Monday, July 8, 2013

Second Week Snippets

I had an idea to use this week to do snippets from the first two chapters out of one of the manuscripts that I'm currently working on.
(These are unpublished, unedited glimpses into one of my many projects.)
                “You did what?” I shrieked.
            “I just signed your marriage contract. You’re to be married to Allastair Bomani within the month.”
        “What gives you the right to plan my life for me?”
        “I’m your father and a secretary to the coven leaders. I have every right to better your life and the future of our coven.”
        “How could you do this?”
        I was beside myself with rage. Just when I thought he had stopped all this nonsense about my life needing more substance, he does something like this.
        “It was very easy, my dear. You’re old enough to have a family of your own and you need to focus your concerns on something other than translating our archives and horseback riding.”
        “Excuse me? But I thought this was my life?”
        “It is, but you’re not doing anything with it. This way, you get to build a family and we can stop the feuding between our two covens. Calinda, we need to bind the wounds between the Amun and the Osiris covens.”
        “Father, this is outrageous. You can’t seriously expect me to marry a man that I haven’t seen in ten years, let alone take on the role of fixing the covens. Couldn’t you just sign some peace treaty, like most civilized races?”
“Where do you think you’re going?”
“Away from you.”
“I told you before that I didn’t think that you needed to be running around alone so close to the sunrise. I meant that. So, you won’t be going anywhere without me.”
“You’ll have to stop me first.”
I was on the horse’s back before the words escaped through my pinched lips. With that, I was off. My horse may not have vampire blood, but she was the fastest in our coven. Father knew that I had to be quick to get away from anyone trying to capture me. He just never realized that it’d be the very man that he’d signed me away to.
I felt the wind around me and laughed at my bravado. I heard something and looked over my jostling shoulder. Then there was a blinding pain, just as I was thrown off of Aziza’s damp back. I was airborne for a couple of seconds until I bounced off of the grassy tundra. The entire right side of my face was jarred enough to crack mortal teeth. Thank God for the stars because I saw plenty of them as my body settled into a heap of cotton and pain.
The ground under me shook. Cringing intensified the pain so I just waited for the herd to hit me. The air swooshed around me, kicking dirt into my half open eyes. My eyelids were the only thing not aching, so I was able to bat them until they were clear. Again, I wish that I hadn’t because those sexy eyes were looking back into mine again. Worse, there were four of them, instead of two.
“Wasn’t one of you bad enough?”
“What?” A crease formed between his eyes.
Crap, I’d said that out loud. I was worse off than I thought, if words were slipping by before I noticed them.
So, what do you think? Do you want to know more about them?
)))Corset Hugs(((
Ginny Lynn
Wench Writer


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