Monday, August 11, 2014

8/11 - Second week snippets

The opening to my newest release To Have and Too Bold  

        “You did what?” I shrieked.
       “I just signed your marriage contract. As a council member, and your father, I took that right. But I’ve conceded to it being a formal wedding, as I want to see my lovely daughter walk down the aisle properly. Your new husband will be none other than Allastair Bomani.”
           “What gives you the right to plan my life for me? Can you even do that legally?”
“I’m your father and furthermore a secretary to the coven leaders. I have every right to better your life and the future of our family.”
           “How could you do this? I thought we’d settled this last year when you kept setting me up with council wannabes.”
           I was beside myself with rage. Just when I thought he had stopped all this nonsense about my life needing more substance, he did something like this.
           “It was very easy, my dear. At nineteen, you’re old enough to start a family of your own. You need to focus your concerns on something other than translating our archives and horseback riding.”
           “Excuse me? But I thought that was my life?”
           “It is, but you’re not doing anything with it. This way, you get to build a family and we can stop the feuding between our two covens. Calinda, we need to bind the wounds between the Amun and the Osiris clans.”
           “Father, this is outrageous. You can’t seriously expect me to marry a man that I haven’t seen in ten years, let alone take on the role of fixing the covens. Couldn’t you just sign some peace treaty, like most civilized races do?”
           “No. We’ve tried. Every time we get together, someone has to bring up that our relatives killed their creator. You’d think that several thousand years would have repaired the damage, but it hasn’t. They won’t let it. I had to do something drastic, so Councilman Bomani, one of the few sane ones from their clan, reminded me that his sire had not wed, as of yet. We’ve been negotiating for some time and the papers have already been signed. Now we only have the ceremonies to handle.”
           He was smiling as if this was the best plan he’d ever constructed. Maybe it was, but I wanted no part of it.

This will be releasing this month (I hope :-)) and will be available as an e-pub from my publishing house.

Let me know what you think. 
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