Monday, June 22, 2015

Choose a character of someone elses (Movie/male) to represent each of the four seasons.

Male movie characters that have me thinking of the seasons and why.

Winter: Damon Salvatore (The Vampire Diaries Show)
He's as cool as ice and will freeze you with a stare that could stop the heart mid motion. Not only is he a man that gets what he wants but he'll do it over his own drop dead gorgeous body. That's a lot of vampire goodness to warm up with.

Summer: Alcide Herveuax (True Blood)

This fine piece of macho maleness has me thinking of bare chested men doing yard work on a farm or cattle ranch. His scruffy looks and sexy grin would leave me thinking that hell was artic compared to the lust he would invoke.Just hand me a lemonade and a good seat to watch the sweat sizzle.

Fall: Hugh Jackman (Wolverine)

Here is a man that makes me think of fall festivals and wearing his sweater when it gets snuggle cool outside. He's bonfires and fireplaces on breezy nights that have you wanting to feed him smores while listening to the crickets sing. Who needs a blanket when you could share heat with him?

Spring: Ryan Reynolds (Green Lantern)

He has a wonderful sense of humor that would have me laughing so hard that my sides would ache as we were out for a picnic or countryside drive. His ways would be as fresh as the new blossoms, even if he's sarcastic enough to be a weed, it's still charming and non stop smiles.

                                         Who Would You Chose? And Why?

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