Monday, July 22, 2013

Who would you cast to record an AudioBook for one of you books/manuscripts?

I asked this on Facebook and I thought that I'd answer it here. Because I have more than one book, I need some space to properly pay attention to the people I would chose for my own work.

I adore the voices of Kathleen Turner
Michelle Pfeiffer
 and Catherine Zeta-Jones
but I haven't written the books that I believe would be worthy of those sultry voices. That doesn't mean that I won't, I just haven't written them YET.
Here's what I do have:

For Just to be Left Alone, I'd ask for Charlize Theron to read the tale of Samantha Malone fighting for her life as her psycho ex stalks her every move.

 For my Best Seller, Andromeda, I'd request for Salma Hayek to tell the story of Andromeda Ortiz as she tempts the fates by loving a mortal who may not survive the immortal who has already set out to claim her powers, not to mention her body.
When I write about Andromeda's twin brother, Perseus, I'll see if I can get Antonio Banderas to handle that audiobook for me.
To Have and Too Bold is being written and I would request that Patricia Velasquez recite the drama that revolves around Calinda Paci's arranged coven marriage to Allastair Bomani.
My Savage Series has ten books in it and 1.2 have already been purged onto paper (cough, computer). When this baby (my fav so far, don't tell the others) is complete then not only do I want it on the big screen (tv or movies) but I'd ask for either
Scarlet Johansson
Eliza Dushku
 I think either of these two lovely ladies would bring my audiobook about the hybrid life of Constance Parrish to life.
I'd be honored to have any of these talented people voice the stories that have been in my head for many years.
Who would you pick and for which of your works?
)))Corset Hug(((
Ginny Lynn
Wench Writer


  1. Now, going on actual Audiobook voice actors, you know I love a good audiobook. A bad voice actor can just KILL it though. So I'm going to share with you some of my favorites.

    Out of the male voice actors out there, one of my favorites is Halter Graham. He does all of Sherrilyn Kenyon's audiobooks from Dark-Hunters to Chronicles of Nick.

    HOWEVER, I feel you should only go with a man if:

    1. You have a very strong male voice in your book and you're in his pov more than your heroine's.

    2. Your book is not in first person female. That's just confusing to me. I've seen it done before. Same goes, please do not use a female voice actress if you're in first person male for the same reason. It really throws me off when I'm listening.

    However, your books are all done in 1st person female if I am not mistaken. So my two absolute favorite female voice actresses are:

    1. Amanda Ronconi. I discovered her when I got Nice Girls Don't Have Fangs by Molly Harper.

    While not an exact match, she reminds me a bit of Julia Roberts. Amanda is PERFECT for a spunky voice. That girl who is a little clumsy, not completely bad ass. Fabulous for humor. Great for Southern Sass.

    2. I love, love, love Tavia Gilbert. She's extremely talented. I discovered her when I got Halfway to the Grave by Jeaniene Frost.

    She does an excellent job on both male and female voices. She can do both serious and humorous lines and has a wealth of voices. If I got to choose a voice actress for Moonstruck, Tavia would be would be my first choice, Amanda my second - only because not all my females are spunky. Amanda would be great at Moonstruck and my Kitsune book but I'm not sure how she'd be with Blood Moon - the second in my serious with such a serious heroine. Then again, she could be amazing. I just haven't seen her do those kinds of books.

    Now, another actress that's really good, not sure she's right for MY books but is still pretty talented is:

    3. Kristen Potter. She's got a deeper, bit more sultry voice that is perfect for a serious book or a cop-style book. I discovered her when reading Primal Law by J. D. Tyler.

    Its a military Alpha werewolf pack. She's excellent capturing male voices but it seems to me that her female range is a bit more limiting. Not enough to bother me in the book, but if you have more females than males, probably not the actress for you. But this is excellent for a strong female lead who has lots of male friends.

    1. I haven't heard any of them except Tavia Gilbert and I agree whole heartedly on her.
      Thanks, Bryonna.
      ))) Corset hugs (((

    2. I like Amanda R. For younger voices she does a great job on the YA. Tavia has a more southern sound and I really love listening to her. She has a south eastern drawl but she does a good east coast accent. I like the voice actors that can alter their accents.
      I prefer to use an actor that comes from the area my character does though. I hate mispronounced words especially since I am from and write about Louisiana.

    3. I will add that B Snow wants Alan Rickman.

    4. Oh yea! That's a great choice.

  2. My two favorite audiophile voices have to be Kristine Hvam and Phil Gigante. I would swoon to hear them speaking the words I wrote. With Phil he could read a grocery list and make me weak.

    1. I'm intrigued to hear these voices.
      Thanks Amanda
      ))) Corset hug (((