Monday, April 22, 2013

Full of myself

        I've decided to be a little full of myself this year. This doesn't mean that I'm going to run around screaming how fabulous I am, how fit I'm becoming, or even that I accomplished some of my life goals the last couple of years. Those are things that are true and make me smile but I've got something a little different to express.

        I'm going to fill up this 5'5 curvy frame with so many positive things that it'll be hard for me to get depressed this year. Yes, anything can become a twist of Fate as she whips in and out of your life. That's to be expected and dealt with, accordingly. But as I'm someone who has fought depression and anxiety most of my life, I've decided to be a little more Zen with how I see things.

        I have a cousin who is going to be my role model in this endeavor. She's constantly stating positive things, not bashing or belittling anything. She doesn't rant about the idiots who make her feel inferior or even tattle on the people who do countless amounts of self loathing. This woman is a pure blast of sunshine and I want to bask in a corner of it.

        Lately, I got upset about some things that were plaguing my waking thoughts to the point that I was making myself physically sick. Sadly, I'm susceptible to this. I was on my way out the door for work and saw something she put out there for everyone to see, as usual, about being a better person. I commented on it as I got to work. She replied back with something even better, more fitting, to my feelings. I need to memorize the exact words but she said that her dad (my favorite uncle) told her that life is only as difficult as you make it. Simple words with hard implications.

        It hit me that day and I'm going to do my best to fill myself up with better things to think about...or NOT think about at all. I need to focus on the good, like I've been doing, but also think less of the unfortunate things. I won't even post them here as that would be defeating the purpose. I need to keep chanting the Serenity Prayer, paste a smile on my face, and just keep swimming. So, I've got my big girl swimmers on and I'm ready to soak it all in.

        I love you, Sheri Easter. Keep shining, cousin.
)))Corset Hugs(((
Ginny Lynn
Wench Writer


  1. That is a fabulous goal, honey. Its very similar to a goal I gave myself last year. Its a hard goal to follow sometimes, but I keep on trying.

    Sometimes, the only person who can pull you from your darkest place is you.

    I try to always remember, that we are our own worst enemies. Everything people say about it becomes amplified in our heads, those little voices wanting to bring us down and tell us we're not good enough.

    The people who love us don't see that, though, and sometimes I have to remind myself to step outside of me and look at me as they see me.

    Good luck and I'm glad you found the words to help you find the strength to fight back against those voices.

    1. Bryonna,
      Thanks for that and hooray for your similar goal. We are our worst enemy, so it's a never ending battle against ourselves.

      ))) Corset hugs (((
      Ginny Lynn