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Lying Through Her Fangs - Scene Fifteen

Lying Through Her Fangs

Scene Fifteen
Xylia’s P.O.V.

The next night had me thinking of the melting sexual gaze of the man who had been mere feet from my naked form as I had tried on dresses that his friend had expertly picked out for me. They had been lavish and flattering but that last one had the man seeming like starved man at a sumptuous dinner. If lustful eyes could actually raise the temperature of a cold blooded mammal then his were the ones to burn into my very core.
I’d hugged Hael before leaving the mall and he had held me longer than was customary but my body had leaned into his as if craving part of the passion he had shown me behind his long lashes. His work honed physique made me feel momentarily feminine and frail but my vampiric senses were in full command as the blood pumped under the neck that was just above my up turned face. His woodsy scent held a hint of musk and it made my mouth water to taste him but he was not part of my meal plan.
We’d texted a few times since then but only a couple of  lines and a confirmation of the coming date. Apprehension weighed down my soul as I had spent a majority of the daylight hours in my bed wishing he was in it with me then to what a nightmare the date could be. It was random, sensual, and all part of my mixed emotions while the event drew closer. Not in twenty years had I been this drawn to a man who had the potential of being more than a mild dalliance in sex and blood. The last one had not been worth the effort but this one seemed different.
“You’ve been nursing your Bloody Mary for an hour. What gives?” Inquired Wanda who stood in my softly lit corner of the bar.
“A battle of the mind” I answered quietly.
“Need an unbiased opinion?” She inquired with a soft smile.
“I’m not ready to discuss it yet but you can grab a seat if you have the time.” I waved to the seat opposite mine.
“Being part owner gives me the right to tell everyone to kiss off for a couple of minutes.” She added as she joined me.
“As long as they all have a beverage in front of them, right?”
“How are things panning out for the gala? Got your helpers picked out?” I diverted the subject from my sad aura.
“It’s all sorted out and I’ve got the menu from the caterer, so we’ve gotten an approved list of drinks to make to compliment it all. Thanks for suggesting us to your boss.”
“Stop thanking me and just make some connections for yourself.”
“I plan to. Got your dress or is that why you look so long in the tooth today?”
            A smile crept on my face. “The dress is a true creation and all the accessories are ready to go.”
            “Then why do I sense dissatisfaction?”
“Your grandmother being a Seer only feeds your curiosity, Wanda,” I offered without offense in my tone.
“Indeed and the only people who would hear more drama than a bar maid is a hairdresser and a therapist. I can’t even trim my bangs in a straight line so this works for me.”
“I’m glad that you’ll be there,” I stated without realizing the truth of it until the words had been released into the air.
“You want me to drool over your new man as I serve shrimp balls to people on a constant fluid diet.”
“Right, you keep thinking that.”
“Your date have a tux?”
“He got sized for one before I got my dress,” my eyes strayed back down to the half empty glass in front of me.
“Shit, I see it now,” Wanda whispered.
My eyes shot to hers, “What?”
“It’s a human you’re dating isn’t it?”
Breathing an unnecessary sigh, I prayed that she wouldn’t figure anything else out. Like my lie to everyone.
I made a mental note not to touch her as it gave her gift a boost. My hands left the glass I was toying with and clasped in my lap under the scarred table.
“Yes, he’s human. His name is Hael and he owns his own landscaping company.”
“Tell me how gorgeous he is? Is he more Chris Evans or closer to Robert Downey Jr?”
“Neither, he’s a touch of Alexander Skarsgard with a large cup of Jason Lewis."
“What I wouldn’t give to spend about two hours with each of them in a room with a big brass bed?” She sighed.
“Romero knows a good Voodoo priest if you’re serious,” I wagged my eyebrows at her.
“Not a chance in the underworld. Now, how serious is the relationship? Does he know what you are?”
“He knows only the pieces I’ve thrown to him but we aren’t all hot and heavy.”
“Why the hell not?”
“It’s complicated,” I answered.
“No wonder. How did you meet?”
“At the mall. It’s so cliché that it hurts.” I grinned.
“I’m sure he’s fantastic if he got your attention. Was he a meal you decided to keep?”
“No but that would have been an interesting way to start things off. He’s more rugged than I’m used to but that is a bonus. You know how much I hate dating vamps so I tried something a bit off the beaten path.”
“I’d say. You’ve never dated a human before. At least, not that I’ve heard about.”
“He’s the first and this gala will either make or break our future relationship. It’s intimidating.”
“You could zap any man that you wanted and live the life that movie stars dream of but instead you go after a human that could be the hottest midnight snack of all time. You never go for the ordinary.”
“After years of pluming birds that only focus on their own needs, this might be just what I need.”
“What you need is a stress free affair with a man who would sex you six ways to Sunday and put a spark in your dull life as an immortal.”
“We’ve talked about this before. Being what I am doesn’t mean I can live without consequences in a world where a simply click of a phone camera can have me in jail or a looney bin.”
Wanda sighed, “I know but it sounds good on paper.”
I fought the urge to pat her hand.
“I’m lucky to have you and we can talk more about Hael after you see him in person tomorrow night.”
“If I was a witch then I’d have a spell waiting for you on the bar because you need a swallow of happiness in your empty existence.”
“I’m not alone. I have you.”
“Yeah, a girl who can listen to your worries and give you booze to soothe over the rough edges.”
“That’s a wonderful recipe for friendship, dear.”
“I’m serious about the spell though,” she said when someone called out for another beer.

I waved at her as she waltzed away. I had no doubt that she would in fact weave a bit of magic for me and I loved her even more for that.  Friends were more rare than lovers.

)))Corset Hugs(((
Ginny Lynn
Wench Writer

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