to me and I took it after a momentary pause.
“Let’s go.” With a tug on our connection, he pulled me after him as he traveled to the end of the mall and the other major department store housed there.
Winding through the various racks and displays, a curvy blonde smiled as she saw us approach. She was an enchanting combination of Swedish coloring and business savvy standing in small heels and a severe black pant suit.
After they quickly hugged, he introduced us.
“Fran, meet Xylia. Xylia, Fran is the best personal shopper that I’ve ever come across.”
“Hael, I’m the only one you’ve ever met so keep it down to a low roar.”
We shook hands and then she surveyed my form in a way that had me thinking she knew exactly what I would appraise for. It was strange and calculating, worse than any of the vampires that I had met in my many years.
“Size six or a very tailored eight, depending on designer. Shoes, possibly a seven. Am I right?”
My smile was genuine, “Seven and a half on the shoes but perfect on the rest. You’re good.”
She inclined her head slightly, “In my field, every detail counts. So, what brings you to us today?”
Hael answered her, “Xylia has a business event and needs a sexy dress. She couldn’t find anything suitable before running into me so I prayed you were around to solve the crisis for us.”
 “I can certainly do my best,” then she gazed back over me. “I have your sizes, shape, and coloring so now I need details about the function in order pick to pick something suitable for the occasion.”
Hael let go of my hand and my palm instantly felt the loss of his human heat. A vampire could get spoiled by such warmth after years of sleeping alone in the serpent cool shell of our skins.
“It’s in a historical hotel downtown, mostly indoors but with a small seating area outside. Dinner and dancing with a cocktail hour. The attendees will be upper brass and all supporters in our foundation. Think of it as a celebration and promotional engagement in one.”
“Then I know what to start you off with. Come with me.”
She waved us toward a single white door set in between the lingerie and the formal wear departments. She unlocked it before she waved us inside. It was like the inside of a small boutique and where she brought clients for a more individual session. There were two dressing rooms with shuttered doors and a large three way mirror in between. Walls of charcoal lavender and chairs of black velvet were the only other adornments as the clothes were to be the focus of the room.
“Have a seat. Would either of you like a drink? I have sodas, bottles water, and can make a small pot of coffee.”
“I’d like a bottled water. Xylia?”
“No, thank you. I finished my coffee right before being brought over here,” I smiled at Fran for her thoughtfulness.
“I’ll get that water for you, Hael. Xylia, are there any colors you absolutely hate or any attribute that you don’t want shown off?”
I had no idea why I looked at Hael but the amused grin on his face had me turning back to Fran.
“Bright orange makes me shudder and I’m fit enough to attempt any suggestions you have.”
“Fair enough. I’ll be back with some dresses in just a few minutes. If you need anything in the meantime, just hit the buzzer on the wall by the dressing room and I’ll be right back in.” She nodded and softly shut the white door behind herself.
“Wanna take bets on what she’ll bring back in?”
“What do you know about shopping for dresses?” I eyed him and fought my grin.
“I’m a red blooded male who looks at the covers of magazines.” He had a hand to his chest.
“And seen all the lingerie fashion shows at Christmas.” I added.
“Of course, I can’t let my Man Card go for missing that one.”
I snickered at his look of honest appeal. Sure, he was red blooded all right. Type B was my guess.
A knock came at the door and a petite red head teenager came in with two bottles of water. Hael reached out for them and the girl blushed to match her hair as he gave her a breathtaking smile when she passed them to him. It was adorable. She skittered from the room before she could utter much more than a giggly word of thanks.
“You sure you don’t want one?” He asked me.
“I’m fine, really.”
His long fingers twisted off the lid and he drank the cold fluid. I watched the way his throat worked and a pulse jumped at the side of his neck. His heartbeat became obvious in the still air around us and I closed my eyes.
“Are you okay?”
I popped them back open and focused on the bottle instead of the virile man.
“Fine, just saying a prayer that this works out.”
It was only a couple of minutes later that the door opened and Fran came in with layers of fabric over her bent arm.
“I’m sorry for the delay. There were a couple of dresses that I had to hunt down in your size after the shipment came in yesterday. They aren’t due to go on the floor until this weekend but I get to break the rules when it comes to my clients.”
She put them in the dressing area closest behind Hael’s chair and she stood by the doorway like a general awaiting his troops.
Going in, the door clicked as she shut it behind me.
“Any undergarments or shoes can be selected after the dresses are narrowed down. If you don’t like this round of gowns, then I’ll see what else can be collected for you.”
“I appreciate this, Fran.”
“Think nothing of it. I love putting perfect items together. Just call out when you’re about ready. I can even zip up anything that you can’t reach.”
Hael interrupted, “Why can’t I have that job? You two just met.”
“You’re just a sore loser,” I answered and grabbed the first hanger.

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Both mortal and maker fight for the power in her touch, but only one man can have her body.

Ginny Lynn
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