Monday, September 14, 2015

Second Week Snippets - From the Fur (Unedited)

This is the opening of a manuscript that I started and I'm letting it stew for a bit to see if I need to progress further. Set in an older time frame, the heroine is a wolf shifter who's been bullied all her life and the hero is a closed hearted man who has taken himself away from the world and it's drama. This will throw the two together in a heat of passion and fight for survival.
The blood was ambrosia to my panging stomach but it was also terrifying in it’s delivery. How could he have killed the female peasant? He didn’t need to as there was game migrating into the forest. He could’ve taken us farther into the limbed depth to fill our vast emptiness. But he chose to kill a virgin who had mistakenly came across his prowling steps.
He’d even rubbed red against my muzzle after making the killing blow. I knew by the scent that she had been a virgin, untainted by the darkness that had just taken her soul. I heard footsteps rumbling toward us, knowing we were about to be confronted. Blast his hide for crossing this line, with so many of us here to pay for this crime. My instinct told me not to look any further upon the body at his paws and to run for cover, as the devil himself would be upon us quickly.
I yipped a cry to the others as I turned my tucked tail toward the hills. Hearing the shuffle of my escaping pack, my heart leapt as the human neared us. We’d all been caught by surprise and would pay for it dearly. A few were frightened enough that their bodies rode too closely to mine. It was a momentary tangle of limbs and then a missed step that had me lagging behind the others. Fear rode the air as I fought to recover, but I wasn’t quick enough.

I heard a bellow just before I felt the ripping pain in my hip. I faltered further, hitting the churned earth, as my pack left me there. I was shot and would be sacrificed for someone else’s crime. God help me.
Would that grasp your interest? It's from her point of view and I can put his point of view on next's month Second Week Snippets.

)))Corset Hugs(((
Ginny Lynn
Wench Writer

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