Monday, April 8, 2013

Favorite Foods

I'm writing this as I'm on my vacation and wanted to do a list of favorites for a few posts. This one will be about my five favorite foods and it's making me hungry as I write this out. The following are the items that come to mind first when I think of digging into something that is a guilty pleasure when it comes to flavors and ignoring calories.

1. Lasagna. My hubby isn't into this concoction but I've always adored it. I've tried making it for myself and then freezing the cut portions but it just isn't the same. That means when we head to any Italian restaurant, the odds are that this is what I'll be ordering.

2. Pork Fried Rice. My hubby will eat this and we have a couple of favorite spots were we order this. One of them is Imperial of China, were I grew up (Decatur.)

3. Prime Rib, oh baby. Yes, I have meat on my bones and I'm an omnivore - deal with it :-). I love going to Texas Roadhouse and having a medium cooked order of prime rib with a yummy baked potato. That place also has a drink I love, but we'll get to that on another day.

 4. Speedy Gonzales. And honey, I don't mean a ten minute Hispanic man, either. (wink wink) I used to go to Monterrey's in Jonesboro to get this as a special lunch while I worked by the Georgia Farmer's Market. I miss it and I need to find somewhere comparable to where I hang out now.

5. Chicken Pot Pie. I'm a southern gal so this is also a "must have" for cold days when I need a bite of comfort food. Besides, it's got veggies in it, too. It's a "well rounded meal". Giggle

That's my top five for favorite food items and now that my stomach is growing like a Tasmanian Devil, I think I better go find someone...something to snack on. Wink Wink. What are some of your favorites?
)))Corset Hugs(((
Ginny Lynn
Wench Writer

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