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Your book is a movie! Who’s in your dream cast? ANDROMEDA

Andromeda is a 400 year old vampire with psychic abilities who is being stalked by a ghostly presence that wants to possess her body and own her soul. Things get heated as she meets the man destined to be her mate but a vision shows her that he’s meant to die because of what she is. Does she embrace what the Fates have shown in the mere touch of this stranger’s hand or does she run away in order to save the soul of this kissable man? Passion is too much to ignore for an immortal who has never felt its powerful pull. They throw caution to the wind and become lovers, enraging the stalker to use his inhuman powers to take what he believes should belong to him alone. They both fight for the power in her touch but only one man can have her body.

ANDROMEDA - played by Patricia Velasquez

I got up and headed for a couple of blood bags from the fridge when I saw Perseus pacing outside of my room.
“What just happened in there?” He asked with a strained look on his face.
I was stumped for all of a second. “Do you mean about thirty minutes ago?” I asked, hoping that I was wrong.
“Yes!” He said through gritted teeth.
“Oh, that.” I passed by him. He followed me to the office fridge and back.
“Excuse me, but I had the feeling that I was having an orgasm and wondered if you could tell me why,” he said as he turned toward me.
He was actually tapping his foot.
I was going to enjoy this. I poured some blood into my bedside glass and made him wait for my answer.
JUSTIN - played by Jason Lewis

Had I truly found my mate? I saw something in his eyes, like determination, and he leaned closer to me. 
“I’m not sorry.”
“For what?”
“You already know.”
Then he kissed me. His lips were soft and a current ran through them as if we were electrified. He wasn’t touching any other part of me and yet it was the best kiss I’d ever had. His mouth roamed over mine with softness and I knew we were both holding back, which only enhanced the electricity between us.  
I saw more images as he slowly learned the finite details of my mouth. I saw us rolling in my bed, us riding in his car, us in my living room as we drank wine and then one of me gasping in bed. The last one was vague, strange, and it made me break the heart-stealing kiss. He leaned against the wall and simply stared at my face.
“I’ve never felt like that before.”
“Me neither.”

PERSEUS - played by Hrithik Roshan

“Yes, I have a problem with you telling people about us because it doesn’t just affect your life, it affects mine, too. But I can’t make any of these decisions for you, so do what you feel you have to do. If I were you, I wouldn’t turn down the possibility of happiness, especially when we’re immortal.”
“You? Giving me advice on love? That’s funny.”
“I know what you’re thinking. But I meant that comment for your own life, not mine. I’ve loved and lost and I’m not ready to make that commitment again. I’ll take love in small doses and put the rest of my energy into my work. At least my business can see me into the future. Love can visit when needed.”
“You pass up love all the time. You tell me to grab what I can and just keep living, but you ignore the love that’s offered to you. I know there are women who’d literally give up their souls to be your mate and yet you turn the other way. I know Valentina ripped your heart to shreds and I wish I could take that pain away. You’d be with her right now if she’d been more open minded about our lives. But she wasn’t and as a result, you now have blinders on when it comes to anything close to your heart. But you can’t live forever with that mentality. You should take your own advice and keep your eyes open to someone who can be with you through your eternity.”
“I will not allow myself to make the same mistake again. If you’re the only woman in my life, then so be it. I’ll survive on distant sexual encounters and a few friends. I can’t offer a shattered heart to someone who deserves better.”
DANYA - played by 

I stripped off the dress and waited for her to get out of her leggings and tunic blouse. She was in a smoky gray satin strapless bra with matching thong panties. There was a two-inch scar across her left side, right under her strapless bra.
She saw me noticing it and just shrugged before saying, “Some monsters live only to hurt others, but I at least survived to see him die.”
“Did an old love do this to you?” I handed the dress over to her and felt her pain in the brief touch of her hand.
“Yes. He tried to stab me in the back. Literally. I moved at the last second and it kept him from slicing into my spine. He was high on meth and thought I'd hidden his stash from him. Apparently, he needed it bad enough to kill me.”

CAPT ANASTASE - played by 

I put my calloused fingers into Anastase’s open wound and fervently pressed as I continued my chanting. His obsidian eyes rolled into the back of his head. Lightning struck the building. Giselle screamed and Anastase moaned. At that very moment, I drove my hand further into Anastase’s quaking body. The captain screamed for his immortal soul. Pulling out my hand, I threw the bloody tissue from my hand and into the awaiting bowl. I grabbed the leather pouch tied at my thick neck and dumped the contents into the bowl as well and Anastase’s body dropped to the cold floor.
Jean Luc came over and set the bloody contents in the bowl on fire with the already lit candle and then stepped back. Anastase released another scream as his body convulsed and the smoke encircled his tortured body. He shook so badly that his teeth rattled. Giselle sobbed Anastase’s name from her corner. Lightning struck one last time and I yelled over the sound toward Anastase.
“Who do you want?” I commanded of Anastase.
Anastase moaned, “Andromeda Ortiz.”

He convulsed one last time before he passed out.

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