Monday, March 10, 2014

Second Week Spotlight Snippet - On My WIP (Work in Progress), My Savage Series

I've decided to open up the second week of every month to showcase a work that needs to be shared with the public. If any of my writing friends want to join in, then let me know. First off, one of my manuscripts. Animal Management is book one from my Savage Series, that's currently looking for a home in the publishing world. 


Have you ever walked in the shoes of a predator? Smelled fear in the air? Tasted lust on your tongue? Few have. Some would like to visit that world. If given the chance, would you?

Would you walk into a bar run by sexy paranormal outcasts? I not only do but I lovingly manage this circus that I hold dear to my heart. I’m Constance Parrish, a half vampire half witch hybrid, and now I have to allow humans into my domain due to new discrimination laws. My life has plummeted into a world where the drinks are dangerous and your clients could be downright lethal.  The hate group H.A.P.I. (Humans Against Paranormal Individuals) is standing in the shadows as they proclaim our fall into Satan’s arms and I wonder if I’ll ever get back my same old boring life again. My gut tells me that this is only the beginning.

Constance has to fight her very nature as she keeps a tight hold on the only place that she’s felt safe as that rug is pulled out from under her statuesque frame. She even has to fight her growing lust for the quite werewolf that stands as guard against the hatred that lurks at their very door step. With him and two other men fighting for her affections, Constance can barely keep her head on her blood lusting shoulders. Powers flair and inhibitions come slamming down as she fights to keep everything from being sucked into the unknown abyss that has come to visit her Hilton Head home.

Anger floated in from the steamy Hilton Head air outside the main entrance of our rustic paranormal run bar.
“Well, I declare, there’s a picket line outside,” I said in awe.
“Damn, I knew it was too good to think we could have an easy night,” Silas said as he stood behind me to inhale the scents that lay just outside our stained glass window in the lobby area.
The sea of red and black wavy glass embraced the moods from the white sign waving protestors and the bullied customers lining up at the entrance.
Leilei spoke up, “John, you owe me $20.”
I could hear John’s curses as he stumbled out of his smoke filled office, “Jesus H. Christ!”
“Sugar, that’s not who’s out there,” I responded to John’s comment.
“Why can’t things be simple?” John asked, rhetorically.
“Just pay up and get ready, boss cuz this isn’t our Kansas anymore,” Leilei said from the bar. 
This novel is over 80k words and I'm 15k words into book two of the series. It's a story that I've been anxious to share and I love the twists in the plot for these characters. If it doesn't get sold to a publishing house then I' considering self publishing it in 2015. We'll see how things progress in that time period as I should be writing (if not finished) with book three by the end of that year year. My fingers are crossed and I'm looking at that gorgeous horizon.

)))Corset Hugs(((

Ginny Lynn 
Wench Writer

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