Monday, July 21, 2014

Spitting genres can be like spitting hairs

Those who know me understand that I write primarily paranormal romantic suspense. I like stories with sexual tension and dreamy characters that you wish were in flesh and blood. Paranormal is my sweet spot as I don't feel that I have as many rules as some of the other genres. Who knows? But, I'd like to try my fictional hand at writing romantic comedy, edgier mysteries that lead to a romantic tryst, and maybe something with a bit more of a vintage touch but I'd have to work hard to make them believable.
   As they aren't part of my normal writing voice, I'm going to take the chance of seeing if I can do one or more of these properly. I will keep my sexual tension and yummy innuendos but reformat myself to see what else I can do. Some might ask if I'll use a new pen name in these endeavors but I believe that I'll stay myself, as each of these fictional pieces comes from a part of me. I may even self publish some of these as I have thought to do with my unpublished paranormal series.  

I've already written two sweet romances that stop at lusty foreplay and one of these was non-paranormal. Now I'm releasing (in a couple of weeks) the other sweet romance but it's with my paranormal flare. This new one is Egyptian vampires, so I touched on my long ago travels into Egyptology. Previously, I used my tad of knowledge in Mythology for Andromeda, which will be used again when I write about her twin brother, Perseus.  
(My new baby, Releasing this Aug.)

I'd love to share some of my more recent plots with you but they need more flesh before they see the light of a new day. I have several things lined up and am chomping for the time to get to these tantalizing ideas (once my college terms are over). Some will have more heat and some will be a dip into my darker side, but they'll still be all me.:-) For those that are my faithful followers, you'll start seeing more teases and small glimpses into what my mind is forming into my next few novels. Because this wench isn't even close to giving up on her limits, I'll just find a different place to draw in the sand.

To Be Continues>>>>>

)))Corset Hugs(((
Ginny Lynn
Wench Writer

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