Monday, August 17, 2015

Shame On You

I'm human and I know that people tend to judge others. It's a fact, no matter how hard you try not to be that way. If you see an old man driving a sedan fifteen miles under the speed limit then you will wonder why he's even being allowed on the streets for being an inconvenience. That same man could be taking his wife to the retirement home and just needs a few more precious minutes with her before she moves away from him. If you pass a pregnant woman who has several kids tagging behind her then your mind will go to whether the woman knows what birth control is. But wait, is it part of her religion to not use birth control or could she be a foster mom? It does happen.
Recently I was fat shamed by someone who has seen me in very little and I wanted to cry. He may have seen me when my chemistry had gone insane and weight was piling on but he had never seen me when I was anorexic. Yes, they're two completely different things and I'm no longer a waif that moves with the wind. That morning I had to remind myself that my hubby sees my naked form all the time and he's proud to call me his. He was there when a slice of bread and a glass of water filled me for the day and he never wants to see me like that again. I'm not going to lie and say that my body is nice because I need to get back to what I was three years ago. That's when I was fit and curvy but now I have people telling me I'm over weight and give me dirty looks when I wear certain outfits. They can't hurt me anymore than I have hurt myself.
At this very moment, I can't do a f'ing thing about my body except make a conscious choice to treat it better because wishing it off simply isn't going to happen. My wallet isn't big enough to have fat removed by a trained doctor and it won't make me look at the judging people with new eyes. I'm a forty three year old mom and I've had 6 surgeries plus battled a few diseases that wanted to take my life away from me (plus been run over by a car). Guess what? I'm still here, no matter what size that may be.
So do me a favor the next time your mind starts to think for you, ask yourself if your opinion really matters and if your judgement could be completely asinine. Is the person crying for understanding and you're choosing to be deaf to them? We're all worth one second of thought.

)))Corset Hugs(((
Ginny Lynn
Wench Writer

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