Monday, June 3, 2013

Every Kiss begins with...a first

Disclaimer: I warned my werewolf hubby about this post in advance. Hun, turn away from the screen. :-)

Firsts: My first kiss

I'm surprised that I remember it as my memory has been damaged by chronic migraines (from a spinal injury). I'm sure if I relay this story incorrectly, that two of the witnesses will call me on it. BUT, this is how I recall that October night.

I was attending a Halloween party that was thrown by my best friends (Mandi Nelligan) church youth group. As Halloween is my second favorite holiday, I was happy to attend this event. I didn't know a lot of the people there but a few things certainly stand out about that night.

It was 6 weeks before my 16th birthday and I was just starting to get out more (plus wear some makeup). I was already doing some modeling/runway, so I was beginning to notice the wings that needed to be stretched out as a young'un.

I decided to be a cat, simple enough to handle. My mom had made me a large leopard print men's dress shirt (BTW-my favorite animal is a black leopard), so I wore one of my black ballet body suits under it, with small heels and the typical cat ears/tail that I had made out of velvet at home. Reportedly, I didn't look my age, but older....I disagree as I still look younger than my true age.

As I'm a dancer, I was having a blast on the auditorium floor. All the while, I had caught the eye of a tall brunette who was watching from the sidelines. I don't remember the exact way that he approached me but I knew that we danced a few times, plus talked over a few cups of punch.

By the end of the night, I was in the kitchen area, throwing away discarded cups and plates. He was in there with his friend, Keith, who my bestie was crushing on. Somehow (giggle) I ended up in his arms. I'm thinking it had started as a lingering hug. The next thing I knew, I was looking up into his dark eyes as his lips descended to mine. I knew that I wasn't breathing but didn't care. He lifted me to his tall frame, right off the floor, as my feet dangled.

Guys, not only was this the first time I'd had anything outside of a chaste kiss, but my very first French kiss. Somehow, I registered my bestie's disbelief and shock. Not every southern gal gets swept off of her feet for her very first serious kiss. But I'm telling you, they should consider it as mandatory :-)

I don't know if he could tell that I was inexperienced and Brian, please don't tell me. Giggle. All I know is that moment joins a long list of Firsts that I'll be sharing with you guys. And NO, not my first sexual experience so get that ball out of the gutter. Hehe.

Thanks to Brian Kelley for initiating me and I'm giving myself a pat on the back for improving that skill over the years. Right, hubby of mine who shouldn't be reading this? ;-)

Anyone want to share the moment of their first kiss with little old me? I dare ya.

)))Corset Hugs(((
Ginny Lynn
Wench Writer


  1. Your first kiss sounds like what I desperately wanted to happen to me through all of high school, lol!

    I do wish my first kiss had been that interesting...or lacking in mortifying disappointment. >.< I don't think I've ever put this into writing before, so I suppose I might as well take the opportunity.

    In the summer of my 12th year, I spent a lot of time helping my father out with his side business -- gopher bounty hunting. (And yes, that's a whole other story. >.>) One of our customers was a small beef cattle operation about a 2-mile biking distance from our house, where the farmer was concerned about the massive population of pocket gophers infesting his alfalfa field. My dad had given the field an initial working over, but he let me go over on my own periodically to *ahem* eliminate the stragglers.

    On one of my visits, the farmer's strapping, blue-eyed son came out to watch me work (i.e. dig around in the dirt to strategically place poison for a giant rodent.) At first I was leery. I recognized this boy from one of my 6th grade classes, and had been verbally harassed by him a few times on various bus rides (mostly ridicule about not shaving my legs and/or dressing like a boy, etc.) But he had enough sense to apologize for being a jerk and claim he was only trying to get my attention. To make it up to me, he took me on a tour of the farm.

    We had a good ol' country time that afternoon--exploring abandoned buildings on the property, petting baby cows, chasing chickens, drinking from garden hoses... I didn't realize his parents weren't home until he invited me into the main house and point-blank asked for a kiss in the middle of the kitchen.

    I kind of liked the idea. We'd only been hanging out a few hours, but I'd started to like the guy. It seemed like as good a time as any to get that first kiss thing out of the way. So I agreed...which amounted to nodding hesitantly and holding still while he closed in on me. The kiss itself wasn't bad--lingering and exploratory...if not a bit wetter than I would have liked. I do recall not being able to figure out how to position my face so our noses didn't keep getting in the way. He eventually tried to get his tongue in my mouth, but I wasn't having it.

    Okay, so it was awkward. But nowhere near as awkward as when I stepped back to end the kiss, and the first words out of his mouth were "Hey, take your shirt off." Were I a bit older, I would have had the presence of mind to slap him. As it was, I just ran out of the house, got on my bike, and pedaled home as fast as I could. I had classes with that guy through all of middle school and high school, but he never again spoke to or even looked at me. And honestly, I was okay with that. Call me skittish.

    Nobody got that close to me again until I turned 18. But oh, what a year 18 was... (Also a whole different story for another time. ;) )

    ~Angela Blount

    1. Angela,
      That boy was not worthy of you and I'm glad that 18 was a better year. Thanks for sharing and ))) corset hug (((.

      Ginny Lynn

    2. Aww, thanks Ginny. ^_^

      I love the corseted hug! <3 That should be an official emote. ;)

  2. It's part of my branding and I'd love to trademark it.

  3. Correction! I knew I'd report something wrong and I did. I was turning 15, not 16. Sorry. Giggle.