Monday, June 8, 2015

Second Week Snippets - My newest baby

This is from my newest manuscript and hasn't been submitted to any publisher yet as I'm only half way thru the first draft. Right now, I don't have a working title on it nor do I have a complete outline on it as I'm just writing whatever comes to my mind. It was a way to write while working seven days a week and still feel like I was making my muse happy. I've been surprised with my progress and I thought I'd share a scene that makes me giggle. I hope you like it.
“Ms. Franks, are you in there?”
It was a valid question, even if somewhat awkward.
“I’m in the shower and will be out in about ten minutes. I’ll come find you when I’m dressed,” she called out over the sound of the waterfall shower head.
Did she just hear him walk into the room?
“I just need a minute as I may be heading out again,” he said and it came from just a few feet away.
She froze with the soap mid stroke over her arms.
“You can leave me a note if you have to leave and I’ll call you right back with any answers you need,” was her reply as her heart was in her throat.
Did he expect her to have a civil conversation when one of them was naked?
After a moment of hesitation, he asked, “Do you have a man in there with you, Ms. Franks?”
Gasping at the words, she dropped the soap and it bounced off the tile floor and out of the lined white curtain between her and her boss. Clumsiness had struck again. Now what?
Hearing his deep chuckle, she began biting her lip while debating what to say to make this turn into something that wouldn’t involve her wanting to purposely slip and knock herself out cold. That would only have her naked and at his mercy. No Way.
“Do you?” He asked again in a softer voice.
“Good lord, no,” Della answered too quickly.
Another pause and she wished he was making a quick exit but then she heard him shuffle around to the other side of her stall.
“As it’s just the two of us, then I see no reason why I can’t tell you what’s on my mind.”

Just then, his hand shot through the curtain with the soap laying in the large palm.
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Ginny Lynn
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