Monday, April 15, 2013

Back to Wenching

This was how I ended the season last year.
Ah, can you tell how happy I was to be on the edge of this plank?
This is the ship that I like to call "home".
This is the place where I can be the wench that I am and they love me for it.
This year started a little differently. First off, I was so busy on opening day that I had time for one quick snapshot before seeing to the sharp and shiny needs of our customers. It's even better that I have some of my own wardrobe as I set sail with this cast of sea faring pirates.
This is the single picture that was taken when the gates opened at
10:30 a.m. on Saturday. The bodice and corset were by yours truly. (As is the black blouse below and the green corset in the first pic.)This was my first attempt at a zipper front with steel boning and a fully laced back. I do believe I'll make myself another one.
This would be my right hand lady, Brittani, and a priceless partner. She makes my day brighter, just by sharing her adorkable smile. Yes, two red heads run this side of the shop. Be jealous.
Did you notice the difference in apparel between days 1 and 2? Yep, cooler and wetter as a typical Georgia storm front slid into town. I had to borrow a cape, until I got too busy with customers to keep the large cape from getting under my tired feet. Yea, four hours of sleep will do that to a "starving wench". Giggle. This is the lovely "wife" of the ship, Kim, and the poor thing was numb from the damp chill. She'd already lost her voice by this time. Oh my, another red head....Be Very Jealous.
And for those out there that haven't met the man who brings us on this journey every year, Captain Matt. He's a sadistic pirate with a heart of gold doubloons. He's not ugly, either.
So, come on down and see this bunch of mischievous miscreants. We'll be sailing until 6/2.
And Always Trust a Pirate. 
)))Corset Hugs(((
Ginny Lynn
Wench Writer


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