Monday, August 25, 2014

The Name Game

Let's talk about Pen Names.
 I go by Ginny Lynn in the book publishing world. Those who know me personally know what my real name is (No, don't put it on here. Giggle).

Why do I have this? As I'm a (recent) college graduate and have a career outside of the book realm, I like to have a small piece of privacy that is mine to hold onto. Telling everyone where you are and who you are is a place that some people want to stake out. Creepy is not a good enough word for the progressive trolls that are out there. Yes, I've experienced a couple of these trolls.

I'm also a wife/mom/grandmom, so there are tons of things that a stranger doesn't need to know about me. Have you noticed that I use the names Werewolf and Teenwolf to speak of my husband and son? They like the nicknames and it keeps things from getting embarrassing when we're in the public eye. I can get away with telling some of their epic tales as only a handful of people know who they really are.

If you've paid any attention to my books, you'll find that I use the same pen name for both of the genres that I have published. I have paranormal and contemporary romances
(both genres have suspense and a happily ever after). As I've talked to more published authors, I'll probably keep the same name for any other pieces that I chose to write. This would include genres like Science Fiction/Urban Fantasy/Romantic Comedy/Gothic Romance/Romantic Horror. All of these are current ideas that I'm plotting out.

No matter what I write, I possess the same fictional voice, even if the background of the story making is completely different. I also don't have any future dated contracts with any publisher outside of Secret Cravings, so I don't have demands from a bigger house. That may seem like small potatoes but I've seen good and bad on both sides of the publishing line. I know happy big house writers (Avon, St Martins, Harlequin) but I also know ecstatic Indie/Self Pub/Small Press writers.

If I ever go to a big house, then I'll see how they feel as I have no idea what I'll be writing at that time. Having always wanted to pursue a book deal with a big house, I'll still keep looking at what I can submit to them. But in the meantime, I'm very happy where I am in this Fictional World. I'm even going to take this time to research all the before mentioned genres to see what I can accomplish with my flavor of romance. Who knows, I may even go back to writing my paranormal series while I sort out the faint voices in my head.

The future is open and I have a new bulb in the tunnel, so we'll see what is ahead of me on this wonderful path.

(((Corset Hugs)))

Ginny Lynn
Wench Writer

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