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Lying Through Her Fangs - Scene Sixteen

Lying Through Her Fangs
Hael’s P.O.V.
My nerves had been wound tight enough to choke on and I hadn’t known how to deal with that. This was a situation that had been set up like a business deal, but with a few benefits. None of my colleagues had been gorgeous females that had me thinking of hot nights and silken skin. She had looked like a Hollywood siren and I’d lost a few heartbeats as she’d stood in the dim lit doorway of her house.
I fought the urge to gaze at the expanse of legs crossed in the seat beside me and was instantly glad that I had brought out my old 1957 Corvette from the garage. A dame this smoking would have been a shame riding around in my four door truck.
“We need to get a story together before we get there,” she said into the quiet confines of the sports car.
“Yea, that’d make things easier. Am I still a landscaper or do I need to be something fancier?”
“Being you is fine, as long as you don’t spit escargot out at anyone?”
“I don’t plan on having snails in my mouth in the first place so that is not a problem,” I jested.
I smiled. “Now that that one is covered, we need to figure out how we met and a few random details to go along with it.”
“The mall won’t work?” I said half-heartedly.
“Sure, just not because I was looking for someone to be my fake boyfriend,” she added dryly.
“So we met on a random shopping trip to the mall and it was fate that we both reached for the same panties at the same time,” I added as my GPS yelled out another turn.
“Can you be serious?” She inquired with a smirk on her accountant face.
“I would have been a gentleman and said yours were much smaller than mine but we’ll leave that part out.”
When she didn’t say anything, I coughed and tried again.
“We met at the mall and we both have our same jobs. How long have we been dating and what info would we need to know about each other to match that time frame?”
“Does six months sound fair? That way the details will be kept to a minimum.”
“Would you bring someone to an event with your boss if you’d only been dating him for six months?”
“It’s feasible. That means you’d know just the basics, like when we had dinner at the diner. We’ll keep topics to current events and stick to each other so that our stories can be improvised together.”
“Good because we have arrived,” I stated before pulling into the line for the valet parking.
As soon as we were stopped, she grabbed up her clutch and scanned her face in her small compact before looking at the contents she had with it.
“You look beautiful,” I said with total honesty.
She flicked a glance at me before attendants came to our doors.
“So it begins,” was whispered before she straightened her spine and was helped out of the car.
If anyone should be nervous then it should be the new guy who knew nothing of this world instead of the smart woman who looked like the walking image of sex on heels.
We both came around the car and she nodded at a few people who were standing around the covered entrance to the building. Of course the only place to have such an event was at the highest priced hotel in downtown Atlanta.
“Miss Natouri, it’s a pleasure to see you this evening.” This came from a man dressed in head to toe white, including the tails of his tuxedo. That alone made me feel better about my choice in attire.
She nodded and walked past him to the glass double doors that were in front of us. Those were instantly opened by a door man who kept his gaze on the floor as we made our way through to the main ballroom.
There were a few more people acknowledging my date and none of them said even a hello to me as I tagged along. Maybe this would be easier than we thought. She was certainly more than the average accountant but people knew who she was on sight so that was something. If the evening was only a few hours of boredom then I could easily make it with a few drinks and the hope that I’d get to run my hands down those legs that kept peeking out at me.
“Would you like a drink?” She asked over her shoulder as we made our way to the open bar just inside the ballroom.
“You’re talking my language, doll.”
She laughed then waved me to the bartender.
“I’ll take a whiskey, neat. Xylia?”
“Red wine, please.”
The bartender nodded but kept his eyes on the bottles.
We thanked him and he waved away the tip I was slipping to him.
“The company covers the tips so you can put that away, Hael.”
Okay, embarrassment in less than five minutes of arriving. I shoved the money back in my pocket and handed her the thin wine glass before getting the single shot that should have been a triple.
“My bosses aren’t here yet so we have a few minutes before we all get seated. The bar will be open until two hours after dinner and they usually have dancing after dessert is brought out.”
“Sounds good,” I said between swallows of my top shelf whiskey.
We took in the crowd in silence as we finished out drinks then a gong sounded through the room like a wave and people began to make their way to the linen covered tables set in a half moon around the podium.
“Here’s our table,” Xylia stated as she set her clutch near a tent with her name in red script.
I heard her laugh as she looked at the name to her left.
“What’s so amusing?”
“Apparently, my best friend worked a little magic and got herself seated next to me instead of across the room.”
“Then that’s a good thing?”
“Yes. My bosses are formal and like us all seated with others in a way that forces us to mingle with people outside of our departments. They believe it broadens our environment and company politics.”
“Sounds awful,” I admitted when a waiter whisked our glasses away.
“That’s why she changed the seating so she must be around here somewhere.”
She eyed the crowd after I had her seated.
“I don’t have a card at my plate,” I observed.
She looked down at her lap then at me. “Well, I didn’t have a date at that time so I just had them add a seat to mine.”
“That works.” I scooted my chair forward.
“Hi, Xy. The dress is to die for.” Came a soft peel of laughter that was extremely feminine.
“Hello lovely,” Xy said as she hugged the blonde goddess that stood beside her.
“Um, Xy, who’s the guy? Did someone take Brian’s spot?”
“Who’s Brian?” Xylia asked the blonde.

“Your date, remember?”
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