Monday, March 24, 2014

Spring, Has It Sprung For You?

It's officially spring and I'm ready for it. Is it me or does Mother Nature seem to be off her meds? Is she pissed off with Father Time again? Seriously, what gives?
Here, in the south, we have certain types of birds and flowers that mark the coming of warmer weather. There are swimsuits that show up in store windows right after the Christmas trees are taken to storage. 
Some people wait for Easter to come around so they can get out their lawn chairs and white trousers. A few people that I know are in shorts as soon as the first two consecutive "mild" days hit the scene. I'm cold natured so that isn't me until maybe around June :-), unless a hot flash hits, then all bets are off. 

What does spring mean to you? What is your signal to get out the beach umbrella or find a nice patio restaurant? Do you feel the change while on spring break? Is it as simple as slipping sandals on before heading to the store?
For me, it's little things (as usual). I don't bother painting my toenails in the winter because my feet are too busy being buried under layers of socks and knee high boots. What's the point? No one would see them and they'd be ice cold by the time that I covered them back up again.

Pool openings are notorious for bringing the winter birds out into the newly found sunshine. But a bathing suit means summer to me and not spring, still too cool for my taste. So, besides painting my toenails (usually a vivid color), I love my Old Navy flip flops. They're comfortable, affordable, and come in a wonderful array of colors. Skirts, that's another thing that I love about warmer weather. I love being girlie and skirts do that for me. I may not be tan, or have mile lone legs, but a flirty skirt puts a smile on my face. 

 Of course, flowers are great, even if the pollen is a killer. I love lilies but they aren't around as much as the daffodils are at this time of year.
Cicadas, I LOVE that particular sound of spring. It just calms me to my center. It's one of the reasons that I like camping. No joke. Some nights, I'll hear them near my house and I say "They're singing my song." 
I love the air on my skin. This was great when I had a sunroof in my former car but now I have to get it by rolling down my car windows while I'm driving around town. It's not much but it works for me. One day, I'll have another sunroof. And since I wear sunscreen in my makeup, bonus points. 

What's your sign of spring? Share something with us and then go enjoy some rays.

)))Corset Hugs(((

Ginny Lynn
Wench Writer 


  1. Great post and beautiful pics, Ginny. I'm also a fan of the Old Navy flip flops :)

    I think what marks Spring for me is being able to go without a sweater or jacket and socks (flip-flops) without freezing mah toes off. Also, enjoying more writing picnics at the park because they open for warm weather season. I really do hope we have a prominent Spring. I like the Summer, but enjoy an occasional warm rain and breeze better.

    Laurie Kozlowski

    1. I may have to get more of those flip flops ;-), maybe red & black. All but one of these pics were taken by me. Thanks and stop by again soon. Have a wonderful day. ) corset hug (