Monday, November 24, 2014

My Turkey Manuscript and my Black Friday

My explanation of my Turkey Manuscript

I'm going to think of my new WIP (work in progress) as a family sized turkey. You need to show it some love and attention as you slow cook it in your preheated oven. It's me, you gotta see it. It needs to be prepped, basted, lovingly watched, accessorized, and served up on a nice platter. If I can make this into a tasty meal, then it would be more beneficial than a sweater at 45% off the clearance price. Unless it's a high quality piece of apparel, the book will outlast it.

My sides will be
Green Bean Casserole - vibrant explanation of scenes with a hint of something strong
Mashed Potatoes - comfort food phrases to help ease the scenes along
Cranberry Sauce - a slight bite of sarcasm
Rolls - a tad bit of rising in the tension

Red Velvet Cake - a vibrant and seductive slice of passion
Ice Box Lemon Pie - a tangy bit of coolness that touches your senses

I think that's a decent base for a good meal.

That brings me to Black Friday

I'm rebelling against the normal tradition of heading to the outlet mall for my Christmas shopping on Black Friday.  I have anxiety issues when around large  (usually rude) crowds plus I have a little bit of claustrophobia so being pinned against a clearance rack of ugly holiday sweaters is too much outside of my comfort zone. I'm just not going to do that to myself this year.

As I'm not going to be at work and have very few plans for my day, I'm going to see if I can write 3,000 words instead of spending $300 at a long list of stores. Sure, I could use the discount as my budget is screaming like a overly tired three year old but I'd feel more productive if I saved on the anti anxiety methods and put that angst into the gothic romantic suspense that I am building on. 

If I'm successful in my meal planning than my day will be easier to navigate as I take a mental break to throw my angst into a plot that has been on my mind for awhile. It's not my usual feast but I'm not afraid to try new foods. My readers and publisher will confirm whether my investment is good enough to serve up to the public. I hope it is and we'll see what the vote is next year.

)))Corset Hugs((( and Happy Thanksgiving

Ginny Lynn 
Wench Writer

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